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Nessie's Journey

This is Renesmee Cullen's story, approximately 50 years after the end of Breaking Dawn. Join Renesmee on an adventure including school, friends, family, vampires, half-vampires, and much more!


1. Chapter 1: Persuasion

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Chapter 1: Persuasion

“Come ON, Mom!” I persuaded. My teenage persuasion instincts kicked in, and my mom had already lost, and knew it too.

“I just don’t see how this is going to work out. You obviously can’t go to Forks High!” my mother rebutted in horror. “Edward!” she yelled, even though if she whispered he would’ve heard her.

My father appeared within a millisecond. “What is it, love?”

“Have you HEARD what our all-of-a-sudden-crazy daughter wants to do?!” she yelled in outrage.

But, as soon as I had thought of my plans about a week ago, my father had heard it in his own mind.

“I have, actually,” he chuckled to himself, “I don’t see the problem—“

“DON’T SEE THE PROBLEM?!!” my mother went crazy now as she shouted in anger.

“Bella, Bella!” my dad said as he attempted to calm my mother down.

“She hasn’t even let me finish!” I complained as my high-pitched voice drowned out my mother’s grouching. My teenage hormones did most of the work for me.
By the time my mother had stopped grumbling to my dad, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice had gathered in the living room. Alice was smiling at me hugely, so I had a feeling I would win this argument in the end. After staring at my father for the longest time (pushing her shield onto him, I assumed), my mom glanced at Alice, saw the smile, and sighed half-heartedly in defeat. I smiled and turned to skip into the hall to find Jacob, but my mother stopped me before I took one step.

“RENESMEE CARLIE CULLEN! Just because I know I lost, doesn’t mean I know why!” she shouted at me.

I sighed and turned to face my mom. I walked towards her at a normal pace, and touched my palm to her arm. I thought very specifically of my plan:
“I want to go to Forks High School as a junior, just to get the experience I’ve never gotten. Everyone from when you went there is gone—either dead or moved away. Please. This is something I really want to do, and I’ve really thought it out. Please, Mom.”
I took my hand off of her arm and looked at her with the most pleading face I had. I knew she couldn’t resist this. My mom, after staring and both me and my dad for what seemed like a lifetime, finally sighed in defeat. Alice and I grinned at each other, and Alice’s grin hinted at something more. Suddenly, her smile stopped when her eyes glazed over, and when they returned to their normal golden state, she looked almost annoyed. I raised an eyebrow at her when I was sure my mom wasn’t looking. She was too busy talking to my dad in her head to notice. My dad sighed, but wasn’t unhappy. I didn’t feel like being confused anymore, so I spoke up. “What’s going on?” I directed my question to Alice, but my dad answered.

“Well, Alice was planning on accompanying you to school, you know how high school fascinates her, and another hole entered her vision about thirty seconds ago,” he explained.

After that was said—as if on cue—every vampire in the room turned to look at the humongous reddish-brown wolf sleeping soundly on the living room floor.