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Renesmee begins to explore her romantic feelings for Jacob. It's the day he's been waiting for. When danger arises for both of them, how far will they go for each other? Renesmee's POV


2. The Party

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2. The Party

"Have you completely lost your mind?" Edward spoke with normal volume, but there was a furious edge to his tone.

"Oh, come on, Edward." Jacob started. "She deserves an awesome car too. Why should everyone else get to have all the fun?" Jacob threw the normal cocky tone back in his voice, forgetting about his serious mood in the car. He smiled and turned his head to wink at me. My heart skipped a quick beat at the flirty gesture. I knew he hadn't meant for it to seem that way. To him, it was just a friendly reminder that he was going to make sure I could keep the car.

"Can I just remind you that she's only four, Jacob?" Edward began to protest. Luckily, he had ignored the thoughts of Jacob flowing through my mind. I pushed them away quickly before they were in danger of being heard. They would only make things worse. "She doesn't even know how to drive!" He continued.

"Sure she does. I taught her myself." Jacob puffed up his bare chest, as if he were proud of himself.

"You what?" Edward screeched. Jacob was really not helping things. I tried to think of something to say to help calm my father's nerves.

"Edward, why are you out yelling at Jacob again?" My mother's voice rang like bells. I hadn't noticed her silent approach. I smiled, knowing she would sort this out. If there was one person who could persuade my father, it was her.

"Look at the gift that dog has given our daughter!" Edward threw his hand toward the car, bringing it to my mother's attention. Jacob growled at Edward's nickname. Bella didn't look at the car. She just kept staring at Edward.

"That dog?" Bella asked, narrowing her eyes.

Edward sighed. "Sorry, Jacob." He muttered. I giggled to myself at how my mother could control him. He shot me a glare at the thought, and I pushed it away quickly.

"Edward, I don't see what the big deal is." My mother continued. "It's just a car. I mean, she'll have to learn to drive some time. I thought it was nice that Jake wanted to build her a car."

Edward narrowed his eyes. "You knew about this?"

"Of course I did. Jacob had to ask someone's permission to give her a car. It clearly couldn't have been you." She said as she motioned to him in his angry state. She looked at him for a long minute. I was sure she had pulled her shield back to speak to him in her thoughts.

Edward sighed and relaxed. "Fine, but if I find out you've been driving like a manic, the car is out of here." Jacob and I shared a triumphant glance. Edward rolled his eyes. "Come on, we have cake and gifts in here for you."

We walked into the house to see all of my family waiting. Esme and Carlisle were seated on the couch together, hands entwined. Rosalie was stacking some neatly wrapped gifts on the table beside the couch. Jasper set a large cake down on the table next to the gifts, Alice dancing into the room behind him. Emmett grabbed me in a bear hug.

"Happy Birthday, Nessie!" He chuckled as I squirmed, unable to breathe.

"Come on, Nessie!" Alice chirped. "Open your presents!"

"Wait, wait." Jacob began. "Can we save looking at boring girly gifts until after we cut the cake?"

I laughed at his never-ending appetite. "Yeah, we should probably blow out the candles and stuff first so we don't have to listen to Jake's complaining."

Alice rolled her eyes, but walked over to light the candles.

The door burst open, startling everyone but Edward. He knew it was coming. Seth looked around quickly. "Did Jake already eat all the cake?" We all laughed at the one thing on his mind.

"We could have gotten here sooner, but we had to pick up Charlie." Leah spoke as she walked in, Charlie following behind her.

"Grandpa Charlie!" I squealed as I threw my arms around his neck. He hugged me awkwardly. He's never been one for affection.

"Happy Birthday, Nessie." He said putting at small wrapped box in my hand. He smiled as he walked past me to hug my mother.

Alice was behind me in seconds grabbing the box out of my hands and running to place it on the table with the others. The four candles on the cake were lit and ready. Everyone gathered closer and sang "Happy Birthday" to me with big smiles. I blew out the candles, without making a wish. What more could I wish for with everyone I love here? I cut two small pieces for Charlie and I, and gave the rest to the werewolves. They would devour it in seconds. I opened my presents and tried to act very excited about all the clothes and shoes that Alice and Rosalie had bought for me. Only Edward and Jacob knew I was disinterested in most of it, Edward because he was listening to my real reactions and Jacob because he knew me so well. They would chuckle with each "Wow, Thanks!" or "This is great!"

After all the festivities, we decided to watch a movie. We all gathered around the TV. Carlisle and Esme still sat on the couch, witch Charlie and Seth sitting beside them now. Rosalie and Emmett snuggled on a chair on the other side of the TV. Alice and Jasper sat on a love seat in the back of the room. My mother and father sat at their feet. I sat on the floor in between Jacob and Leah. Halfway through the movie Jacob's head fell on my shoulder. I could here a light snore escaping. I giggled. He hated when I made him watch romantic comedy. He never said anything, but he fell asleep every time. I looked around. Seth and Charlie were asleep too. Even Leah was passed out with her head resting back on the couch between Esme and Seth. I figured they must have been out patrolling lately and not getting much sleep. I would have to ask Jacob about that later. The rest of my family were having hushed conversations with each other rather than watching the movie. No one was paying attention. My mother and father had even escaped unnoticed. They had gone back to our little house I was sure, to be alone.

I looked down at the head sitting on my shoulder. The light from the TV shined on his dark face. His eyes were closed peacefully. He looked utterly content lying on my shoulder. His short black hair brushed my neck as he stirred a bit, his body readjusting itself. His eyebrows furrowed a bit and then went back the content expression once he was comfortable. I studied the flawless features of his face: his long black lashes lying gently below his closed eyes, his short symmetrical nose, his small tan lips, his squared jaw line. I wanted to stroke his cheek, to feel his warm skin against mine. I wanted to pull his lips to me. I wondered what they would feel like against mine. How had all these feelings developed so quickly? It seemed like a short time ago that I was toddler, thinking only of running through the forest with my best friend, or demanding that he stay and play with me rather than go on patrol. Oh my God. It was a short time ago. It was just over three years ago. Now I sat here, far from a toddler, staring at the same face with different eyes. Then, I had seen him as a playmate, a friend, even a protector. Now, I saw the man of my dreams. To me, he was perfect in every way. He was everything to me, My Jacob. Memories of him rushed through my mind. Looking back on them now I saw and heard something different than I ever had: his bright loving smile, the tender look in his eyes, his bold laugh, his husky voice. Oh my God. I thought to myself. I'm in love with Jacob. As I sifted back through all of my memories with him I placed my hand on his face, not thinking. His eyes shot open as if my touch had shocked him. I pulled back startled. Oh God. Did I just accidently show him my thoughts?

"Renesmee?" his voice was even huskier than normal and his eyes bore into mine as if he had some burning question.