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The Anger Behind the Beauty

I love Rosalie and her anger. So here's my version of her revenge. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

My first fanfic story. I'm a BIG fan of Rosalie. I feel a kinship with her and her anger. I pictured what she did to get her revenge. I have no claim on these characters. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.

6. Sweet Vengence

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“I’m sorry.” He said firmly.

“Why do all of you keep saying that? I can tell when you’re lying. I can hear your heartbeat.” I answered like I was talking to a child. “You are only sad that someone is making you pay. Every single one of you thought you would get away with it. And you would have, if you had actually killed me before you all walked away. But you didn’t.” He opened his mouth to speak but I was in front of him in seconds. My frozen hand over his lips. “You are going to do me a favor.” I picked up paper and a pen and told him to write what I told him to. He did as he was told because he was so scared he would shake every time the pen stopped working.

Once he was finished, I stepped back and waited to see what he would do. I was expecting his attack when he tried to stab me with the pen. The pen point blunted on my perfect marble skin. But now I was furious for another reason.

“You got ink on my dress.” I saw his face turn to pure terror again when I prepared to attack him. I backed him into the bathroom and I could smell the hot water still sitting in the tub. I had him backed into a wall and I reached my hand up to his head as if I was soothing someone I loved. But instead I shoved him into the tub. He was spitting out water as he sat half in and half out of the tub. He must have been too scared to speak because he didn’t say anything for more than a minute.

I jumped into the tub with him and sat on his chest holding him underwater. He fought against me but I wasn’t moving. I just stared down through the water into his face. He scratched and hit me as I imagine anyone who was drowning would but it was no use. The bubbles were disturbing the surface along with his futile attempts to save himself. It was his fault I was this monster that couldn’t be defeated and now I was returning the favor.

After a couple minutes he stopped moving entirely. The bubbles stopped coming up but I didn’t move because I could still hear his faint heartbeat slowing. I wanted there to be no possible way he could survive. I waited until the heart stopped entirely before I got up. I loved the effect I was leaving behind as I left wet footprints on the hardwood floors in his room. I made sure the note was obvious in his room and walked the full length of the house and out the front door. I wanted someone to see me, so that word would get back to Royce. The only one left.

As I was leaving, a young cop walked around the house and yelled for me to stop. I did and smiled as he walked over to me. Once he got to me he couldn’t speak. He was too busy staring at my beauty to say anything. I didn’t want to kill him so I just had to knock him out so I could get away. So I leaned in and kissed him. He passed out as soon as he tasted my lips. I couldn’t believe how easy that was. I laughed a little to myself and ran home. I ran fast because I felt so good that I was so close, and so that my dress would dry off before I got home. I wouldn’t want to track the evil into Esme’s beautiful home.

Royce’s POV

Someone must be playing a trick on me. But why kill all my friends? It couldn’t be who they thought it was. I killed her. That stupid young cop said a beautiful angel walked from his house. That sounds like her. But she has to be dead. They never found her body. She’s dead. I know it. But this note…

Royce. I’m not happy with you at all for what you’ve done to me. You were supposed to be my hero, my love, my husband. But instead you killed me. This is no joke Royce. I will never forgive you for this. And you won’t live much longer to begin regretting it.


This just wasn’t funny. All of them are dead. They were all there and she killed them. Now she was coming for me… I won’t let her get me. I have bodyguards and a safe room. A mere woman couldn’t get in here. I hope the cops can’t either. They want to know what I did to her. But I will never tell. She will never get me.

Rosalie’s POV

Tonight was it. It would all be over after tonight. The pain would cease, just like my heartbeat. Everything was perfectly set up. I had stolen a wedding gown tonight. It had a short veil to cover my face and I even picked a couple of flowers for my bouquet. I had a peculiar feeling tonight.

I wanted to kill him, but what was I going to do after he was dead? I can’t think about that now. I have to focus. The police have been trying to talk to Royce for days. He is the only suspect left from my disappearance and they now have reason to believe they killed me. Good thing I had the last one write that note for me. It was the perfect touch. But Royce King was being a coward. I should’ve known since I met him that he was a coward, but I had no reason to believe it until now.

