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Crimson Hearts

Sequel to Bloody Hurt... yup that should be good enough to draw people in. DISCLAIMER: NOT MINE!!!! okay, so the words and plot line are mine, but the characters and the books, twilight and new moon, belong to Stephenie Meyer.

tehehe reade and find out =)

2. Baby Names

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Edward scoffed, eyes still firmly attached to “The Big Dad’s Book On Caring For Babies” that he had in his hands. I was randomly saying girl names, trying to find the right one for our baby. We weren’t sure if it was a boy or a girl yet, Alice wouldn’t tell us.

We were going to the hospital later today and Carlisle was going to do an ultra-sound to find out what the baby’s gender would be, and how its progress was going.

“ Rosalie?”

“NO!!!” He shouted

I laughed. “I suppose not.”




He shook his head hard, making strands of bronze perfection fall into his eyes.



I groaned. I was running out of names.

Stretching, I got up and walked over to seat myself in Edward’s lap. On the way, grabbing our recently acquired book of baby names. Once I was comfortable, I continued.













The next name jumped out at me, and I knew it was the one.

“What about… Christine?” I whispered.

His eyes darted up to mine, and the topaz in them sparkled and shined. I didn’t get an answer, but a passionate kiss instead. Which was so much better.


“Well what if it is a boy?” He asked after agreeing that if we… I had a girl, we would name her Christine.

“Well I don’t know… um… lets start off like we did with the girls”

He nodded at me, and I started.





“Anthony… for your middle name of course?”







He glared at me.

“WHAT?!?” I asked confused.


“Okay then… Charles?”






“Car… HEY. I like this one!” I exclaimed grinning.

He gave me a weary look, and curiously asked, “What is it?”


His down set mouth slowly turned up at the corners until I was met with a fill ear-to-ear smile… stunningly sparkly teeth and all. He bent down and lightly placed a kiss on my forehead.

“I like it, too”

With that spectacular smile, kiss, and musical voice, I had to take a few moments to catch my breath. Once I did I kissed him full on the mouth and stood up slowly.

“All right… come on… Carlisle is waiting for us at the hospital, we are about to find out the baby’s name for sure,”

“ I’d say your amazing… but your so much more,” he whispered in my ear.

His eyes were lusty and he pinched my hip lightly.

My hand connected with his shoulder making a large thwacking sound.

“All right you mush-pot lets go,” and smiling hand-in-hand we walked out the door.