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Crimson Hearts

Sequel to Bloody Hurt... yup that should be good enough to draw people in. DISCLAIMER: NOT MINE!!!! okay, so the words and plot line are mine, but the characters and the books, twilight and new moon, belong to Stephenie Meyer.

tehehe reade and find out =)

11. Goodbye

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The next day went well. I spent most of it on the bed in Alice’s room, trying to forget about her and Rosalie’s questions, and Edward’s disappearance last night.

When he got home this morning he claimed that he had been out hunting, but his eyes were dark and he was irritable.

Alice started grimacing whenever she looked at him at around 3:00 pm, and that really had me worried, because she was almost never mad at Edward.

I just wished that she would tell me. I know that something is going on. I just don’t know how to approach her to get the desired results.

So here I sat, alone except for Alice and Rosalie’s excessive chatter.

I started to get the feeling that she was hiding something from me at around 10:00 that night.

It didn’t make any sense. She was avoiding me like I had the plague. Edward disappeared again at around 11:00 and that worried me.

Finally I caught her in Rosalie’s room later that evening.

“Alice! Where have you been?”

She looked horrified that I had found her.

“Around.” She mumbled through frozen lips.

“Where is Edward?”

Her eyes grew wide, and she looked terrified.

“Um… I don’t… know.”

“Yes you do, the look on your face tells me almost everything, so you might as well tell me now so that I can go into my room, and lose my temper quietly… where is Edward?”

“Danie’s House” It came out as a soft whisper.

“What?” I couldn’t breathe… this was not happening, I could not let this happen.

How could he do this to me. He was deliberately betraying my trust, and ruining everything that I had worked so hard to get. I loved him and he was throwing it all away as if it were trash.

Well I’ll give him trash a whole lot of it.


Edward returned home to find a note on the kitchen counter, and a sobbing murderous Alice on the stairs in Jasper’s arms.

“Let go of me Jasper… I’ve got to kill him!” she screeched, as she lunged for him, but Jasper’s arms were inescapable, and she curled back after a few more tries, and continued to dry heave.

The note said:

It’s going to make it hard to tell you that I’m leaving, because I know how much you cared. You finally gave me one good reason, to just go… because being alone is my worst fear. I’m sorry. Don’t find me… and don’t look in the phone book, because this time I won’t be there. Bella

On the note were both the wedding ring, and the engagement rings.

P.S. Don’t look for your daughter either.