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Fight To The Death

I thought that there should have been more to the battle at the end of Breaking Dawn. So here's my version of it. Hope you enjoy it!

I hope it's not to bad. It was 11:30 p.m. when I finished writing this story three minutes ago. I'm really tired so I hope it makes sense and doesn't have many mistakes. It's after Jacob has left with Renesmee. In the book it's right before Alice comes. I thought that was the perfect place to insert the battle.

1. Chapter 1

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Fight to the Death

“Let us vote, then,” he said with apparent reluctance.

Caius spoke with eager haste. “The child is an unknown quantity. There is no reason to allow such a risk to exist. It must be destroyed, along with all who protect it.” He smiled in expectation.

I fought back a shriek of defiance to answer his cruel smirk.

Marcus lifted his uncaring eyes, seeming to look through us as he voted.

“I see no immediate danger. The child is safe enough for now. We can always reevaluate later. Let us leave in peace.” His voice was even fainter than his brothers’ feathery sighs.

None of the guard relaxed their ready positions at his disagreeing words. Caius’s anticipatory grin did not falter. It was as if Marcus hadn’t spoken at all.

“I must make the deciding vote, it seems,” Aro mused.

I tensed. I was tired of their façade. I was infuriated by the way they pretended like there might be another option besides the inevitable battle we all knew was coming.

“I’m sorry my old friend, Carlisle. Letting your granddaughter live is a risk I’m not willing to take. For the good of both vampires and humans alike we must destroy her and all who attempt to stand in our way.” Aro declared.

The instant the last word left his mouth my shield was attacked with a furious string of sharp jabs from Jane. I held strong though, clenching my teeth. I pulled my mental shield as tightly as possible over each vampire and werewolf fighting for Renesmee as the Volturi guard rushed forward to meet us.

“Don’t worry young one, you can concentrate on protecting our minds. Nothing will touch you,” Zafrina assured me with a fierce gleam in her eyes.

I closed my eyes to better concentrate. There was a sound like thunder as vampires slammed into each other and a long howl from one of the werewolves. So the real battle had begun. It was difficult but I managed to pull my shield tight enough over each person that they were still protected though the Volturi were not despite the fact that those on my side were wrestling, tearing at the hostile vampires, darting forward to rip off little pieces bit by bit with quick inhuman movements, and other violent actions. With my shield firmly in place, flexing with each movement of those it protected, I finally opened my eyes.

Zafrina was fighting in front of me. Even though those she fought were blinded by horrible illusions she caused to cloud their sight they still attempted to attack her and some were doing very well even without seeing. My gaze searched through the mob of fighting mythical creatures searching… searching… searching. Finally they rested on the one I was looking for. Edward was fighting the Volturi’s best tracker, Demetri.

Even though he was clear across the clearing I could hear the words he hissed as he dashed forward and managed to get a good hold of Demetri’s arms. “This is for Alice, Jasper, Jacob, and Renesmee.”

He pulled hard and the metallic screech that accompanied a vampire being separated from a body part was added to the other chaotic sounds. I watched him fling the tracker’s arm to the side. In the split second where Edward only had a hold of him with one hand Demetri managed to get a good hit in. The blow sent my husband flying into a thick tree that shuttered and crunched slightly but somehow remained standing. He dove for the other vampire again.

A horrible pained, drawn out howl caused my attention to turn to the wolves. I recognized Seth by his sandy colored fur. It was tangled matted with blood. Long gory gashes ran across his back where one of the guard members had managed to get a good swipe at him. The vampire clung to his back still biting repeatedly into through his fur, piercing his strong skin.

I saw Leah’s head whip up out of the corner of my eye at the sound of Seth’s cry. She turned away from the vampire she was fighting to rush to her brother’s aid. Her legs bunched up as she gave a powerful leap. The vampire she fought was quick though and managed to grab her leg as she soared into the air. The smaller grey wolf was yanked brutally to the ground. I could here something crunch.

Seth’s howl suddenly cut off, turning to a strange gurgling in his throat. I clenched my hands into fist and snarled with anger. I wanted so badly to rush to help the boy who had always reminded my as a younger Jacob when I was still human. I had to stay put though, to stay out of danger and let Zafrina protect me, at least until Alec and Jane was taken care of. I desperately looked around to see if anyone had finished them off yet.

The two Romanian’s were fighting Alec. He was a rather talented fighter which was a surprise seeing as he’d always relied on his power to cut off his opponents’ senses. Vladimir and Stefan seemed close to having him beat though. I looked frantically for Jane as Seth’s breathing became ragged. The sound was loud in my ears though he was many yards away and so many other noises filled the air.

I bit my lip anxiously as I finally spotted Jane. The tiny vampire lay panting on the ground as Kate shocked her repeatedly. “How do like getting a taste of your medicine?” she taunted.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Somebody help him!” I screamed over everything. “Seth is dying!” I could see the sparks in my mind that represented all the vampires and werewolves I was protecting with my shield. His spark was getting dimmer and I knew there wasn’t much time left. Jane wasn’t in any shape to attack anyone at the moment but Alec’s mist was still searching for a breach in my defense.

Nobody was able to tear themselves away from their own personal battles. Several tried only to be drug back again by their enemies. Leah yelped in distress as did several other wolves as they failed to get to Seth. Emmett managed to get away from Felix, who was now armless and missing one leg, and sprinted for the young werewolf.

The big burly Cullen crashed into the vampire tearing at Seth with a boom like huge boulders smashing together. He was too late though. I knew it and there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t help, I could only stand in shock as my friend, Jacob’s pack brother, the always cheerful little Seth’s spark flickered into nothing leaving only darkness in the spot where his mind once shone bright under my protecting shield. I could guard his mind but I couldn’t save him from physical harm. He was gone.