He had bodyguards. I would try not to kill them but nothing would stand in my way tonight. I wasn’t about to stop here because a couple of big men tried to stop me. Who could protect such an evil man from his fate? It’s what he deserves and I will be the one to feed it to him. The sun had just set and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I put the dress and veil on, grabbed my bouquet, and walked into Royce’s house. Preparing myself for my revenge, I took a deep breath to steady myself. It was unnecessary any other minute of any day but I needed it now.

I silently walked up the stairs and into the room where I could hear three heartbeats. The two burly men just stared at my beauty.

“I need to speak to Royce.” I said sweetly. One man cleared his throat before speaking.

“Mr. King isn’t seeing anyone right now.” He tried to sound firm.

“Please.” I said even more sweetly than before.

“I’m sorry miss…”The other man said.

My anger took over me then. I tossed my bouquet aside and ran forward intent on killing these brutes who stood in my path. They positioned themselves for my attack but they weren’t expecting me to jump on the taller man’s chest and slam his head into the wall, knocking him out. The other man couldn’t believe what I had just done and was speechless when I kicked his knee in, causing him to collapse.

When he was on the ground I kicked his head knocking him out as well. Then I heard the sound of a shotgun loading. I smiled at the thought of what I would soon face. I picked them both up and hung them on the wall by their necks. They would be dead soon. But most importantly out of my way. I could already hear their heartbeats slowing. I grew tired of waiting so I kicked the door in.

Royce wasn’t too happy because apparently the door was like a safe door, and I had destroyed it easily.

“What are you doing here Rosalie?” He stammered.

“We were going to get married. I loved you. I thought you loved me Royce.” I pretended to sob.

“Did you really think I wanted to get married? Much less to you?” He boldly asked me. A growl ripped from my chest and he backed up and fired a shot to my stomach. I didn’t even budge. The pellets bounced off my skin and hit the floor noisily. He looked at me completely shocked and confused, I just smiled. “What are you?” he almost couldn’t say it.

“I am a vampire Royce. When you left me there bleeding…” I snarled, “Doctor Carlisle Cullen found me. He carried me to his home and it turns out, he is a vampire. Along with Edward, and the doctor’s wife Esme.” I felt comfortable divulging this information to him because I knew I was going to kill him. So I sat in the chair that he was sitting in before I entered the room. “They felt bad for me because of what you and your friends did to me. So they changed me into a vampire so I wouldn’t be wasted.” I grew angry thinking about the fact that someone actually felt bad for me. No one ever felt bad for me, they always wished they were me. He did this to me. “So I blame you. You killed me. Well, technically Carlisle ended my life but you initiated the deed and for this you must die too. But you won’t become what I am. You will just die. And not easily.” He reloaded the shotgun and shot me again. “Are you going to keep doing that?”

I charged him and slammed him into the wall, holding him up by his throat. The shotgun in his right hand caught my eye so I grabbed it. With one hand I snapped the gun in half. It was no longer useable. His eyes were wide with terror when he started to speak.

“Rose, I-“ I squeezed his throat just enough to cut him off.

“DON’T YOU DARE SAY YOU’RE SORRY!” I screamed into his face. “Every single one of your low-life friends apologized before I killed them. It didn’t save them from me killing them and I didn’t believe them. And I sure as hell will never believe you. Well, after tonight, I think I might believe you if you say it again.” I smiled my evil smile again and he shivered. I grabbed his left wrist and snapped it back.

He screamed but I doubted anyone could hear us in this room. It had no windows and only one door. If people could hear us, they would’ve come running at the sound of the shots. Who cared? I finally had what I wanted. I carried Royce by his throat, to the chair and put him in it. He coughed and swallowed when I let him go. “You should relish the air you breathe right now.” I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear me.

“You bitch,” He choked out. “ You think you’re so special.” I lost my temper then.

“I WAS SPECIAL! You destroyed me.” I gritted out.

“You are nothing.” He said just before I kicked him in the chest, sending him and the chair he was sitting in flying into the wall. The chair was now stuck in the wall and Royce was struggling to breathe.

“I trusted you. You were supposed to save me. Rescue me.” I cried.

