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The Anger Behind the Beauty

I love Rosalie and her anger. So here's my version of her revenge. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

My first fanfic story. I'm a BIG fan of Rosalie. I feel a kinship with her and her anger. I pictured what she did to get her revenge. I have no claim on these characters. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

4. Better Than Me

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“Would you like to talk?” His voice was smooth as he asked.

More than you know. I thought. Before I even turned around to speak to him, he answered my thought.

“I believe I know more than you are aware of.” He paused and waited for my reaction.

I was frozen in shock. My mouth hanging open for a minute before I realized that it wasn’t at all a very lady-like thing to do and closed my mouth quickly. I was so confused I couldn’t think straight. When I finally got my thoughts together all I could manage was, Did he just read my thoughts? He sighed and sat down on the bed, motioning for me to sit on the bed as well. I sidetracked and asked myself, Why is there a bed when I won’t ever sleep again? He answered me again.

“Esme wanted to make you feel safe. Feel at home.” His lips curved up at the corner at the still obvious shock on my face.

“How..” I began.

“I’m not sure. I’ve been able to hear everyone’s thoughts since I died. Carlisle and I have been working on theories since we discovered I could hear what people, and vampires thought.” He stopped again. Waiting for me to process what he just told me.

“Why can’t I read your thoughts?” I asked, still processing.

“We haven’t figured that out yet either.” He looked away after finishing talking. He sighed and I guessed he had his own issues. I wanted to talk about me again. He laughed a little. And I thought to myself how annoying that was. It was just one more way that he was better than me.

“It’s not a competition.” He smiled some crooked smile that made me want to roll my eyes. “I will give you some time to yourself. I will be here if you want to talk.” And then he was gone.

I walked back to my window and decided I needed some fresh air. Even though technically I never had to breathe again, I just wanted to get away from them. I needed to hunt. To forget everyone but myself for a couple minutes. So I jumped out the window. I wasn’t sure where I was running to but I just kept moving. Eventually I found this little clearing and I decided to check it out.

I walked slowly, taking in my surroundings for my memory. I stopped in the center of the clearing and sat down. I was picking at the grass when I heard the sounds of a large animal approaching. I almost wished the animal could kill me. The full moon in the sky allowed for shadows against the grass and I could tell that a bear was moving closer to me. I waited about two more seconds before I bolted and stood in front of a tree now facing the bear.

It stopped where I used to be and stared at me obviously a little confused. I ran around and behind the bear. When it realized I had tricked it, it started to attack. I dodged it’s paws every time it swiped at me, avoided it’s mouth when it snapped. I waited for the bear to get tired. I jumped on its broad shoulders and whispered in its ear. I told it that it was lucky it’s life would end here. And I sank my teeth in.

After I had my fill, I sat thinking about what had just happened and I got an idea about my next target. I even laughed out loud when I thought of how it would play out. I looked down at myself and gave myself a silent pat on the back for not getting blood on my new pajamas. But I had to change. How was I supposed to lure a man dressed like this? Well, any other day I could do it. But I was on a mission to be extra cruel. And wearing a pajama set that covered my body completely wasn’t what I wanted.

I decided to run to the nearest store and steal some more clothes. During my run, I noticed that a thunderstorm was brewing. I thought it was ironic considering what I was planning. The thunder will cover his screams. I smirked again. I finally found a store. I was getting very good at this but I always had to make do with what was in the store. I would have to find a better store sometime. I settled on a black dress that I found after hours of searching. The dress was meant for a funeral but I decided to make some adjustments. I ripped the sleeves off and shortened the hem quite a bit. I tried on a pair of black heels that were in the back of the store as well. They weren’t the greatest, but they would have to do. I pinned most of my hair on the top of my head and left the store ready for some more revenge.

I walked in the shadows. I used to get chills when I had to walk down a dark street. But now I was what other people feared was in the alley. No one could hurt me. Not anymore. I hid and waited for the sound of the voice that I was waiting for. I could hear the people around him calling his name and I knew it was him. When he left the crowd of people he was with and started walking towards the alley I was hiding in. I decided to have a little fun. I curled into a ball and pretended to cry. I knew he heard me because he started to walk down the alley towards me.

“Hello?” he called out in that familiar Southern accent that haunted me. But it would haunt me no longer. I continued to ‘cry.’ I even threw in a hiccup or two. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“Don’t come closer!” I warned him. At least I gave him a chance to run. I couldn’t help but smile at my thoughts. “I won’t let you hurt me anymore!” I was telling the truth.

“Sweetheart, how about you let me take you home?” He was trying to sound sincere. Anyone who was plotting against someone can tell when they are plotting against you too.

“You sound nice. Will you really help me?” I tried to sound as innocent as possible. Like I wasn’t about to kill him. Just then, lightning flashed across the dark alley and showed me curled up and ‘crying,’ and him walking closer ‘trying to help.’ I noticed he was dressed very nice. Maybe they would bury him in this fine outfit.

“Of course I will Sweetheart. You can repay me later.” He said it as if it was funny. It was a silent joke only he got. But I laughed too.

“Deal.” I told him as I let him help me up off the ground. I had slipped one of my shoes off to make myself look more vulnerable. It worked.

“Oh, Sweetheart. You’re missing a shoe. Here. Let me carry you.” Before I could even answer, he scooped me up. Obviously I let him. I doubt it would’ve worked otherwise. I thought about my last kill and how I had to carry him. This gave me internal chills as I thought about what happened to the last one. But then I thought about how he was falling for my charade, and I instantly felt better. I didn’t say anything and neither did he. But I knew he was taking me to his house because I don’t have one he can come to. Once we got to the front yard I decided to play some more.

“Where are we?” I asked sounding a little afraid.

“My house. So we can fix you up.” He said with a smile that would’ve unnerved anyone who wasn’t a vampire. We entered the front door and he put me on my feet. But instantly his façade faded and he was now the man I remembered. He grabbed my wrist so hard that it would’ve hurt any other girl. So I pretended it was killing me. I pretended to cry and tried to fight him off as he dragged me to his bedroom.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked between sobs.

“Because I can.” He laughed. That’s when the game changed. That’s when I really started having fun.

“No. You can’t.” I smiled as I said this. He looked at me like he was trying to read my thoughts.

“You won’t be able to tell anyone what I’ve done. You will die and I will get away with it again.” He told me as he removed his jacket.

"I already died. And this is proof that you won’t get away with it. Ever again.” I moved and stood right in front of him. For the first time I let him see the color of my eyes. He flinched when he saw that they were red. I smiled. Any other day it would’ve been a beautiful thing to see. But today I was trying to get him to remember me. And apparently he did. The look if shock on his face was worth all the pain he caused me.