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Renesmee begins to explore her romantic feelings for Jacob. It's the day he's been waiting for. When danger arises for both of them, how far will they go for each other? Renesmee's POV


7. Bloodshed

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7. Bloodshed

I ran from the house faster than I ever had. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to catch him. He had gotten a head start. My mother had insisted that I eat something first. I ate the food down and was out the door in seconds. I didn't have time to waste. Jacob was fast. I pace picked up at the thought of him. Please let me catch him. Please let me catch him. My brain surged with thoughts of him, making my pace keep up. I tried to think of what exactly I was going to say. It didn't matter the words would come. Maybe they would just rush out of me at the sight of him. I could see him in my head: his intense black eyes, his russet skin, his shaggy black hair, and his bright smile. I imagined how it would feel to finally touch my lips to his. The rush the idea gave me sped my pace. I kept letting my imagination run. I knew if I could keep this up, I might be able to catch him.

Everything slipped from my mind in an instant. The smell of blood hit me like a punch in the face. My feet jerked to a stop. I had given up my appetite for blood, for the most part. I would still hunt with the family occasionally, but I mostly stuck to human food. That obviously didn't weaken my sense of smell though. My throat burned. It was almost agonizing. The scent was so strong. The air was thick with it. It was so sweet. My mouth began to water. My head swam, my thoughts incoherent. Human blood. I sniffed the air. It smelled so fresh, as if it weren't locked inside a body. I sniffed again. I could almost taste it. It was intoxicating. I looked down and noticed that I had been walking involuntarily. My body carried me closer to the scent. It got stronger, swirling around me. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to savor it in my mouth. The closer I got, the worse my need for it became. I took huge gasps of air, savoring the hint of its sweet flavor. It tasted... familiar.

I walked faster, taking more gasps of air. Where had I tasted this before? I was almost running toward the scent now. I couldn't get enough of it, and I needed to figure out why it seemed so familiar. I breathed it in. It was the sweetest taste, dark and rich. There was no mistaking it. It was definitely familiar. I sifted through my last memories of human blood. I hadn't tasted human blood in over three years. Well, I hadn't tasted any except for Jacob's. I gasped. I breathed the air in again. Oh my God. I thought to myself, finally realizing whose incredible scent this was. Jacob! I ran as fast as I could. I was close. In seconds, I broke into a small clearing. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

There on the ground, surrounded by his pack, Jacob was lying unconscious. I gasped in horror at his huge naked body, mangled, drenched in his own blood. NO!

"Jacob!" I cried and flung myself by his side. I held his face in my hands crying. "No. No. No. Jacob. Please, wake up!" I grabbed his shoulder and shook it. I pulled his limp body to mine, cradling his head to my chest. My thoughts flowed right out of my mouth in sobs. "Please don't leave me. I need you. Please wake up. I can't lose you. I'm not ready for this. I'm in love with you! Don't do this!"

"Nessie." A deep voice came from behind me and I felt someone's hand touch my shoulder. I shrugged it off. I kept talking to the limp body in my lap, explaining to him all the reasons he couldn't leave me. I was hysterical. I clung his body against mine, blood drenching my clothes. I told him everything.

"Jacob, I'm in love with you. You can't do this right now." The words were barely understandable through my sobs. I wiped my tears, smearing blood on my face. "This is all my fault." I cried. "If I had just let you talk to me earlier, if I had listened. I should've told you how I felt right then, I shouldn't have made you leave. I'm so sorry! Jacob, wake up! Jacob, Please!"

I felt the hand on my shoulder again. "Nessie, you can't blame yourself for this. This wasn't your fault." I shrugged the hand off my shoulder again.

I looked down at my Jacob. If it weren't for all the blood his face would have looked peaceful. I couldn't bare it. His body was accepting death. I sobbed loudly and held him closer. "No, Jacob! Don't leave me! I'm not ready. I never even got to kiss you. I never got to show how much I love you." I looked down at his face again. I couldn't live without him. I leaned down and pressed my lips against his. I held them there for a long moment, memorizing the way it felt. I leaned up and spoke to his limp corpse. "If you're leaving, I'm coming with you."

