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Memory, Missing Me

Something very strange has happened to Edward and Bella is determained to find out who and what has happened to him. But she needs help. In this situation, help may come from a very unexpected source.


5. Arrangments

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I woke up after my first decent nights sleep in ages. My stomach was doing back flips, today we sorted this out. Well, not all of it. Rosalie and I had decided to start with Emmett. He had the weakest hold on him, and with Rosalie, would be the easiest to break. During the school day, I stayed away from the Cullen’s. At lunch, Rosalie approached me. Make it public she had said. So, I got up from my table. All my friends were with me. She stood in my way.

“Hey Bella” she said.

“Hey Rosalie, what’s up?” we had rehearsed it and it sounded like a natural conversation that two friends would have.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Sure. You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up” I knew that Jessica wouldn’t be able to resist hovering incase there was a good story. Sure enough, she moved away slightly but was still within hearing distance.

“I was wondering, you know, if you wanted to come over. Someone told me that you liked the classics, and our TV has a channel that has all the greats on it. You could stay over the weekend”

“I’d love to, but I’ve got trig homework that I need to do!” I wailed.

“I could help you with that”

“Well, that’d be great Rosalie. When do you want me?”

“How about I pick you up an hour after school. That way, you have time to pack”

“Great” I went off with my friends. As we left the cafeteria, I spotted the person I’d been trying to avoid. Mike. This boyfriend business was annoying. Maybe I should just break it off.

If you keep it up with him, if this fails you have a safety net. What? No! This wasn’t going to fail, and if it did, I would rather die then go out with Mike. I had decided that was what I would do. If this failed, I would not give that cow the pleasure of seeing me suffer. I would end it quickly and painlessly.

“Hey Bells”

“Hi Mike” he twisted to kiss my cheek. I tried not to flinch but it was hard.

“Are you coming over tonight?” he asked me the same thing everyday he saw me, and I always replied no.

“Sorry, I’m busy”

“What about tomorrow?” he said, wounded.

“Busy all weekend”

“Doing what?”

“She’s going over to the Cullen’s,” giggled Jessica.

“What?! But Bells, you hate the Cullen’s!”

“Rosalie’s okay. She invited me other. We’re going to watch old movies and work on my trig homework”

“But you hate the Cullen’s!” Mike repeated as though if he did this logic would work on me.

“Rosalie’s not a Cullen. She’s a Hale. She can’t help who her siblings are. I’ve spoken to her outside school and she’s cool. Get over it. Maybe I like to branch out once in a while, instead of being stuck in the same old routine!” I yelled before storming off.


I had packed and was waiting for Rosalie to come round in her BMW. I heard a horn toot outside and picked up my bag. I knew Rosalie wasn’t doing this to be friendly, but to get her brother back, but I still felt excited. I jumped into her car and she sped over to the Cullen’s manor. Before we got there, she drilled in the things that I had to remember.

“Okay, you don’t know Carlisle or Esme. Alice won’t be friendly to you, she never saw you becoming her friend or becoming one of us. Don’t be too obvious, or act friendly to Edward, you’re supposed to hate him, remember? And the most important thing, you don’t know that we’re vampires. Got it?” I nodded, getting frustrated. We reached the house that had been my second home for so long. It felt strange to be there as a guest and not part of the family. Not to be included in their secret and know their about their lives. But I was going to bear it. I was getting Edward back!