“Take you away like I’m some white knight?” he said slower. “You’ve got to be kidding me. All I wanted was your body. I thought if I courted you, you would give it to me. Then I never would have had to do what I did.” My mouth hung open. If I could cry I would have been crying right now. Instead I walked over to him and shattered his thigh bone with my fist. He cried out again and I silenced him with my hand.

“You will regret what you did to me.” I whispered in his ear. Then, just like his friend, I began breaking bones, every hour. When I started to run out of bones, and time, he hadn’t apologized yet. I wasn’t sure what to do next that wouldn’t spill his blood. I decided it was time to end this.

He was constantly moaning and I didn’t want the sound to haunt me. But that was when I heard something interesting coming from his body. I listened intently trying to figure out what it could be. It was a rushing sound almost like the sound of blood running through veins… OF COURSE! He was bleeding internally. That was perfect for me. As long as his blood didn’t leak from his body I was safe. I picked him up by one of his broken legs and shook him.

He cried out in agony and I laughed. This was easier than I thought it would be. I switched legs and did the same thing. More cries and more laughter. When I grabbed his arm to shake him, he looked in my eyes and began to speak.

“Rose. Beautiful Rose. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that to you.” He was breathing hard and seemed to be losing consciousness. I shook him so he wouldn’t pass out. He cried out in pain and then actually began to cry. I wiped a tear from his face and stared at it for a long minute. With his breathing in the background, my heartbreak returned.

“Do you know what you’ve taken from me? I can’t cry. I can’t eat normal food. I can’t enjoy the warmth of sunshine. I can’t have everyone stare at me in amazement as I walk in the sunshine. I can’t have children, or grandchildren.” My anger slowly began leaking into my voice. “I can’t make new friends unless they are like me. I can’t love anyone I want to. My heart will never beat again. You have taken away my life and given me an existence of dull, grey, loneliness. I will never forgive you for this Royce.” I walked into the other room and grabbed one of the ropes off the now dead bodyguard.

Then I walked towards the window and still carrying Royce, I hopped out and ran for the trees. I knew he was amazed at how fast I was running, but the best was yet to come. I took him to the part of the woods with the tallest trees. I climbed so fast I thought he was going to pass out. We reached the top and I began tying him, tightly, painfully, to the top of a tree. I sat on a branch in front of him, staring at him. I looked over my shoulder knowing the sun was starting to rise.

I turned and looked back at Royce. His breathing was haggard and I knew his time was drawing close. I kept nudging him keeping him awake. When the sun rose enough I stood on the branch and waited for the rays to hit me. I ordered him to look at me and the moment he did, the sun hit me too. I started to shine like a diamond. The awe on his face was enough to last me a life time and then some. He finally saw me for the beauty that I was.

Then his breathing stopped altogether. I closed my eyes and listened as his heart slowed. The sun glistening off my skin. When his heart finally stopped, mine rejoiced. I was done with my mission. I untied his body and brought it back to his house. I placed him in the room that he thought would protect him from me and I left.

I walked the full way home, slower than anyone like me normally would. I couldn’t help but think that, if I was finished with what was driving me, what did I have now? What did I have to go on for? I got closer to the house and I knew Edward could hear what I was thinking and I told him to tell everyone to leave me alone. I climbed the wall and into the window to my room. I stood at the window, and looked around at my room. I changed my clothes and just as I was about to get into bed, a knock on the door startled me out of my thoughts.

I couldn’t believe they snuck up on me, but they were all there. Like a family trying to console a grieving sister or daughter. I opened the door and they took turns giving me hugs. Edward was first, and he looked understanding instead of thinking of reprimanding me. Carlisle was next and he looked at me as a father would a daughter, a friend to a friend. And Esme was last. She had the tiniest hint of a smile on her face when she pulled back. I was surprised none of them treated me like a monster, or like I betrayed them.

They acted as if I did something right. I looked at Edward and he smiled at me. Esme welcomed me home and told me she was available if I needed to talk. Carlisle told me he was proud of me for not drinking their blood. And Edward told me that he thought he was a monster once too. But family makes you feel human again. And for the first time in my new existence, I felt safe and wanted. Something I couldn’t remember feeling when I actually was human. I couldn’t believe it took all of this to help me find my home. Maybe now I could start to feel beautiful again.