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Changing Stars

The Volturi does not trust the Cullen family and their new addition. They decide to send a member of their coven to 'observe' them. Will she get the information she needs? Will her secret be kept? Anyone can change their stars.


1. Chapter 1

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Changing Stars

"They believed us." Aro laughed in his deep manor.

"By pure luck. I still do not trust them. That creature they possess does not sit well with me." Caius shared his opinion with the assembled group of leaders.

Aro, Caius, and Marcus, were discussing the previous event with the Cullen family, or so they called themselves. They had somehow created a half-human and half-vampire child, very rare to our world. Although, we had agreed to allow them to live as they pleased, the Masters were quite curious about this half-breed. A short time had passed and all they had done is plan a way to find out the truth about the Cullens.

I stood just outside of the meeting place and tried to keep quiet, catching most of their conversation. I had not been requested but using the doorman's power of vision, I was able to watch them through the stone wall. They clearly had intentions of having me come either way. I only had to wait until they did. Aro had a scheme in mind, and I was the main subject of it.

"Elle, dear, please come in." Aro's voice rung out.

I stepped around the corner and curtsied cautiously. "Yes, Master?"

"I have a solution, brothers." He turned to the other two. "Why not we send Elle to observe them?"

"By that you mean, spy on them, correct?" Caius did not take his eyes off of me.

"Basically, she will live with them. We will give her a plausible story to go by, and she will become a part of their life." He explained.

"She would have to pick up their diet." Marcus spoke for the first time.

"Do you accept, dear?" Aro turned to me with soft eyes.

"Certainly, Master. Anything to please you." I dipped my head.

"Then it's settled. Tomorrow we will prepare your story and I will conceal this plot in a far corner of your head." He concluded.

Aro could not only read minds, but he could block them. I was sure he would tuck the part of my true life in a far corner. Why, I was not sure.

"One of theirs has my same ability, but far greater. Shame it is. But I believe, my dear, your gift will outshine all of theirs." He smiled evilly.

"Perfect, Master." I exposed my sharp, glistening teeth.

"There is much preparing to be done. I will not have you sent off without knowledge of their kind." He stood up, his brothers copying his movement.

"Their kind, Master?" I inquired.

"But all of that for tomorrow. Tonight...we feast." He looked over his shoulder at the door, which from behind we could all hear the voices of an innocent group of tourists making their way into the building.

The three moved in perfect unison to the door and I listened to Aro greet them in a rich voice. I sensed a large group. Jane and Alec, the only others of my younger age, were getting impatient. My self-control ruled over theirs any day. That is why Aro treasured me so. It was time for me to fulfill my duty.

"Excellent." I walked out behind them.