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Crimson Hearts

Sequel to Bloody Hurt... yup that should be good enough to draw people in. DISCLAIMER: NOT MINE!!!! okay, so the words and plot line are mine, but the characters and the books, twilight and new moon, belong to Stephenie Meyer.

tehehe reade and find out =)

5. Girl Talk

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7 Months Later!!

Okay... I think something happened to our mirror, because I looked like a whale. I turned from side to side, trying to figure out how 7 months passed so quickly. And how I got so humongous.

It looked like someone had stuffed a pumpkin under my shirt, and said to hell with it, and left it to grow. Really REALLY fast.

"Are you alright?" Edward’s voice called for the door.

With out looking up I answered. "No! I look like an elephant... big nose and all." Anger and self-conscious feelings welled up inside of me and I us the only way I knew how to let them out.

Crimson tears streamed down my face.

Edward rushed over to try to comfort me.

"No, sweetheart, you are not an elephant, you are a beautiful, autumnal, spectacular woman. And your nose is adorable. I love it." To prove his point he kissed it.

I smiled wiping away tears. "I know I’m just being stupid. I love you."

"I love you, too"

We both turned to look in the mirror. I pressed my back against chest, and he reached his arms around my body to places his hands, fingers splayed, on my abdomen.

My stomach stretched as the baby kicked under the pressure of her father’s hand.

She had the tendency to do that a lot.

We had been married a few months back, and my sisters being who the are they went crazy to make this perfect for me. It was. The flowers were all white, and Edward wore a white tux... at the forcing of Rosalie. Ah.... wonderful Rosalie. My dress had been a sweet rich creamy blue the same exact color that Edward had said that he loved so many times.

It was spectacular.

I looked up at Edward to find him smiling at me. I tilted my chin up, and his mouth came down to cover mine.

His mouth was soft, and tasted delicious, and I found myself subconsciously turning around to press my body into his and to get into a better position.

My stomach pressed into his, and although we had all our clothes on, it felt shockingly intimate.

I couldn’t quite explain it, but I suddenly felt very aware of Edward.

However Alice having the "wonderful" sense of timing that she uses so well. Burst into the room right at that point.

Both Edward and I groaned as she bounced up to us.

However instead of the happy, carefree Alice that I was used to, her face was sullen, and concentrated.

"Bella, Rosalie and I want to talk to you."

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No... there are just some... questions that we want to ask you."

"Well alright... I’ll be back Edward."

I didn’t even get to kiss my husband good bye, because Alice rushed me out of the room so fast.

I was shoved into her room and pushed onto her bed were she sat next to Rosalie.

They both looked anxious.

"What is it like?" Rosalie asked, cutting right to the point in perfect Rosalie fashion.

"What’s what like?"

"Being pregnant."

The look on their faces was so genuine that I couldn’t help but to laugh.

"Do you want the PG version or the R version, because it really all depends."

Alice answered.


"Well alright... PG first... this one isn’t very descriptive, but I’ll do my best.... why do you want to know anyway?"

Their eyes were filled with knowledge and longing.

"Because Bella... we know that we can never experience to love of holding a child within ourselves so we want to live it through you... if you don’t mind."

Pure unadulterate want filled Rosalie’s voice as she answered me and I knew that this was hard for her.

"No. No, its alright.... okay lets see PG. Um... at first there is a little pain in your side, and then you start to get bigger and bigger and then right you when you thing you can’t grow any more its all gone... or well it think it will be all gone."

"Okay... that wasn’t good enough we want the R rated version now!" Alice seemed very eager.

" Um... first... of corse... the pain in your side, however it feel more like a pinch only on the inside underneath." I lifted up my shirt over my stomach and pointed to just above my pubic bone.

The rest of the chapter is a little "Descriptive" so be careful if you dare to read it.

"The you start to grow a little but at this point it is hardly visible. And your entire body becomes aware of everything that touches it. Each thread of your clothes brushing against your body. Especially your breasts. They are the most sensitive. The begin to fill with milk, and the areola turns a dark wine like color. And that is when you start to get sick. Every morning you start to feel nauseous . Like your insides are going to come out. Soon after that it stops. The first time your feel your baby inside of you it feel like bubbles, almost like someone just opened up a can of soda in your stomach, and you can feel the bubbles rising."

Alice and Rosalie sat there staring wide-eyed at me.

"Then you continue to get bigger... of course you more self-conscious about your body, and you ger really clumsy, because you have this giant bulb in front of your body. And when your baby really starts to kick, most of the time it feel pleasant, but other times you feel like your liver is being kicked black, and blue." I laughed at that. "And then right before you have to baby... like the stage I am at now. You feel swollen. It doesn’t hurt, you just feel so ripe you could burst. And your back is constantly hurting from the strain of holding your mound up, and standing up is near impossible. And sometimes you just want someone to run their hands all over your body. Which is kinda how I feel now, so... I’m gonna go find Edward, and I’m gonna put a scarf on the door."

I gave Alice a meaningful look.

"DON"T come in."