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The Thoughts of Bella

Thoughts on how Bella feels about Edward.


1. Chapter 1

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~ Leave

You tell me you love me,

You tell me you hate me,

Make up your mind,

I can’t wait aroundForever,

Only this short

Time I can be yours.

So if you want me, Tell me,

If you don’t,

Then leave me.

~ For ever

When you say forever

It makes me cry.

You’re usually scared to commit.

What’s so different about me?

The love?

The care?

Are just to have me love you??

Forever makes me love you more,

Then I all ready love you.

Forever makes me want to be with you the rest of my life

And never leave your side.

Forever makes me happier then anything could.

Forever is what I want with you.

Forever is how I see use,

But it might not be foreverIf we go wrong.

But forever is what we are now.