I set his body down and turned to look at his pack behind me. Only three of them had stayed: Sam, Leah, and Seth. I was going to figure out how this happened and join him. "What happened?" My voice was suddenly clear.

Seth looked horrified and Leah was crying. I couldn't imagine what I looked like. I was covered in Jacob's blood, and tears were still pouring from my eyes. I'm sure the hysterics they had just witnessed had been nearly just as horrifying as Jake's body. Sam was the one who spoke. "We don't know exactly. We just heard him calling for help in our thoughts. We ran as fast as we could, but we were too late. Whoever did this must have picked up our scent. They were gone when we got here."

"So you don't know who it was?"

"No, but it reeks of vampire."

"Can you tell which way it went?"

He pointed a little to the west. "The scent is leading that way."

I turned and started walking that direction. As soon as I was out of sight, I would run as fast as possible. A hand flew in front of me, holding me back.

"What are you doing?" Sam now had his hands locked on both my shoulders, holding me in place.

"I going to find them so I can beg them to kill me too." I didn't see the point in lying about it. They could relay what happened to everyone else.

"Oh, no you're not. " Sam's face was stern. He glanced up at Seth and Leah. They were standing beside him in second, blocking my path. I didn't have the patience to convince them calmly. I tried to bolt. My will was strong. It took all three of them to hold me back.

"Nessie, stop it. Jake wouldn't want you to do this." Sam was in front of me again, with Leah and Seth holding me on either side. I squirmed, trying to free myself. They were expecting it now. They iron grip locked me in place. "Nessie, I understand you're sad, but you can't throw away your life. Jake would want to live on and be happy."

I stopped resisting and let the tears take over completely. I began sobbing again, barely able to catch my breath. I fell down at Sam's feet. "Happy?" I sobbed uncontrollably. "How can I be happy? He's my whole life! He's everything!" I curled on the ground crying at Sam's feet. "Just let me go! Please! Or kill me right now! I don't care!" I thrashed unable to control my emotions.

"I'm not going to let you kill yourself, and I'm definitely not going to do it for you." He tried to hold me down, to calm me. I stopped thrashing my body and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Sam, please. I love him... more than anything. I can't live without him. All I want is to be with him, even in death." My voice was desperate. Sam looked down at me with horror and pain. I knew it was hard for him to see me like this, but I didn't care. I was selfish. I wanted to be out of misery. I wanted to be with my Jacob.

A gurgling sound broke the silence. It was like coughing through liquid. We both looked over at Jacob's body. I could see his body twitching with the sound. He was alive. I ran to him. He was lying on his back where I had left him. He was choking on blood. I leaned him over and he coughed blood on the ground. He panted after it was clear. He's alive! I rejoiced in my head. I held him close and kissed his hair. Tears of joy were streaming down my face.

"Renesmee?" His voice was weak and quiet. Tears were falling down his face.

"I'm right here." I brushed my hands through his hair to calm him. I turned to Sam. "Get some help. Go find Carlisle." Sam bolted into the woods toward my grandparents' house.

"Don't leave me." Jacob's voice was strained and desperate.

"Ok" I kissed his forehead gently. "I thought you were trying to leave me." I laughed nervously.

"Never." He managed a small grin. "I love you too much." He tried to pull his hand to my face, but winced in pain. I took his hand in mine and placed it on my face for him.

"I love you too." I leaned down and kissed his lips gently. His hand held me there and he moved his lips against mine. Heat rushed through my body. I moved my lips more intently, and he responded. For that moment nothing in the world mattered but our kiss. He belonged to me, and I to him. We were bound together. We were two halves who needed each other to be whole. I knew then that nothing would ever be able to come between us. I would be by his side always.

But first, I was going to figure out who did this to him.