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The Anger Behind the Beauty

I love Rosalie and her anger. So here's my version of her revenge. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

My first fanfic story. I'm a BIG fan of Rosalie. I feel a kinship with her and her anger. I pictured what she did to get her revenge. I have no claim on these characters. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

5. Three down..

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He spoke then.

“How did you survive?” he almost couldn’t speak. I laughed.

“I didn’t.” I replied and then I pushed him. He flew into his bed, breaking the foundation. He was obviously in pain but still struggled to get away from me.

“I thought I was as pretty as one of your Georgia peaches.” I laughed at his terror. I jumped on the bed so fast he looked a bit dizzy when I got in his face to growl. I instantly remembered his part in what they did to me and I became very violent. I threw him off the bed and through a wall. I heard a bone crack as he landed and he screamed at the pain. I was very glad that a violent thunderstorm was crashing around outside. It matched my mood perfectly.

“You think that hurts?” I purred. “You don’t know what pain is.” And I snapped his leg with a simple twist of my wrist. He screamed again and I giggled again. He grabbed a knife out of his back pocket and tried to stab me in the chest. The blade broke on contact and he stared at the shattered knife in confusion. I just smiled.

“What are you?” He whispered.

“I am what you made me.” I answered with a snarl creeping into my voice. “A monster.” For dramatic effect I began showing off my strength. I was breaking objects in his house left and right, making music with the thunderstorm when he finally spoke.

“Please. I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me.” He begged.

“YOU’RE SORRY?!?! THAT’S THE BEST YOU’VE GOT!?!?!” I was completely enraged now. I picked him up by his shattered leg and slammed him on the ground. I heard another two bones break and one shatter. A heavenly sound at the moment. He began to cry and in my fury I kept breaking bones. His arms, his other leg, his fingers.

I kept breaking until I felt satisfied that he felt a full body burning, screaming pain. It was nothing compared to the three days of agony I faced. But for a minute I was glad I endured it so that I could enjoy this.

“Take comfort in the fact that you won’t be the only one. Every last one of you will pay.” He started to say something through his pain but I didn’t want to hear it. I placed my foot on his chest and stomped down, shattering his spine completely. I watched him die. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I waited until I heard his heart stop beating. Then I went over to his desk, which was in pieces. I picked up a stray piece of paper and wrote one word. ‘Royce.’

Then I took one last look at the mangled body across the room, and with a laugh, I left the house. I walked in the rain rejoicing in the simple fact that I could still walk in the rain. I didn’t care that my hair was ruined and that I must look a mess. I just kept walking. I started thinking about the next man on the list and smiled to myself as I took off into the woods to my home. It was really beginning to feel like home now.

Royce’s Point of View

It’s been two weeks and two of my friends are dead. The cops think I have something to do with it. They want to know why both of the victims are connected to me. But I couldn’t tell them what we had done. I took a swig of whiskey while I sat staring at the newspaper. It vaguely described the deaths of these two men. I remembered when the papers were plastered with the story of the missing girl. The girl I was supposed to marry. The cops followed me then too. Everyone thought I had something to do with her disappearance. But I didn’t. I left her there. I have no idea where she went after I left. No idea how she even got up. I thought she was dead. Everyone thought she was so beautiful. She was nothing to me. But the note the cops found was hers. I just know it. I remember her handwriting. How had she done this? She was so skinny and weak… I just don’t get it. I kept drinking and thinking about Rosalie Hale. I looked out the window to see what time it was and my heart stopped. She… she is staring at me. It can’t be her. She’s gone. She’s dead. Why is she smiling at me? I rubbed my eyes and looked again. She was gone. I looked at the whiskey bottle almost completely empty now. I cursed and threw it at the wall. She wasn’t going to get me. I would make sure of it.

Rosalie’s Point of View

I can’t believe I just did that! I couldn’t help but laugh. His face was priceless. I had to make sure he remembered me. And feared me. I knew he was definitely freaking out. I have to think of something special for him. I’ve got an idea of what I want but… I just can’t make up my mind. But tonight was victim number three.

He was visiting the graves of his fallen friends. I could hear him clearly talking to them as if they were alive and with him. I sat in the tree above him and just looked at him. He couldn’t be more pathetic. I heard him mention me and it took me all of my strength not to blow my cover right then and there.

He said the cops think their deaths have something to do with Royce and the disappearance of his fiancé. He couldn’t even remember my name. He said that they had some good times. That’s when I lost it. I punched the branch I was perched on and it crashed to the ground. I landed on my feet. Perfect of course. He jumped and turned around.

