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Hidden Feelings

What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?

Ok, this is twilight and new moon combined. From the point of view of Jasper.

10. Spying

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Months had passed. I hadn’t stopped thinking about Bella since we had left but it was easier now. I would never see the girl again. Edward was off tracking. I was studying philosophy at Cornell. Alice was still sad about leaving Bella. Edward had ordered her not to go searching for her future and she had complied with touchable anger. We were seated on the porch of our new house.

“I mean, she’s a danger to herself!” Alice was complaining about her lack of visions on Bella.

“You promised Edward that you wouldn’t look,” I reminded her. She scowled at me.

“Have you been spying on Bella again?”

“I tried a little while ago but I couldn’t see her! She wasn’t anywhere!” she started to panic.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” I said. I sent a wave of calm to her. But I was panicking as well. Alice sighed and went inside. I had a quick battle of wills within myself. Should I go back and check on her? I wanted to see her, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to leave. I had been fighting this battle for months and I knew I was losing. I sighed quietly.

“What is it Jasper?” Carlisle asked coming out.

“Alice is upset about leaving still. And she went looking for Bella’s future earlier and she couldn’t see her. Now she’s worried”

“I’m sure it’s nothing, she’s just not doing anything yet”

“Hmm…or she’s dead” I muttered under my breath.

“Don’t worry Jasper”

“I can’t help it. Carlisle, I’m going to go check on her. Can you tell Alice that I’ve gone hunting?” I hadn’t decided yet otherwise she would have been out in a second. I hoped she was concentrating hard on Bella’s future. I ran towards the airport, dialing the airline as I went. I caught the first flight back to Forks. When I got to Bella’s house, nobody was in. I went back to our house. Bella’s truck was parked outside. The engine was still running but she was staring vacantly. She was in so much pain. Edward hadn’t told the others what he had said. Only Alice and I knew. She got out of the truck and walked towards the house. She stopped and turned away. She ran back to her truck and drove off. She was alive at least. I flew back home.


I checked in every few weeks. She was still in immense pain but it seemed to be getting better. She was spending a lot of the time at the La Push beach. It was her spring break but she didn’t seem to be spending much time with her friends, except for a tall, tanned boy. He was obviously from La Push. I could only check on her when she was at home, as we were forbidden to enter La Push land. I was determined to make sure she stayed safe but it was hard when Alice was around. If she knew, she would want to come and say hi to Bella. This only worked because she didn’t know I was there. I was currently seated in the tree outside Bella’s house, waiting for her to come home. My phone rang.

“Alice? What is it?” I was worried I’d been rumbled.

“It’s Bella! She’s going to jump off a cliff! I’m going to Forks now!” she hung up. I didn’t think, I just ran. I reached La Push. Bella was standing on the edge of a cliff.