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Hidden Feelings

What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?

Ok, this is twilight and new moon combined. From the point of view of Jasper.

1. First Sights

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The tedium was unbearable. I was looking forward to lunch when I could finally see my family. This was hard. The heat, the smell. It overwhelmed me. I tried not to breathe. It was ok when Alice and I pretended to be the same age. At this school, I was a year older. It was hard, each day. I had to keep my head down, away from my intended prey. I could sense their boredom, which intensified my own. On days like this, I could hardly understand why human adults told their children that these would be the best days of their lives. If that really was the case, I felt sorry for them.

The bell rang and in a hurry to be out the hot scented room, I nearly dropped my human pretense. Nearly. I was walking past a small group of humans, heading towards the cafeteria. Suddenly, the most fragrant scent assailed me. Ouch. It hurt to inhale it. I hurried away from the deadly scent, feeling the venom in my mouth. I met up with my siblings and saw the very reason for my existence. Alice. She smiled at me and I took her hand. We walked to our normal table. The smells seemed more potent after that furious scent. They attacked my nostrils. A small girl walked past and I visualized how I would attack. Then Edward growled under his breath. He turned his head. Reflex reaction, someone must have thought about him. I heard the old news about the Cullen’s, not bothering to move my head. I could hear it all from where I sat.

“Who’s the one with the reddish-brown hair?” Edward of course.

“That’s Edward” I recognized the voice. It was the one that spread the rumors, the one that caused the heartbreak, the anguish. It caused my pain. Not personally mine, but other peoples. And when they felt bad, I felt worse. Humans. All they did was fight. Wars, arguments, breaking up. They were destruction. But not as much destruction as I was. I smiled. Alice got up and left. After a while, we followed. As I past, the table where the Cullen conversation had sprung up, that painful scent hit me again. The cause of so much suffering…I located the source. The new girl. Isabella Swan. Daughter of the chief. She had chocolate brown eyes and brown wavy hair. Gorgeous. And irresistible. NO! Jasper! You have to resist. For Alice. For all of them! As I walked past, I risked another glance at the girl. She was blushing and the color was so beautiful. It took all my focus to carry on walking and to not kill her, without delay. I was riddled with emotions, some of them my own, some of them not. Frustration, determination. Those were easy to recognize and most definitely mine. The frustration that I couldn’t kill, devour, destroy. Determination not to do those deeds. A contradiction. But there was another emotion that I didn’t recognize. It confused me. I shook my head and headed to my lesson, ignoring the heat, the scents, the pull.