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Charlie's first look

Its when bella gets lost in the woods, its written in charlie's pov. please tell me if this is a one-shot or if I should wri te more chapters, because I can't decide. I am making it incomplete at the moment so please get back to me on that. and also check out my other story called 'Bella's turn to sing' thanks!!!!!


2. Charlie's depression

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I looked down at her eating her cereal. She had nothing in her eyes. No hope or happiness, no guilt or even sadness. Just dead.

I turned away and squeezed my eyes shut. I felt a tear tumble over onto my jacket and I wiped the rest of it away with the back of my hand.

Suddenly the phone rang and I trudged over to get it. Bella looked up at me and as I heard Jessica's babbling voice on the other end of the phone , I mouthed her name at Bella and she shook her head and got up to wash out her bowl. I lied smoothly, saying that Bells was still asleep.

That was the last time Jessica called. The month that had past after Bella's 'incident' had been filled with worried calls from her friends. She had never called them back, and I hadn't interfered, hoping that she was at least being social at school.

I turned toward the door and was about to open it when I heard Bella speak. "Bye dad, have a good day at work." She said it in the same lifeless voice I had heard for almost a month and a half now. "Bye Bells" I sighed and walked out the door.

I hated leaving her alone, never knowing what she would do, or if I would find her.. dead, I forced the word into my conscious mind and winced.

I had taken to removing the bullets from my gun again. I hadn't done that in almost 10 years, and here I was, doing it in case my 18 year old daughter might try to kill herself. I felt sick.

When I got home that night, I smelt chicken cooking in the oven.

I hooked my gun belt up and removed the bullets from my '44 Revolver. As I wondered in to the kitchen, Bella laid my plate on the table and I started devouring the lemon chicken she had prepared.

It was the best I had ever tasted, and I got up to get a second helping. I was used to eating in silence nowadays, and I knew I surprised Bella when I started talking. "So, how was your day?" I knew that she would see through me trying to make small talk, but I was happy when she she replied. "Fine, I did the washing, and I finished my homework." She got up and cleaned up her plate. I was going to reply but she had traipsed upstairs before I could.

One month later:

"Bella, don't get mad, but I called your mom and she's coming to get you." I didn't expect her answer. "Fine." It was the one word she had used the most, ever since that horrible night she had said only say a few words to me. "Well, she's waiting outside and I asked her to wait, just to talk to you about it." At that moment, Renee came walking in looking extremely sad. "What?" Bella's voice raised an octave. "Bella, please don't get mad."

"HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!" she screamed at me. "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO, YOU can't!" her voice broke and she fell in to a sobbing ball on the floor.

"Ok honey, you don't have to go." Renee said and started walking out the door.

I stopped her halfway down the stairs and she turned to me with tear filled eyes.

"I know it's not because she doesn't love me. She has ties here Charlie, I can't just come here and break those ties." A single tear escaped her eyes and she turned around and walked down the rest of the stairs and out the door.