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Memory, Missing Me

Something very strange has happened to Edward and Bella is determained to find out who and what has happened to him. But she needs help. In this situation, help may come from a very unexpected source.


14. I love you

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I opened my eyes. I could feel which meant I was okay, or at the very least, alive. I looked around. Everything was so bright and it made me wince.

“Bella? Bella?” I heard a distant voice calling my name. I tried to find the voice. It was beautiful, melodic. Then I saw something bright in front of me. I groaned. Then the light dimmed and I could focus on the object.

“Edward” I whispered.

“Hello honey. Are you awake properly?”

“I think so,” I whispered again.

“Sit up” he muttered. I did so. I was surprised by how quickly I could move. I tried to get up.

“Wow” Then I realized my voice was different. I spun around and stopped when I saw a mirror. I looked so different. My hair was longer with a few curls and subtle red highlights. I had a proper figure and my skin was chalky white. But my eyes made me gasp. They were a bloody crimson.

“What happened?” I said.

“It was weird. I didn’t know what happened and I couldn’t remember where you were or anything. Emmett and Rosalie turned up and explained what happened to you. I didn’t know where you were and suddenly Alice felt the same way I did. It was like a fog had been lifted from my mind and I could see clearly. Jasper told me that you’d gone into the woods so Carlisle, Alice and I headed off after you. We arrived at the clearing and you were lying on the ground, screaming. We brought you back here and you’ve been here since then. It’s been two days”

“I thought it took three days or something”

“You were bitten twice about three days ago. I’m surprised you made it as long as you did before collapsing” Carlisle said.

“How did you do it?” asked another voice. I turned and spotted Jasper.

“I thought about Edward,” I said. Edward smiled and put an arm around me.

“I love you,” he said.

“That’s what got me through, knowing that you loved me really” he laughed.

“Hey, what happened to Anya?” I asked. He stopped laughing.

“Who?” I noticed Rosalie looking shifty. Then Edward spun around.

“ROSALIE! WHAT THE HELL!” he yelled.

“I’m sorry Edward! But I tried to fix it!” she cringed.

“Edward please. Just calm down” Jasper said. Then something burned in my throat and I groaned. Edward got distracted from his rage at Rosalie and turned back to me.

“Oh Bella sweetie. I forgot! You must be in pain from the thirst” I nodded. He took my hand and started to lead me out. Then something came to the front of my mind.


“What?” Edward asked.

“What does Charlie think happened to me?”

“Well, he thinks you’re having a graduation trip. We haven’t decided what to do about that. Edward said that you should decide” Carlisle said.

“What about all my friends? Angela, Jessica, etc?”

“Things are exactly as they were before things changed. Except, Mike is still in the hospital. We had to stage an accident so that he had a reason to be there. But he’ll be out soon” Carlisle said.

“And then he’ll be going straight back in” muttered Edward. I never would have heard him when I was human but now my senses were incredible.

“Edward. He couldn’t help it. Controlled remember?”

“Hmph. I bet he still would have” he said. I took his hand and squeezed it gently.

“Let’s go hunting!”