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Memory, Missing Me

Something very strange has happened to Edward and Bella is determained to find out who and what has happened to him. But she needs help. In this situation, help may come from a very unexpected source.


12. Help me!

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The blood was everywhere. My blood. Anika’s crimson eyes turned to me. She snarled and leapt across the confined space. I pushed against her, trying to keep her jaws away from me. My hands were stained with blood and I was surrounded by vampires. I kicked Anika and smashed the window simultaneously. I tried to climb out but she grabbed my ankle. I kicked out again.

“Anika!” yelled Emmett. I could tell he wasn’t breathing as he struggled to restrain his wife and Anika at the same time.

“Go Bella, go!” he shouted. I pushed through the glass and landed on the road. Then I ran for it. I had a small amount of money and my passport so I decided to head back to Forks. I knew the Emmett and Rosalie would head back as soon as they could.

“Con permiso. ¿podría decirme el camino hacia el aeropuerto?” I asked a local.

“Sí. Es cincuenta millas en el camino. Hay indicios hasta después de unos quince,”

“Gracias señor” I said before walking down the road. I looked a sight, covered in blood. I became aware of a pain in my chest. Oh. There was a rather large piece of glass in it. But that wasn’t all. On my ankle, there was a small ring of teeth marks. I could feel the venom in my veins. I was going to get back to Forks before that happened. I carried on walking.

“Perdón, he reservado los billetes para el vuelo con destino a Port Angeles. Bajo el nombre de Hale” I said when I eventually reached the airport.

“Bien, quinientos euros” I paid the money, noticing that Rosalie hadn’t booked first class tickets this time. I boarded the plane and tried to keep my mouth shut. The venom was burning but I was determined to get through. I closed my eyes and endured.

The plane landed in Port Angeles and I started down the road. I was glad to be back in my own country with people who spoke my language. I staggered down the road, feeling the pain of the piece of glass. I knew you were supposed to leave glass in because if you took it out you could end up bleeding to death. So I endured the endless pain from that. I endured the burning pain of the venom, focusing on Edward. I was going to get him back. I had to prove how much I loved him. She was just an idea, the imagination of a spoiled girl. She never loved anyone, she imagined she loved them and forced it onto them. I carried on. I had just come into sight of Forks when the pain became too much. Luckily a car was passing.

“Are you okay?” stupid question to ask a girl curled up in pain on the side of the road. I looked up. Oh. Carlisle.

“Help me” I begged.

“What happened?”

“I was in a car accident”

“Where?” I hoped he wouldn’t ask that question.

“Spain. On the way to the airport” he raised an eyebrow. I moved my jacket to show him the piece of glass protruding from my navel.

“Just, don’t ask. Can you help? Please?” I was still doubled up in pain. He nodded and helped me to my feet. He carried me into his car and started the engine. I screamed out in pain as the venom intensified. Should I tell Carlisle? I needed to be somewhere away from people and he was taking me to the hospital.

“Okay, relax. Tell me exactly what happened”