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Charlie's first look

Its when bella gets lost in the woods, its written in charlie's pov. please tell me if this is a one-shot or if I should wri te more chapters, because I can't decide. I am making it incomplete at the moment so please get back to me on that. and also check out my other story called 'Bella's turn to sing' thanks!!!!!


1. Bella's fall

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I ambled through into the kitchen, expecting Bella to be there with Edward, working on homework together or something.

Instead a folded piece of paper sat on the table in front of her chair. I picked it up and sat down to open it. It read:

Going for a walk with Edward, up the path, back soon, B

I trudged back to the lounge and switched the game on. As I watched the game, I watched the window getting steadily darker and darker.

Shouldn't she be back now? I got up and walked over to the phone. Bella had left the phonebook on the kitchen counter, so I started flicking through it and came to a severely dog-eared page.

I scanned down the numbers and found the hospital number. no wonder this page was used so much. At the rate that Bella was going, she'll have probably broken every bone in her body by the time she was 25.

I called and asked the receptionist for Dr. Cullen.

"Im sorry but Dr. Cullen has left." she said in a pleasant voice. I started panicking.

I Called the house and sure enough, the phone was disconnected. I dropped the phone on the hook and practically ran toward the radio strapped my gun-belt. "This is chief Swan," I said in hurried voice. "Bella's missing" I choked out the last words I ever wanted to say and repeated my address twice.

several voices came on at once, all saying things like, "I'll be right there"

or " Don't worry chief, I'm sure she's fine." I stumbled back to the phone and called Billy.

"Hello?" he said in a gruff voice. "Billy, Its Charlie, Bella's missing, please, we have to find her." his reply was much the same.

"I'll send some of the boys down, they know the woods better then the animals living in them." I thanked him and hung up the phone.

Just then, the first of the crew arrived. I ushered them in and waited for the next lot. Sam Uley and some other Quileute boys came marching through the door and as they came in I collected some blankets from the cupboard and laid them on the couch.

We left. We reached a clearing the woods and everyone split up in different directions. A few stayed with me, comforting me and watching for anyone coming back towards us.

We could hear the deep rough voices of Sam and his friends next to the slightly higher voices of the officers. I sat down on the damp grass and waited.

I fought back tears that sprung to m eyes as I thought of Bella, stumbling around, lost in the blackness of the shrubbery. We searched for hours, coming up blank.

After a while, only the Quileute boys were searching, everyone else was talking in low, urgent voices around me.

We could no longer hear the calls of Bella's name, only the tweeting of night birds and the russle of rodents in the dirt.

Suddenly we heard heavy footfalls coming towards us and as he approached the edge of the clearing, he spoke in a deep, booming voice. "I've got her" Sam shouted towards us.

My whole world collapsed as relief washed over me. I stumbled up and ran towards her.

As I got closer I could hear her saying in a very small voice, "he's gone" over and over.

"Is she alright?" asked Mark, a friend and officer. "Yes, she's fine, she just keeps saying "he's gone," as Sam mentioned this, she bit down on her lip and stopped talking.

I held out my arms and Sam laid her gently in them. my knees absorbed the weight but I was still struggling.

"Maybe I should take her" Sam offered at the sound of my grunt. "No I'm fine I said breathlessly.

She turned her face into my chest and hid away from the lights. I gently laid her in the cruiser and drove home. After I had put her on the couch, Dr. Gerandy came over and asked her a few questions.

she replied in the same small, dead voice as before. I sank in to the chair next to her and jumped back up again as the phone rang.

She shifted a bit and I hurried to answer it before she could wake up. surprisingly it was Mrs. Stanley on the phone, she said she could see fires on the hills of the reservation.

I thanked her and quickly hung up, dialing Billys number quickly. He picked up after the first ring and I told him what Mrs. Stanley had said. "some boys from the res are celebrating the news" he said in a grave voice.

I told him to watch that the fires were under control and hung up again. I sat back down and Belaa turned towards me.

I looked over at her and smiled. "Do you need anything sweetheart?" I said to her.

"who was that?" she asked.

"I just called Billy, Mrs. Stanley called earlier and said that she could see fires on the reservation, so I talked to Billy and he said some boys were celebrating the news."

" that the Cullen's left. I forgot they didn't like them on the reservation." she said.

"Its ridiculous!" I spat out. She flexed into herself and wrapped her arms around her body, as if she was trying to hold her self together, and rolled over onto her side.

"He left you there, didn't he?" I asked her quietly. She turned towards me and looked at me with sad eyes. "Edward left you, didn't he?" I saw her flinch as I said his name. "yes" she said in a dead voice.

I Bit my lip, hoping like hell that I wasn't going to cry. Bella, my Bella, was depressed.