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Never Have I Ever

The cullens play 'never have i ever.' One shot. I own none of the twilight series.


1. Chapter 1

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“Bella, do you want to play a game?” Alice asked cheerfully, too cheerfully. I was immediately suspicious of her ‘game’. She smiled at me innocently.

“What would this game be?” I pressed. Alice rolled her eyes at my obvious distrust. I was a better actress now that I was a vampire, but I didn’t usually try to hide anything when I was with my family.

“Never Have I Ever.” Alice said giving me a sugar sweet smile. I groaned. I was pretty bored, summer vacation got boring when it was sunny and we couldn’t go anywhere. Alice saw that I had decided to play. She grinned.

“Edward, get down here. If I’m playing, so are you.” I said. I knew he would hear even though he was upstairs. Vampire hearing came in handy pretty often.

“Whatever you like, love.” Edward replied from upstairs.

I assumed Alice was going to make everyone else play now. I rolled my eyes as she commanded Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper to play. Carlisle and Esme went hunting somewhere in northern California, which meant this game was going to entail something that Esme would normally frown upon. Jacob and Nessie were visiting Billy for the weekend; they would fly back tomorrow. Edward and Jasper were downstairs in a couple of seconds. Rosalie and Emmett walked over at a normal human pace. Rosalie seemed uninterested. We sat down in a circle, Alice grinned in spite of herself. She knew how to get people to her bidding.

“I’m going over the rules, since certain particular vampires tend to forget them.” Alice glared at Emmett. “You all hold up five fingers, someone says ‘never have I ever…’ and you say something you have never done. If the speaker says something you have done, you put one finger down, if it is something you did when you were human, it still counts. The person with fingers up at the end wins. Any questions?” Alice looked around. She nodded satisfied. “Good. I’ll start. I have a good one!” She laughed.

“Never have I ever…worn shoes that were under 100 dollars! I have to confess, I bought a really cute pair for 115 at Nordstrom’s.” Alice confessed. Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and I put one finger down. Rosalie looked smug.

“I have one. Never have I ever…tasted human blood!” Rosalie laughed triumphantly. Jasper, Emmett, Edward, and I all put our fingers down again.

“Bella, when did you kill a human?” Alice asked. She sounded confused.

“When I was pregnant.” I laughed. I was next. Hmm, I thought of things everyone had done. Ha, I got them. “Never have I ever…been to an L.A club! Haha!” Everyone put a finger down. Emmett scowled at me. I smiled innocently. Alice was thoughtful, probably plotting to get me to an L.A club. Emmett was next, I was a little bit nervous for what he would say.

“Never have I ever…gone out the night before my anniversary to get my wife’s present.” Emmett grinned a devilish grin at Jasper, who reluctantly put a finger down. Alice immediately looked outraged.

“I thought you hadn’t made up your mind because you were trying to surprise me!” She glared at Jasper who was scowling at Emmett. Jasper was probably freaking out because of the tension everyone was exuding, not to mention Alice’s anger. He finally calmed her enough so he could talk.

“Alice, I was trying to figure out what to get you, I didn’t figure out what to get you till the night before. I didn’t forget, I swear!” Jasper said. His eyes were pleading her to forgive him.

“Alright, Jazz. You better not do it again though!” Alice warned. Everyone had calmed down by now. It was now Edward’s turn; I knew he would aim his towards Emmett.

“Alright, never have I ever…gone to a party and drank enough booze to kill a human, and then puked it back up on the hood of my wife’s car.” Edward wagged his eyebrows at Emmett, whose eyes widened in horror as Rosalie turned to glare at him. She got up walked over to Emmett, leaned down and slapped him across the face. Hard. She turned around walked back to her spot and sat down. Emmett rubbed his jaw; he looked regretful. Jasper’s turn was next. I thought he looked a little hesitant.

“Never have I ever…streaked through a grocery store yelling, ‘the freezer department is on fire!’” Emmett looked embarrassed. If vampires could blush, Emmett would have looked like a tomato. I stifled a laugh as I pictured this. Emmett put his last finger down. He was out. Edward laughed at his favorite brother. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re out.” Alice ordered. Emmett got up and walked to the couch, grumbling the whole way. It was back to Alice.

“Never have I ever…been to Wal-Mart.” We all put a finger down. Jasper was out. He joined Emmett on the couch. Four of us were left.

“Never have I ever…worn rain boots with a dress!” Rosalie smiled fiendishly. Alice cursed under her breath; “It was in style then!” She defended. I had a good one for Alice and Rosalie.

“Never have I ever…met a major designer.” They both groaned in unison. Edward laughed, of course he knew what everyone was going to say as soon as they thought it, except me. I was the only one who could surprise him. It was his turn, he was going to be out soon, so he went for the person he could take down.

“Never have I ever…fell downstairs, and remember, human things count.” I couldn’t believe him. I gave him my worst death glare. I grudgingly trudged over to the couch. Emmett and Jasper had turned the TV on; they were watching some cop show. I didn’t pay any attention; I was too angry with my husband. Alice got him out next, “Never have I ever…asked the Volturi to kill me.” Supposedly you’re not supposed to be able to use specifics, but she never mentioned that rule. Edward groaned and came over to the couch. “Alice is such a cheat.” He complained.

“I’m not speaking to you at this moment.” I replied curtly.

“Bella, I apologize for getting you out. Will you speak to me now?”

“Maybe. If you mean it, and promise never to purposely get me out again.” I said. I just couldn’t stay mad at him. He leaned down and kissed me. Rosalie and Alice went at it for another five minutes, but Rosalie won in the end.

Carlisle and Esme came home later that night. I was actually surprised that no fights broke out during our game. Usually Emmett and Edward started going at it before we’re halfway done. I looked around the room as we settled in for a movie. I looked at the people who had become my family; I loved them so much, and as if his thoughts were similar to mine, Edward wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.