He was scared that someone was out to get them. He thought it was Royce. But little did he know that Royce was the last on my list.

“Oh. Sorry ma’am. You startled me.” He said shakily.

“Don’t mind me. I just came to visit some acquaintances.” I calmly responded. I walked pretending to be looking for grave markers. I stood next to him and he looked at me.

“Are you sure these are them?” he was very confused and I was loving it.

“Oh yes I know them. I should know them, I killed them.” I said with a huge smile on my face. For a second he was dazzled by my smile until he processed what I had just said. I felt like I could hear the bell going off in his head.

“Who are you?” He whispered.

“The missing fiancé.” His face went pale white. Not paler then mine but you couldn’t get any paler. “What’s wrong? You don’t remember me?” I teased him. I was in a mood tonight. I wanted to play.

“But you’re supposed to be-“

“Dead? I am” I smiled showing him my perfect teeth.

“I have to stop drinking.” He said as he shook himself. Like he was trying to wake himself up.

“I’m real. I was real the night you all beat me almost to death. And I am definitely real now.” I sat on the tombstone. Something I would never do when I was alive. He looked like he didn’t believe me so I punched the tombstone next to me. It crumbled like it wasn’t made out of stone, and he seemed to snap out of his trance. He turned to run but I grabbed his collar and slammed him to the ground.

I jumped on top of him and began talking to him face to face. I wanted him to see my eyes. I wanted him to see the hatred. “You all thought you were just having fun. And you are to blame for what I am now. And what I am now kills and eats what you are. But you disgust me. You aren’t good enough to sustain me. So I will skip the eating part and just kill you. Then they will find your body right next to were your disgusting friends lay dead too.” I started laughing when he started crying. “Oh be quiet. No one can hear you anyway.” I got off of him and stood up next to him.

Then I kicked him with all my force and his body flew and dented in the tree I was sitting in. His body left an outline before it actually fell lifeless onto the ground. I dusted my hands off and left the body there.

Just two left. I was getting anxious. I ran home and Edward was playing the piano downstairs when I ‘snuck’ into my room. They knew what I was doing, and they rarely said anything to me about it. They saw what these humans had done to me. Maybe they understood. I knew Edward understood most of all because I knew he was always in my head. I think he was shocked that I hadn’t fed off of any of them. My record was clean. Well except for the fact that I had killed them.

But it had to count for something that I never tasted human blood. I had no regret for what I was doing. These men didn’t deserve to live when they had taken my life. I was a good person. They aren’t the least bit of good. I sat and listened to Edward play the piano for hours. They seemed to blur together.

I got bored and strangely wanted company so I decided to go downstairs. Esme was reorganizing the living room. She was always redecorating. She heard me coming and turned to give me a warm smile and welcome home. She told me Carlisle was still working but would be home soon. She wanted us to hunt as a family and I told her that I would like that.

Edward kept playing as I walked in the room. I knew I looked great because I looked in the mirror on the way down stairs. I don’t get why he doesn’t like me. He smiled but continued to play. I got irritated and decided that was enough company for one day. I was on my way back up stairs when I saw the paper on the table. I grabbed it and began reading it. I smiled.

Royce was offering a reward for information on my disappearance and the murders of his friends. I took the paper and ran to my room. It said that my parents and brothers had moved away after my disappearance. That bothered me. But only a little bit, and it bothered me that I couldn’t remember what they looked like. I turned the page and instantly froze.

There was a photo of Royce and I. It was from when they announced that we were to be married. I couldn’t believe that he had that picture. He was desperate for information on my whereabouts. I stared at the picture for hours, and then I got an idea. I left the paper on my bed, and darted out the window. I don’t think I’ve ever run faster. I had to go find the last friend.

His death would make this so much better for me. It didn’t take long. There were police protecting him. They were outside his house and I could hear him talking to someone inside. He was telling them he didn’t want to be watched constantly. He wanted to be left alone. That works for me, I thought to myself. After a short argument, the police agreed to leave. They told him they would stay close if he needed any help. As if they could help him. I waited for them to leave and turn around the corner before I walked up to his house. He was looking out the window and I could hear his heartbeat pick up so I looked up at him. He recognized me immediately and backed away from the window in horror. I ran to the back of his house and crept into a window down the hall from his room. I walked down the hall soundlessly and knocked on his door. He opened it but I wasn’t there because I was hiding behind the chest in the middle of the hall.

He must’ve thought he had imagined the knock because he went back into his room. I waited until I heard him go into his bathroom before I entered his room and sat on his bed.He came out of his bathroom and stopped in his tracks. He stared at me for minutes before he even said anything.