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Hidden Feelings

What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?

Ok, this is twilight and new moon combined. From the point of view of Jasper.

3. Accidents

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The next day was icy. When we reached the school, Emmett and Rosalie headed in. Alice was going to wait so I stayed by her side. I could feel Edward’s torment but it was nothing compared to my own. Bella got out of her truck. I closed my eyes as she glanced in our direction. The breeze wafted her scent towards us.

“NO!” yelled Alice. A van came skidding across the ice. It was heading towards the swan girl.

Not her! It was my only thought. Edward acted faster then I did. He darted across the parking lot. He pulled her out of the way of the van and shoved it away. I heard the metal protesting. Our view was obscured. The humans were rushing around, trying to get to Bella. I tried not to think what her name did to me. Rosalie and Emmett had returned and were glaring at Edward. Alice looked concerned and I was just dumbstruck. My emotions were confusing. I just wanted to be away, away from her. If she had been killed then life would be easy again. But at the same time, I was glad that he had saved her. I wanted her alive.


“I can’t believe you! You could have exposed us!” Rosalie screeched the moment Edward came through the door.

“She won’t say anything. She hit her head,” he protested.

“But, she saw you!”

“If it helps, I’m willing to leave”

“That would be very unhelpful. It might start her talking,” said Emmett.

“If anybody leaves, it should be all of us,” I said. If we left, no more swan. No more temptation. No strange emotions. Just Alice, as we were before. But part of me didn’t want to leave and that part was relieved when Rosalie complained.

“I’m nearly out of high school! I don’t want to start again!”

“Fine! If it makes life easier for you, I’ll stay! But I think it will cause trouble!” Edward warned. I tried not to think about Bella. Think about the curve of her neck, the flash of intelligence in her eyes. The blush in her cheeks, the way she lay as she slept.

NO! I would not think about it. I didn’t even know her! Why was I feeling this way about her? How was I feeling about her? This was just too confusing.


For a month, Edward and Bella didn’t talk to each other. Part of me was pleased. I didn’t like to see him suffering but I was glad that she didn’t like him. I knew that he was ignoring her in response to a vision Alice had. Of Bella dead. Or one of us. I didn’t watch her sleep, but at school, I had a hard time keeping my eyes away. ALICE! God damn you! Think of Alice! She is your other half! I fought within my own mind, torn between my love for Alice and this strange emotion I felt for Bella. My soul mate or a girl I didn’t know? It should be an easy choice, but I was struggling. I couldn’t wait to be free of whatever spell this girl had placed on me.