Emmett viciously tore the weaker vampire to bits easily. If only Seth could have defeated the horrible vampire that simply. If only Emmett had gotten there sooner. If only I wasn’t rooted to this spot and concentrating on protecting our minds from attack. If only if only if only…

I remembered the first time I’d ever met Seth. It was during the dark time of my human life, a time that was blurred and hazy in my memory. I remembered some things though. It was at the Black’s house. They were over for a sort of dinner party. Seth hadn’t ever phased then. He’d never experienced the horror of bursting out of his body into the form of a wolf. He’d been just a regular kid. I remember how he’d idolized Jacob, hanging on to his every word.

I remembered when he helped Edward protect me from Victoria. He’d started to let go of his hate for the Cullens that day. He’d started to become friends with my Edward. Seth was always so friendly, so willing to see the good in others. Seth had been so accepting. I remembered how I started to really like him and think of him as a friend. When he’d come to my wedding his scorching hug had stood out among all of the rest. It was like he’d been standing in for my missing best man back when things with Jacob had been so complicated.

Seth was so young. I guess I’d always just thought of him as a kid. His life had been much too short. I saw flashbacks. There was Seth always grinning ear to ear, seeming so happy and carefree even when everything was falling apart. Then Seth’s laugh echoed in my memory, deep and glad and joyful. Seth was so optimistic, so willing to do what was right, so willing to help everyone. Seth was my friend and now he was gone. Seth Clearwater was dead.

In some part of my shocked mind I was aware of Leah yowling like crazy in grief. The other werewolves joined in. My lips quivered as the clearing rung with the sound of their pain. Some of the Cullen’s added their cries of sadness to the wolf’s mourning sound.

I waited for wetness on my cheeks as waves of pain washed over me. It didn’t come. My eyes burned with tears that would never fall. Vampires couldn’t cry.

I sobbed once then quieted myself trying to push the pain away for the moment. Mourning could come later. I had to protect the others. I didn’t want them to be killed because I’d slipped up and let Alec cut off their senses.Tanya’s screech got me to glance her way. She was battling Caius who had torn a chunk out of her shoulder. Kate quit torturing Jane and finished her off quickly. She ran to her sister’s side, leaping on Caius and tearing off his hand when she caught him by surprise.

My eyes watched them without really seeing, still trying to forget about the horror, the pain, for a little bit while I did my duty. My eyes wandered past cute little Maggie with her bouncy red curls as she ripped apart a Voultri guard member with the help of Siobhan and Liam. They passed over Rosalie with her blond hair whipping from back and forth as she darted from side to side, trying to distract the vampire she was fighting as he watched her edgily with ruby red eyes. I looked at Edward again and saw that he looked pained by Seth’s death also. He was just finishing off Demetri.

“Tia!!!!” Benjamin’s howl pierced my heart with the pain in his voice.

The air began to whip about us all ferociously. The powerful winds screamed through the air directed at Aro who had just demolished Benjamin’s mate. The ground shifted beneath our feet and split right beneath the Ancient Volturi leader. He nimbly slid smoothly out of the way and turned, disappearing into the trees.

Lightning sizzled through the sky and thunder boomed. The very trees seemed to wail with Benjamin’s grief. Vladimir and Stefan whooped unaware of everyone’s pain. They’d defeated Alec. Now that the two main vampires I’d been defending against where gone I let my shield snap back into place and dove forward to help Zafrina with our enemies. Tearing at their skin felt good, like revenge for Tia and for… for Seth.

“NO!” the velvet voice was one I’d know anywhere.

Edward was now armless. Emmett hadn’t completely finished Felix off. He’d put himself back together and caught my husband by surprise. I left Zafrina’s side and ran. Was this what Alice had seen? Had she seen Edward being torn to bits with me following soon after? Did she watch in terror as her visions showed us burning? I wouldn’t let it happen.

I dove and caught Felix around the legs and pulled him to the ground. Already defeated he couldn’t push me off, my newborn strength still coursed through my body and I tore him to pieces effortlessly. Edward was staring at me with wonder.

“You saved me love,” he whispered.

I handed him his arm and he reattached it wincing in pain. As soon as his limb was back in place I threw my arms around him and kissed him quickly. Then I turned back to the fight. It was time to finish this. To my surprise nobody was fighting anymore. We’d defeated the Volturi quickly though we had our losses.

Leah was a collapsed heap of fur on the cold ground. She was whimpering quietly, not moving, just crying. I large, fat tear slid down her cheek. Her eyes looked crazy and depressed. Leah was falling apart.

I moved through the crowd of vampires and wolves that had helped us save my daughter to kneel by her side. She didn’t look up. I lay my head on her side and tried to cry with her. Though sobs shook my body still no tears came. It felt wrong, not being able to show pain the way I had as a human.

Benjamin howled in sadness and made it start to rain. The rain felt good. It was like the drops splashing on my face were substituting for the tears that would never come. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up. Edward was crouched down next to me, his face screwed up in sadness too. At least he’d survived. As long as I knew that I would be able to move on, to face another day.

We’d won the battle but we’d lost too. I’d lost a friend. I’d lost a very good friend. Benjamin had lost his love, his life, his Tia. So we let ourselves be sad, heartbreakingly sad for that moment, that precious moment that was so terrible but so wonderful at the same time because I was remembering Seth, remembering all the wonderful things about him but I was mourning him too.

At that moment Alice stepped into the clearing with a visitor that could have saved Seth and Tia both. Her face crumpled in despair when she saw that she was too late. It was over.