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The Anger Behind the Beauty

I love Rosalie and her anger. So here's my version of her revenge. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

My first fanfic story. I'm a BIG fan of Rosalie. I feel a kinship with her and her anger. I pictured what she did to get her revenge. I have no claim on these characters. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

2. First Hunt

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I couldn’t believe how fast I was running and that I wasn’t hitting a tree trunk or branch. But each time I got distracted I kept thinking of my plan. Until I came across a certain smell in the woods that stopped me dead in my tracks. I slowly followed the scent until I found a large buck feeding off of a leaf growing on the trunk of a moss-covered tree. Normally I wouldn’t think twice about the beauty of the animal I was lucky enough to stumble across. But now the only thing on my mind was the sound of it’s heart beating, and what it was pushing through the body of this animal. When I got a small grip on myself I realized that I had slid into a crouch no more than 10 feet behind the buck. My burning throat caused my impatience to get the better of me and I leaped, directly landing on the back of the buck. I instinctively sank my teeth into the large neck I was crouched over. When the delicious fluid filled my mouth and ran down my throat, I realized that I was indeed a changed person. In the back of my mind, some part of me realized that I was no longer a person but I didn’t want to think about what I was or wasn’t.

After I had quieted my instinct to feed, I sat back and stared at the lifeless body of a once beautiful creature. I was a monster. What happened to me? Why was I like this? My life was over and I was now stuck in this long existence. Why me? He did this to me. They did this to me. My anger and need for revenge was activated again and I stood and was off running again.

I needed to be smart about this if I was going to get the full fill of revenge I desperately needed. When I reached my hometown I snuck around knowing by heart exactly where I was going. The Doctor told me my human memories would fade soon so I knew I didn’t have much time. I immediately began creating new memories. I couldn’t bring myself to say what I was now. I couldn’t even think it yet. It just made me angry. And when I got angry I lost my focus. I can’t lose my focus now. I have too much to accomplish. I broke into the back of a small clothing store and stole a new outfit. The one Esme gave me was stained with blood. I picked out things that showed off my once beautiful body. I knew I was still gorgeous but I didn’t think I was beautiful anymore. I’m not human, and only humans are beautiful. When I stopped to admire my selection with these words in mind I started to wish I could cry. So that I could mourn the beautiful body that would never be again. I almost began to think about what I would do when I was done with the revenge that drove me. I couldn’t bring myself to imagine it.

I decided I looked… seductive enough to begin my revenge. I snuck out the back door and into the night, ready for revenge. I walked around the streets that only a few days ago were my home until I found a local bar. Must have opened since I was… asleep because I didn’t remember it from before. I could hear one of the men who attacked me. I could hear everything he was saying. He was very intoxicated and bragged to his friend about what he did to me. He didn’t even remember my name but he remembered exactly how I looked and described me in detail to his drinking buddy. My anger and hatred was beginning to boil over again and I fought myself to keep it in check. After he told his side of the story, which was much more detailed then I remembered, he decided it was time to go home. He got up to leave and I could hear every step he was taking towards the door where I was waiting. I quickly hid myself in the dark alley next to the bar and waited for him to pass me on his way. When he finally did I cursed myself for getting wrapped up in my thoughts and not realizing that he wasn’t alone. It was fine for me because I soon learned that they were just walking in the same direction, not to the same place.

I trailed behind them in the darker parts of the street listening to the bragging and drunken rants of the man that I was preparing myself to destroy. After what seemed like an eternity, they stopped and said their goodbyes. Now the fun began, I thought to myself as I smiled. I was sure that if anyone had seen me at that moment my smile would not have been an attractive one. I continued to follow him down his street to his house. I occasionally, and purposely, bumped into trash cans, scared cats, and quietly but loud enough for him to hear, hissed behind him to freak him out. It was working. I wasn’t sure whether I was good at this or he was just extremely drunk and got freaked at every little sound, but I was having fun.

By the time he reached his house his heart was thrumming at an accelerated pace and I could tell he was frightened. I beat him to his bedroom and decided to wait for him there. The place reeked of alcohol but I was content sitting in wait for him. I stood behind the door and waited for him to walk into the room in front of me.

When he finally did, I closed the door and greeted my target with the smile that I knew must have been frightening.