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Memory, Missing Me

Something very strange has happened to Edward and Bella is determained to find out who and what has happened to him. But she needs help. In this situation, help may come from a very unexpected source.


10. Of course not! Cause that would only be helpful!

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We were onboard a first class flight to Italy. Rosalie insisted we travel first class but she had done it under a false name. Emmett was quite chatty during the flight but Rosalie was quiet.

“What’s up with Rosalie?”

“She’s afraid of heights”

“I am not afraid of heights! I used to be afraid of heights!” she said.

“Oh, yeah, sorry” then he whispered to me “she’s afraid of heights” I nodded, understandingly. Rosalie sniffed.

“So if she’s not in Italy, where are we going?”

“Wherever she was last seen,” said Rosalie. It was obvious I wasn’t going to get many answers out of her. I decided it would be better if I got some sleep so I put my chair/bed down and pulled up my blanket.

“Rose? Why did you do it?”

“I was fed up of our life being turned upside down for her”

“Yes, but that’s not the only reason you did it, is it?”

“No. I thought of all the stuff I’ve missed. Bella is willing to give it all up now. But later, she’ll be upset with that choice. I didn’t want her to suffer” was this Rosalie talking? Had she had a personality transplant? Wow. Not that I was complaining.

“But when I saw the changes it had on you lot, I realized there must be another way to show her. Without changing anybody”

“It was wrong Rose. But I’m glad you’re trying to fix it” this was private between the two of them, so I struggled and eventually managed to fall asleep.

“Wake up!” Rosalie woke me up sometime later but I wasn’t sure when.

“We’re in Italy. Come on, get up!” she said, shoving me. Ow, I was going to have a bruise tomorrow. I struggled up and out of the plane.

“How are we getting to Volterra?”

“We have a car waiting for us,” Emmett told me. He looked serious for once. He steered me out of the airport and towards a dark car with tinted windows. I sat in the back seat as we sped off towards Volterra. I had never wanted to see those walls again but as they once again loomed over me I felt hope. Perhaps they really could help. We passed through the gates and into the city. We stopped in the shadow of the tower. I felt fear from what had transpired last time I had been there. The bloodshed. We didn’t go the route I went last time. We went through the main entrance.

“Hello Gianna. It’s nice to see you again,” Rosalie said in a tone that suggested she felt the opposite. I noticed that Gianna was eyeing up Emmett. They must have come over here another time and Gianna must have come on to Emmett.

“We need to see Aro,” Rosalie said. Gianna nodded and buzzed. We got into the lift and descended. I felt the chill as we reached the right floor. The lift doors opened and a blast of cold air swept in.

“Hello!” said a singsong voice “What do we have here?” I looked out to see Aro’s milky eyes staring down at me.

“Aro” Rosalie said.

“Hello Rosalie, Emmett. And Bella! I’m surprised to see you here again. Especially as a human and without Edward” I overcame my fear and spoke out.

“That’s why where here. We need to find someone”

“Who?” Rosalie and Emmett exchanged glances.

“Anika De La Rosa” Aro looked startled.

“Why on earth would you want to find her?”

“Her sister Anya had wiped everyone in Forks’ memory of me dating Edward. She set it up so I’m supposed to be dating an annoying human boy, I hate Edward and she’s dating him. Oh, and my human boyfriend was injured as we tried to restore Carlisle’s memory by faking a car accident where Jasper was going to save me. That happened with Edward and me and we figured it was one of the strongest memories of me that Carlisle has. But it didn’t work and we think Anika might be able to help us”

“Well. I wish I could help you but Anika isn’t here right now”

“Of course not! Cause that would only be helpful” I muttered.

“She went to Spain, to visit her parent’s grave”

“Fine, then Spain is where we must go,” said Rosalie.

“Goodbye Rosalie, Emmett, and Bella” we turned to leave.

“Oh, Bella? The next time I see you, it would be a good idea to be a vampire. And good luck with getting Edward back”