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Renesmee begins to explore her romantic feelings for Jacob. It's the day he's been waiting for. When danger arises for both of them, how far will they go for each other? Renesmee's POV


10. Murder

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Jacob held my long hair away from my face and rubbed my back while I coughed up the last of the food in my stomach. Leah was standing next to him.

"Nessie, are you all right?" She looked down at me with concern. Tears were brimming in her eyes.

"Don't worry about me." I said, still coughing. "You should be worried about Rachel." I looked over. Rachel's crying had quieted a little bit. She was still sobbing, but she wasn't screaming anymore. She sat there on the ground with Paul's lifeless body in her lap, caressing his cheek. The worst part was that I knew exactly how she felt. That day when I had found Jacob I thought my life was over. I wanted to die. Tears started burning in my eyes. Maybe it would be like Jacob. Maybe Paul was still alive, just unconscious. Someone needed to check.

I stood to my feet and walked over to Rachel. She looked up at me sobbing. I couldn't stand the look in her eyes. It hurt too much. I blinked away from them quickly. I bent down beside her and laid my head on Paul's chest, listening for a sign of life. Nothing. I kept listening. Come on, Paul. Please be alive. Don't leave Rachel like this. I chanted the words in my head. Still nothing. I felt my stomach sinking. It wasn't like Jacob. Paul was dead. He was really gone.

A sob escaped my lips. I looked back up to Rachel. She looked completely drained of any happiness that she had ever had in her life. All I saw was pain and emptiness. She crunched her face together with question. "Well?" she broke through a sob, barely audible. I nearly collapsed when I realized what she was asking me. I didn't want to be the one to say it. I looked down at his body. I didn't know if I could say it. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I looked back up at the broken girl who somewhat resembled Jacob's sister.

"I'm sorry, Rachel." I broke into a loud sob. "He's gone."

Rachel dropped her head down to him and clutched him against herself. She broke into uncontrollable sobs. "No. Not my Paul..." She began her internal dialogue again. I got to my feet again and turned around to look at all the horror-stricken faces. Sam turned to Quil and nodded toward Rachel. The two of them went to her and tried to get her to her feet while the others began to lift Paul's body. Rachel struggled and screamed, trying to hold on to Paul.

"No! I'm not ready. He can't be dead!" She screamed and flailed as Sam and Quil carried her away. I absolutely could not watch this. I turned to Jacob, standing with Leah and Seth on each side. I started to walk into the woods, back toward my house.

"Where are you going?" Jacob asked, grabbing my wrist.

"I can't handle this. I can't watch her go through that. Besides, I have more important things to worry about." I pulled my hand free and continued into the forest. Jacob was on my heels, Seth and Leah close behind.

"Like what?" He sounded offended. Oh right, Paul. I had been so busy thinking of twenty different ways to kill whoever did this, that I forgot my motives.

"Like, find the bloodsucker that did this and kill him." I had never used that word in my life. It felt so weird, knowing how upset my family would be if they heard it. It just seemed so appropriate right now. This vampire wasn't like my parents. This vampire was actually evil. And for some reason, this vampire was hunting for werewolves. Jacob was in front of me in less than a second.

"There is no way in hell I'm letting you go after that thing." His voice was stern and his eyes showed how serious he was. The protective side of the imprint was rearing its ugly head, and I didn't have time for it. After all, deep down all this was for him. I didn't want to go through what Rachel was going through, what I almost went through. I wasn't going to let it happen.

"Jake, stop it. We both know this thing needs to be stopped. I'm not waiting around for another wolf casualty. I want it dead. Now." I made sure that my voice sounded just as stern and unmovable as his. I needed him to know that I was serious. Jacob's eyes tightened.

"I'm serious, Nessie. You are not going after that vampire." He put his hands on my shoulders, locking me in place.

"Jacob! That leech deserves to die! How can you just stand here and watch one of your friends die? How can you tell me I can't go kill it?" My voice had lost the stern tone. It was now bordering on desperate.

"Nessie, you've never even tried to kill a vampire, especially not one that drinks human blood." He began rubbing my shoulders with his hands, trying to calm me down. "And you're half human, the bloodsucker would kill you in seconds. I'm not letting you walk straight into death." His face was still composed. There was nothing desperate about it. He knew he had control of the situation. He knew he could keep from going with force, if necessary. I gave in.

"Fine. But I'm only going to give in right now if you promise me that we will hunt this thing down and kill it." Jacob relaxed his hold on my shoulders.

"I promise. I want that leech dead just as much as you do." He slipped his arm around me and began walking us toward my house. Leah and Seth quickened their pace and caught up with is.

"We're helping." Seth announced. Leah nodded, agreeing.

"Good. We'll need all the help we can get." Jacob glanced back at them as he spoke. He was serious. He really was going to help me hunt this vampire down... and kill it.

"When we get back to the house we can tell my parents and the rest of the family. They'll help. Then, we'll figure out a plan and get rid of the leech." My voice was filled with so much hatred as I spoke the last sentence. It almost scared me. I had never hated anything or anyone before. The emotion was a strange feeling to me. Jacob looked down at me with tightened eyes. He could hear it in my voice too. I could feel myself changing. The strength of the emotion was so strong. It was terrifying. A month ago I had been a delightfully happy girl turning four-years-old. Now, I was a bloodthirsty half-breed with hatred filling my heart. What was happening to me?

Seth and Leah phased and ran quickly toward my house. Jacob phased and nudged me with his nose. I climbed on his back. He took off into the forest. It felt right, riding on his back as he flew through the forest at lightening speed. It was as if this was the way we were supposed to be: a wolf and his girl. I pulled myself closer to his soft russet fur. I took in his woodsy scent. I forgot about everything else and concentrated only on Jacob. He was all around me; my everything. It was as if we were all that existed in the universe. There was nothing else. Just me and my Jacob.