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Dear Edward, I can't help but wish that you will miss me now that I am gone. After all, we had a lot of great times together. Though I hope you won't feel guilty and go and try to kill yourself, as I know you will try. It's not your fault that I am dead. It's mine. I didn't even attempt to move out of the way when the car came. Okay? But I do hope you let everyone know that I will miss them. Even if they hate me as much as you do, just let them know that. I hope you lead a normal life now, one with a normal vampire girlfriend, one where you are happy. Forever yours, Isabella Marie Swan

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10. I'm going to the chapel and Edward's gonna get married...

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You don't know, but that's okay

You might find me anyway

Don't you know that I belong arm in arm with you, baby?

In a town that's cold and grey

We will have a sunny day

Don't you know that I belong arm in arm with you, baby?

I do not know, where does it go when it goes?

Suddenly though, everythings slow and I miss you so

Around each corner there's a chanse

People searching glance to glance

Moving by real fast like insects and fish when their scared

And they sing the same old song

Though it's been so very long

They sing, "Rain drops are falling on my head"

But that does not mean that I am dead

You don't know, but that's okay

You might find me anyway

Don't you know that I belong arm in arm with you, baby?

-Regina Spektor, "Raindrops"

The following letter was discovered on the shores of Elsewhere at 5:22 PM by Advance Guard:

To Isabella "Bella" "Bells" Marie Swan

Heaven or

The Undiscovered Country or

The Big Sleep or

The Great Unknown or

The Great Beyond or

Elysian Fields or

Valhalla or

Fortunate Isles or

Isle of the Blessed or

The Kingdom of Joy and Light or

Paradise or

Eden or

The Firmament or

The Sky or

Wherever you are, whatever it's called

Dear Bella,

I wish a thousand times that I had not been so stupid to leave you. This is all my fault. I am so sorry, Bella. I love you, I never stopped loving you, and I will love you until the day I die. I only left to protect you. I found that my staying with you wasn't the best for your safety, and I only told you that I didn't so that you might heal faster. My plan obviously didn't work; otherwise you would be living with Charlie or Renee right now, instead of where ever you are. I just hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I would be standing at your side right now, if it weren't for Alice. I know, I promised not to kill myself, but I can't live in a world where you don't exist. But for your sake, I'll try my best. The main reason why I'm sending this to you is because...well, to be truthful, I'm getting married on October 17th at the Forks Catholic Church. The whole family has accepted her into their hearts, and I hope you will, too. She's a real nice girl and her name is Deirdre O'Brien. She's Irish, with bright red hair and green eyes. Though I love her with all my heart, I'll always have a place for you. I'll always miss you, and I hope by marring Deirdre, I'm moving on as I think you would have wanted.

With all my heart,

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Bailey's PoV

I gasped as I saw the words appear on the pages of my copy of New Moon. I had had this particular book in my possession when I died...which is why it came with me when I changed into a vampire. I soon found out that the book wrote itself as events happened in Bella and Edward's lives. What should I do? Bella should know about this, she'd be even more heartbroken if she found out, and knew that I had known and not told her.

I took a deep breath and ripped the page from the book and walked upstairs, passing the room where Charlotte and Serafina slept soundly, actually enjoying their transformation. I leaned on the door jam and watched them for a moment. Charlotte's curly black hair was matted and her pale skin shined brightly in the darkness. Sera was laying down next to her, her platinum hair shining like the moon. Her skin remained a dark tan. The two were complete polar opposites. Char was my height, though at least 6 years were between us, while Sera towered over Bella. Charlotte's long black curly hair couldn't have been more different then Sera's cropped blonde hair. Charlotte had sharper features, if I hadn't been a vampire, I wouldn't have noticed her angular features, though they were becoming more prominent. Sera had soft, baby-like features that made her seem so much younger then she was. Then their eyes. Serafina's green eyes were harsh, almost, as if warning you to stay away, while Charlotte's purple eyes seemed to welcome you in. I shook my head and went back to the hall.

I gave a soft knock to Bella's door and she opened it quickly. Not being able to say anything, I passed her the page. She read it, her deep brown eyes scanning the page, turning green as she realized what it was and who had written it. Her eyes now changed color subconsciously, to whatever she was feeling. But they weren't as easy to decipher as your normal mood ring. She had green or gold eyes whenever she was sad, because usually when she was sad, she thought of Edward, who had green eyes when he was human and gold as a vampire. She had red eyes when she was scared, because they represented everyone she was scared of, the Volturi, with their ruby red eyes and other vampires with the same frightening shade of eye color. The other colors were just as complicated.

"Oh." She said, her lips forming the same shape. "Married...Edward's going to be married tomorrow." She sighed. "I'm going." She told me. I broke into a grin. Maybe her happy ending would be sooner then I thought. "Not as myself, I'll go as Charlotte. I just want to see him off...like closure or something. I just think that this is something I need to do." The smile faded. When would they be together. I opened my mouth to object, then I remembered how stubborn she was.

"All right." I said. "I'll stay with the twins while you're gone." I told her grudgingly.


Bella Pov

I slipped into the church unnoticed, carefully picking my way through the relatives and vampires, finally sitting down in a pew near the back. I felt tears sting my eyes, tears that would never fall as I finally saw him. My hallucinations hadn't done him justice. He was standing at the front, in a black suit. Jasper and Emmett were standing next to him, as I watched, Emmett gave him a clap on the back and smiled. I let a weak smile of my own break onto my face. At least he would be happy...I heard the wedding march start and saw everyone crane their necks to look at the bride. I, however, looked at Edward. It was a tradition of sorts. It always made me happy when I saw the look on the grooms face as he saw his future wife walk toward him. Sure enough, Edward broke into a grin, but instead of giving me that fuzzy feeling it normally did at weddings, I felt hollow, as if my insides had been scooped out like a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.

