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Memory, Missing Me

Something very strange has happened to Edward and Bella is determained to find out who and what has happened to him. But she needs help. In this situation, help may come from a very unexpected source.


13. I have to save him!

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“I was in a car. I was in the backseat. I don’t know what happened but suddenly the car crashed. I had to break a window to get out. This piece of glass got lodged in my chest. I was on the way to the hospital” I lied. I hadn’t been planning on going to the hospital. I was going to find Anya first. Edward was more important then me stopping my pain. I cried out again as the venom burned harder.

“You flew all the way over to America. With a piece of glass in your chest” Carlisle stated disbelievingly.


“Why didn’t you go to the Spanish hospital?”

“Because I don’t speak Spanish” it was a feeble lie.

“I’m sure someone there would speak English” I sighed.

“Well I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was in pain. Still am” that’s when the fire consumed me. I was surprised I had made it this long. I saw blackness. And red. I struggled and pushed it away.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’ll be fine. I just need to get to Forks,” I told him. There was no visual change but I felt the car accelerate. That was when I noticed. My sleeve was ripped and there was a second ring of teeth on my arm. That was what Carlisle had spotted. I sighed.

“Yes. I know what’s happening to me. But I don’t want to be hidden. I need to get to Forks now!” Carlisle sped up. His phone rang and he answered it, speaking at vampire speed.

“What’s going on? That was Rosalie and Emmett. They said that they wanted to know if you were okay”

“What did you tell them?”

“Everything. They wanted to know if I knew what was going on and I said no. now, it’s time you told me the truth”

“Fine. I used to date Edward but Rosalie got fed up and ordered Anya De La Rosa to wipe everyone’s mind. She tried to wipe mine but couldn’t and Rosalie and I have been trying to free everyone’s mind. We got Esme, Jasper and Emmett and we headed off to Spain to find Anya’s twin sister in hope that she could free everyone. Our car crashed and I escaped. I got the plane back to Port Angeles and was heading to Forks on foot to battle Anya for Edward when I collapsed and you turned up. Which pretty much brings us up to date”

“You managed to endure a flight from Spain to here, with a piece of glass in you and two vampire bites. How?”

“Edward” he was what had kept me going.

“Can’t you fight after you’ve changed?”

“No. Anya gets stronger; she’ll kill me while I’m changing. And also, I don’t know if I’ll still be me when I’m turned. I don’t want to have to fight for him then. I want to fight for him when I’m human, when I’m his”

“Okay. We’re nearly there” I saw Fork coming up ahead. His phone rang again.

“Bella, it’s for you”


“Bella. It’s Jasper. What happened? Rosalie rang to say you were with Carlisle. How did it go with the Volturi? Did you find her?”

“Yes we found her” my voice was weak and breathless “She told me I had to defeat Anya on my own to get Edward back. She can free the others but not him. Where are they?”

“She’s hunting with Edward” the car stopped.

“Where can I drop you off?”

“I have to get to a clearing in the woods,” I told him. The car started again and before I knew it, I was in the woods. Then I was picked up and I was being carried in the clearing.

“Go Carlisle. I need to do this alone” I said “Get Edward back to the house. Do anything to get him away from Anya”

“Okay” then he was gone. The pain was immense and I had to lean against a tree to stay upright.

“ANYA!” I called.

“Yes” came a voice from behind me.