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The Anger Behind the Beauty

I love Rosalie and her anger. So here's my version of her revenge. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

My first fanfic story. I'm a BIG fan of Rosalie. I feel a kinship with her and her anger. I pictured what she did to get her revenge. I have no claim on these characters. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

3. First Kill

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To my great displeasure, he passed out at the sight of me. After the tiniest moment of forming a new plan, I picked up the drunkard and placed him on his bed gently. It took a lot of restraint to not kill him as soon as he was in my grasp but I managed with the thought of torture in mind. I sat in a chair quaintly placed near his bed and waited for him to wake up. As he roused from his deep sleep, I started tapping my nails on the edge of the chair to draw his attention to me. When he was completely coherent and got around to noticing that I was sitting there waiting for him, he quickly jumped back away from me.

“Oh so you do remember me?” I purred in a voice that seemed almost alien to me.

“How..you’re…what..?” he stuttered, blinking numerously.

“I remember you too..” I studied him as his heart raced and he pissed his pants.

“Listen, it wasn’t my idea. It was Royce’s. He bragged about you and..” He pathetically tried to defend himself but I grew tired of listening. I jumped from my chair and grabbed him and pinned him to the wall by his throat. I realized it shouldn’t have been so easy for me to be so near to human blood without losing my control but strangely, I didn’t feel hungry at all. But I didn’t want him to know that.

For effect I pulled my lips back from my teeth and hissed as he marveled at my strength. I stared straight into his eyes and saw the terror and cowardice. I knew all he could see was the blood red irises and overwhelming hatred I had for him.

“Please..It wasn’t-“ He cut off when he saw me roll my blood red eyes and grin maliciously. I was growing bored of this cat and mouse game. I thought it would be.. more satisfying... It wasn't.

I snapped his neck. I was tired of playing with him. And I wanted to get away from the stench. I left through the window and ran into the darkness of the woods.

I needed to be alone. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. It was so easy. I didn’t feel guilty because I’d killed him I was just mesmerized at how easy it was. What was I becoming? I sat on a big boulder, curled my arms around my knees and stared up at the moonlit sky. The moon was full and there were millions of bright little stars around it. The wind blew and I knew I should feel cold, and I was slightly irritated that I wasn’t.

But after hours of staring at a setting moon, instincts kicked in and I realized I needed to get indoors. So I headed back to the only home I knew I had at the moment. Away from the only sense of warmth I can remember. I was hit with another pang of regret and knew tears would be in my eyes if I was still human. It would fade. I hoped.

I sat in my room and stared at myself in the mirror. When I got home Esme greeted me at the door. She said she had picked a room for me. She was sweet about it and I noticed that I was starting to lose the aversion I felt for my new ‘family.’ Well, for Esme, at least. She had designed my room in a way she thought that I would love. And strangely, I found that I did have a fondness for it. I imagined that it probably looked like my room did. I reached that point where the memories I had as a human became more and more blurry. I wanted to ask the Doctor- Carlisle- about it but I was still too angry. I was still completely wrapped up in myself when I heard footsteps. But they weren’t close. They were loud, but it was obvious to me that they weren’t near me, nor were they coming closer to me. I wished they would come closer to me. The second I thought that, the footsteps stopped. I knew for sure that if I was human my heart would be quickening in pace. It was as if the person walking heard what I said and thought about whether to come to me or not.

I listened and discovered that it was Edward walking into the house. I felt the need to talk to someone so I hopped up, silently of course, and started towards the bedroom door. I opened it slowly and just as I did, the steps quickened. Not fast for us but fast for a human. I was in the hallway just in time to see Edward going into Carlisle’s office. I saw him hesitate just a second to look at me.

He closed the door and I looked down at myself. Wondering what was wrong with me. I was sure that I looked great, better than great, in my matching lavender night set that Esme bought for me while I was gone. Why wasn’t he falling all over me? Why did he look at me like I was average? Why did it seem like he could read my thoughts sometimes? After I realized that I was just standing there wondering, for the first time in my life, why I wasn’t good enough, I realized that they were talking about me in Carlisle’s office.

Then Edward stopped and I could hear him say that the conversation could be continued someplace else. Then it was just quiet. It was unusual. I was shocked that it was unusual to me, as I walked back to my room to sit on the window sill. I opened the window and let my legs dangle. I could hear the footsteps again and this time I didn’t bother looking at the door. They probably regret taking me in and saving me.

I’m not sure why but I jumped when he knocked on my door. I whispered for him to come in but he hesitated for a long second before actually entering.