The priest spoke as soon as the girl, Deirdre came to the front. Edward was right. She was clearly Irish with beautiful red hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white halter dress with a long train, which was carried by Rosalie and Alice who were both wearing wide smiles.

"Oh." I said. Edward hadn't been lying. He had moved on. And so had his family. I no longer existed according to them. I was actually dead to them.

The wedding past in a blur, and it was time for the reception. Everyone moved over to a different part of the church. I stayed behind, frozen in my seat. I stared up at the stain glass windows and sighed deeply. I knew I had to move eventually. I got up and passed the first pew. On the seat was a single, red rose with a midnight blue ribbon tied in a neat bow around it, (The same color as the blouse Edward once complimented me on) and the program which I hadn't read. I moved the rose aside and picked up the program.

There, in fancy script said;

In Loving Memory of Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also

I blinked, what could that possibly mean? I shook my head and picked up the rose, tucking it into my cloak, and headed over to the reception.

The reception was held in a large room, with round tables dotted around the sides, and a huge dance floor in the middle. There were a few vampires serving two different types of blood, animal and humanly donated blood, I guessed. There was also a buffet with tons of food. I grabbed a glass of animal blood, using my power to turn me into a normal vampire, and sat down at an empty table. I felt someone sit down next to me; I turned to see Rosalie. She was wearing a pretty sage green dress that she looked stunning in.

"Hello." She said, offering a smile. "I don't remember meeting you. I'm Rosalie Cullen." It was weird, having Rosalie be so kind to me.

"Charlotte." I said, taking a big sip of my blood. "Charlotte Hall."

"I see you share my diet." She pointed to the glass in front of me. "How did you come across the idea?"

"I used to know a coven of vampires who drank animal blood when I was human." I choose my words carefully.

"Oh, really? Was it Tanya's coven?" Rose asked curiously. I shook my head and got up, leaving a gasping Rosalie behind me. I turned back once more.

"And one more thing. Don't be so judgmental and prejudiced against Deirdre. She doesn't deserve it." I said, and turned on my heel. I walked over to the dance floor. Edward and Deirdre were doing the dollar dance for some reason. Didn't they have enough money not to do that? I shrugged and paid a dollar. I walked over to Edward and we danced to a slow song. With shock, I noticed it was "Flightless bird, American Mouth", the song that Edward and I danced to at our prom.

"Are you enjoying the party?" He asked me, spinning me around. His voice shocked me for some reason, and I tripped and almost fell, but he caught me.

"Yeah." I said, not looking at him.

"You're lying." He accused. I gave him a weak smile. He always knew when I was lying.

"I-I guess I didn't come here to have fun." I said.

"Then why did you come?" He breathed, cool against my skin.

"Closure." I blurted out the lie I had told Bailey. He frowned.

"What for?" He asked, twirling me dangerously again.

"For the love of my life." I whispered, knowing he'd hear it.

He opened his mouth to say something, but the song ended and I walked away, another girl taking my place. I sat down at a table where Alice, Jasper, and Emmett were talking.

"I miss Bella." Emmett said. I froze and Alice frowned at me.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"An old friend." I answered. Nice, Bella. Way to be indiscreet.

"I don't remember you." She said.

"But I remember you." I winked.

"Um," She said, and turned back to Emmett.

"I love Deidre, don't get me wrong, but...I think I miss Bella more." Emmett said, eyeing me.

"Bella's dead, Emmett, and she isn't coming back. I think you need to realize that. You're the only one out of us who hasn't." Alice said back to him.

"But that doesn't mean you should forget." I said. 3 pairs of eternal eyes stared at me. "No one deserves that. But sometimes, getting over someone hurts both parties, too."

"Both parties?" Jasper asked. I nodded.

"The river runs both ways. Never forget that." I told him.

"Who are you?" Jasper asked. "And what are you doing here?"

"Be-Charlotte. Charlotte Hall." I said. He frowned, as if noticing my lie. He probably did.

"Alice," I said, and she looked up. "Don't forget. Sometimes, it hurts more to forget and to move on, then to remember and not move on at all."

"Emmett," I said. "Keep on laughing. And smiling. It will get you through anything." He nodded, and I could tell he was hanging on my every word.

"Jasper, hang in there. I know it's especially hard for you, but I promise it will get better." I glanced at Alice. "I don't need to be psychic to know that." I got up and walked away. I saw Esme and Carlisle sitting down at a table, and I sat down with them.

"Congratulations." I told them. They exchanged confused looks. "Well, you must me happy that your family has moved on. Especially you, Esme." I said, realizing that if the family had been upset about me, like I had guessed, it would be hardest on her.

"I don't think we've met," Esme said cautiously.

"I'm most certain that we haven't. Charlotte Hall." I said with a smile, extending a hand that they stared at. I pulled it back in. I looked over at Edward and Deirdre dancing.

"They look so perfect together." I said, choking back tears. "They'll be happy for the rest of their lives." Without me, I added silently.

Esme nodded knowingly. "I know they will be. I just think...that there are others better for him." She said delicately. I could tell she still missed me dearly. I reached out and held her hand.

"It's going to get better. I promise." I said, locking my purple eyes with her gold ones.

"I hope it does..." She said, unsure.

"And Carlisle? Beware of the shadows. Nothing is what it seems." I told him. Of course, I meant the Volturi, who lived in the shadows of Volterra. The second part was about myself, how I wasn't who I looked like tonight. He nodded, a distant look on their faces. I looked at my watch.

"Well, I've got to go. Tell the family that I'll miss them, and tell Edward that...that I love him." I said and left swiftly. I closed the big church doors behind me, tears coursing down my face.