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Memory, Missing Me

Something very strange has happened to Edward and Bella is determained to find out who and what has happened to him. But she needs help. In this situation, help may come from a very unexpected source.


4. Unexcepted help

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I spent long hours crying that night. I realized that I was faced with two options. Accept this twist of fate and move on. Or fight back. If I accepted it, I would pass through high school. I would see Edward Cullen everyday and now what had been, what should be. I would probably marry Mike. I shuddered as another possibility came into mind. If I didn’t accept it but I realized there was nothing I could do. Suicide. That one word writhed in my brain. I couldn’t do that to Charlie. I wouldn’t! I would fight this! Edward was mine! But maybe, he wanted this. No longer to feel obligated to see me, the pathetic little human.

The next few days, I got worse. My mental well-being went out of the window. I had never realized just how much I depended on Edward. I wouldn’t sleep. I wouldn’t eat. Charlie got worried and sent me to a physiatrist but I wouldn’t talk to him. My life was worthless. I still attended school but my classmates could see something was wrong. I was worried about trying to hide this from my ‘boyfriend’ but luckily, mike was off sick. That was one problem down, twenty million more to go. Great.


That night, as I sat by the window not sleeping, I heard a noise. I looked up. Rosalie was standing in the centre of my room, a look of contempt on her face.


“I don’t know any other vampire that would feel sorry for a mortal”

“Rosalie, what happened? Edward, the others. They don’t remember me”

“I know. I made it happen”

“Why? How?”

“I was annoyed at you. And I figured that life would be easier for you. I mean, without vampires”

“I can’t live without him”

“You would if she’d made you forget him as well”


“Edward’s new girlfriend. She has a gift. She can implant false memories, and remove old ones. She went round the entire town the other night. Everyone thinks you hate Edward.”

“Yes, I realized that” I said frostily. She scowled at my tone.

“That’s not why I came here, to explain it, and feel contempt from a mortal. I came here to ask you something. I need your help getting Edward back. He’s not the same, and, yeah, he was annoying but it isn’t right. I need you to bring him back”

“But how?”

“The only way is to get her to remove the trick or to find a memory that breaks it”

“Will she remove it?”

“No. she’s enjoying him to much. He doesn’t have to worry about being gentle with her. That’s another reason. I’m getting nauseated by them” she sniffed.

“So. What should we do?”

“Well, maybe you should come over”

“But Edward hates me. Alice doesn’t know me”

“But I do. Edward will be the hardest one to crack. I think we need to work on them one at a time”

“Definitely. All of us together will sort that b***h out” I said.