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Dear Edward, I can't help but wish that you will miss me now that I am gone. After all, we had a lot of great times together. Though I hope you won't feel guilty and go and try to kill yourself, as I know you will try. It's not your fault that I am dead. It's mine. I didn't even attempt to move out of the way when the car came. Okay? But I do hope you let everyone know that I will miss them. Even if they hate me as much as you do, just let them know that. I hope you lead a normal life now, one with a normal vampire girlfriend, one where you are happy. Forever yours, Isabella Marie Swan

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8. A funeral

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"Into your head, into your mind
Out of your soul, race through your veins
You can't escape, you can't escape."

Rush by Aly and A.J

It was 4 o'clock in the Forks Cemetery. Most of the graves were left untouched, but some had precious few people laying flowers over the graves of there dearly departed. The grave of Isabella Marie Swan was being filled. Almost every person in Forks was there, each with their own story of Isabella.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen couldn't have felt lonelier. In fact, he felt as if he was being electrocuted, burnt at the stake, stabbed to death, hung, and drowned all at the same time. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen had dated Isabella Marie Swan. More then that, he loved her, which was something very special indeed. Even so, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen couldn't bring himself to regret loving Isabella. Because when life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to regret when it comes to an end. He hadn't spoken a single word since an incident where his sister, Mary Alice Brandon Cullen, had saved him from a suicide attempt. He watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

Among the spectators was a pack of teenagers. They had identical russet skin and raven black hair. Each one was six feet tall and had huge mussels. Nobody came within ten feet of them the whole ceremony. They were not residents of Forks; actually it was only by Carlisle Cullen's permission that they were allowed to be on the soil they stood on. One of these teenagers was Jacob Ephriam Black. Jacob Ephriam Black could not have felt lonelier. He had tears coursing down his face. Jacob Ephriam Black was not responsive. You could have thrown him off a cliff and he wouldn't have blinked. Jacob Ephriam Black had known Isabella Marie Swan. More then that, he loved her. Not in the teenage crush sense of the word, nor in the way a brother loves a sister. He loved her in the way Paris loved Juliet. He knew that her heart would always belong to another, yet Jacob Ephriam Black knew that he could not, would not, love anyone else in his whole life. He watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

One of the people attending the funeral for Isabella Marie Swan was Emmett McCarty Cullen. He felt as if he had been punched in the gut many times over. Emmett McCarty Cullen couldn't breathe, actually if anyone looked closely, he wasn't breathing. Emmett's eyes were a deep shade of black; he hadn't fed himself in a very long time. Emmett wanted more then anything at that moment was to be able to cry, so that he would have some release of the incredible pain that seared through his veins at that moment. He watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

Standing next to Emmett McCarty Cullen was Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen. He couldn't move. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen was frozen with grief. He felt everyone's sorrow and it engulfed him, throwing him into a black pit of despair. Jasper felt Edward Anthony Masen Cullen's complete pain. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen had experienced the pain of transformation many times. Jasper was in a newborn war, he knew the total pain that every newborn felt in transformation. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen's pain was worse then the most terrible transformation he had experienced. Instead of trying to calm down his brother, Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen let his brother's pain wash over him and felt it, too. He watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

Behind Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen was Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle Cullen was no stranger to death. He knew many vampires who had caused it, though he held no grudge to those individuals. He watched as many, many, patients died of various causes. So it was a mystery to him, in some ways, why it was such a big deal that one more person had died. He knew that every some 6 seconds, someone dies. So it should be no big thing when another person joined them. He liked to pretend that he had never met Isabella Marie Swan, and that this funeral was just one of his many patients, and it subsided the pain for a few moments. But then he would remember every laugh, every smile, every heartbeat that he had seen or heard of Isabella's, and the pain would wash over him once again. He watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

Across from Emmett McCarty Cullen was Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen. Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen pretended to feel no grief, but instead felt anger. She tried to be mad at this human girl who had stolen her brother's heart, only to remember that this girl did not die on purpose, nor did she steal her brother's heart on purpose. And Isabella Marie Swan had been nothing but nice to Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen. And so she found herself sobbing along with her sister, and just as hard. She watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

Next to Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen was Mary Alice Brandon Cullen. Mary Alice Brandon Cullen was probably the most sorrowful being there, if you didn't count her husband. Alice was the only being there who had seen what was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be: "Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?" and: "and then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever." Isabella was never supposed to die. It was all her stupid brother's fault for leaving. She watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

Behind Mary Alice Brandon Cullen was Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen. Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen wanted nothing more then to have the ability to sleep. She wanted blissful sleep that would temporally take away her worries for Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and her family, her sorrow for the death of Isabella Marie Swan. It was worse then when she lost her baby boy. She watched as they lowered her coffin into the grave.

It was 5 o'clock by the time every human had left the cemetery. It was thirty minutes later by the time every werewolf had left. And it was another hour before almost every vampire had left the exception of one: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. And it was a week later before Edward Anthony Masen Cullen was dragged from the cemetery. The sun set over the empty cemetery; and only the dead remained.