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Crimson Hearts

Sequel to Bloody Hurt... yup that should be good enough to draw people in. DISCLAIMER: NOT MINE!!!! okay, so the words and plot line are mine, but the characters and the books, twilight and new moon, belong to Stephenie Meyer.

tehehe reade and find out =)

4. Baby Gender

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Down the hall, up the stairs, to the right, four doors down. Carlisle’s office. I squeezed tight to Edward’s hand as I stood facing the door. On it was a plaque.


Edward’s hand was up before I could stop it and an almost soundless knock echoed through my mind.

Here we go.

"Come in," Came the quiet reply.

Edward pushed to door open, and dragged me in.

"Alright Bella.... lets get started," he said pulling a file out of a drawer. My name was written across it in colorful stickers, and it only made me feel worst. Suddenly that trash can was looking extremely inviting.

Carlisle’s eyes cut up to mine, and they filled with suddenly troubled look.

"Bella... girlie... are you alright you look slightly," He didn’t get to finish his sentence, because I had run over to the trash can at vampire speed, and was dry heaving.

Edward was at my side instantly pulling my hair away from my neck, and blowing his sweet smelling breath down the back of my shirt, and on my face. Slowly the heaving stopped and I was able to breathe somewhat normally again.

I honestly didn’t think that I could go through another seven and a half months of this. Actually I didn’t think that I could last another few minutes of this. However it was a sweet and sour moment, because although I didn’t like the effects I love the thought of Edward’s child in me. I felt as though no matter what happened there was always a small piece of him that would be with me.

I loved that feeling.

"I’m fine now," I gasped.

Clutching Edward’s hand I used it as a lever to pull myself up.

"Alright lets do this," I was counting down the minutes until I could see my baby on a screen. Till I could find out the gender.

I was scared, but I was excited, too.

Carlisle handed me a changing gown and planted a kiss on the cheek before slipping out of the room.

Edward turned his face towards the corner. Always the gentleman. I would have told him to turn around that it was fine. But lately, for some weird reason, I had been feeling abnormally self conscious. I was glad that he had enough taste to turn around.

I quickly slipped out of the jeans and t-shirt that I had dawned appropriate for my growing belly. The hospital gown was large and I knew that Carlisle had grabbed on of the bigger ones for my benefit. I’d have to thank him for that later.

"Alright I’m done," I called quietly. Edward turned around, and Carlisle returned into the room with an hospital bed, and an ultra sound machine.

"Come on Bella, hop up," Carlisle patted the cot on wheels.

Edward grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the bed as if I weighed no more than a feather. I laid back, and opened the middle part of the paper gown, so that just my stomach and my pooch showed.

The gel was warm on my skin, and I mashed Edward’s fingers together so hard that I could feel the frozen bones rubbing together, but he didn’t even seem to feel it. He just stared vividly at the screen.

A heartbeat filled the room and I gasped a sigh of relief. I looked over at Edward to see him sitting there glassy eyes mouth slightly agaped, staring at the screen. By the look in his eyes he would be crying if he could. I

I was scared to look at the screen.

But I didn’t have to. Suddenly Carlisle’s voice broke through my mind.

"10 toes, 10 fingers, a head with fully developing brain, 2 legs, 2 arms, and one big smile." He grinned at me.

I was so relieved to hear that everything was fine. Tears slipped down my face. But what about...

Edward asked to question that was secretly running through my head.

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

He put on a good show of bravery, and he almost pulled it off, but his voice cracked.

Carlisle walked over to use. He brushed a hand on my cheek.


His hand tilted Edward’s face up.


He waited. We were eager. We were excited. We were impatient. Finally Edward wined.


Carlisle’s laughter resounded through the room.

"You both have a daughter."