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Hidden Feelings

What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?

Ok, this is twilight and new moon combined. From the point of view of Jasper.

16. Telling Tales

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We had just got back home. It was nine pm.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked.

“Maybe” she teased. She headed inside and I heard her gasp. I ran in, panicking.

“What is it?” Then I saw. Alice was seated on her sofa.

“When are you going to tell him?” she asked.

“Tell who what?” Bella asked.

“Tell Edward. About you and Jasper!” she yelled.

“Alice…I don’t want to hurt him” Bella said, tears coming into her eyes.

“So you think it’ll be better if he comes home early and finds you two entwined on a sofa?!” Alice asked, sarcastically.

“No! I will tell him…when the time’s right” Bella protested.

“Fine! But if you haven’t told him by the end of the month, I will” she threatened before running off. I followed her.


School has started again. I didn’t have to go but Bella did. That cut down my time with her, as did the fact that she was still seeing Edward. Alice’s deadline was looming. I met Bella after school one day when Edward was hunting and confronted her.

“Bells, when are we going to tell him?”

“I am going to tell him tonight. You don’t need to have anything to do with it”

“It’s my fault we’re in this mess. I started this, so I’m helping” I told her, firmly.

“Okay. He’ll be here in about an hour. What will we tell him?” she asked. I knew how much she desperately didn’t want to hurt him. I had felt the same way about Alice and I was worried. He was my brother even if it was only adopted and I did feel guilty.

“I have no idea” I heard a knock at the door.

“He’s early” she headed over to the door and I got a strong blast of werewolf smell.

“Don’t open that door!” I yelled but it was too late. The werewolf tore into the room. There was more then one. The one who had challenged me before grabbed Bella.

“I told you it wasn’t over leech!” he growled.

“We haven’t done anything wrong! You’re breaking the treaty!” I snarled back. Then Edward was in the room.

“What is going on?!” He yelled. Everyone froze. Bella struggled away from the wolf holding her.

“Jacob! Let me go! Now!” To nobody’s surprise, he didn’t.

“Let her go, dog!” Edward snarled. He did which surprised me.

“Edward. I’m sorry” Bella said, tears in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Edward asked, confused.

“She’s dating your leech brother” hissed Jacob. Edward looked stunned.

“Jasper…please tell me this isn’t true” he was glaring at me and I assumed he was reading my mind.

“I’m sorry Edward. It is. I couldn’t help it. I’ve loved her since I first saw her”

“Jasper! She was my soul mate! You betrayed me!” that did it. Especially after what I’d felt after we’d all been to Denali last time.

“Edward. Be mad at me. It’s not Jaspers fault”

“It is. And it’s my fault too. I left you, and he turned up”

“Jacob. We should leave” said one of the wolves.

“Good idea” I muttered. The wolves left silently.

“Jasper. I hate you! I will never, ever forgive you for this!”

“Oh yes. Like you haven’t ever had feelings for someone else. You just can’t help it sometimes Edward!”

“I would never have sex with my brother’s girlfriend!”

“I couldn’t help it Edward. Now stop this!”

“Stop what?”

“Acting like I did something unpardonable. Not after what you did with Tanya!”