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Hidden Feelings

What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?

Ok, this is twilight and new moon combined. From the point of view of Jasper.

4. Talking

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I was in torment. Again. I sat in the woods. Thinking. Edward hadn’t got over the girl. In fact, he was jealous. The spring dance was coming up and he was frustrated that three boys had planned to ask her. This secretly frustrated me as well. I took a brief moment while my mind wasn’t being watched to imagine. Bella in my arms as I spun her around. Her blush as I brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear. My kissing her warm neck.

NO! Jasper! NO! This was getting out of hand. She was Edward’s. And even if she wasn’t, I had Alice. I growled aloud. Then I heard a noise. A beating heart. It was good that I had not come here to hunt. I crept towards the noise. Bella? What had she to come to this dark and dreary place for? I crept towards her and I could feel the heat from her. She sat on the grass and started randomly plucking blades of it out. She sighed and the sound was heart wrenching. She lay back on the grass and I noticed that her face was stained with tears. I couldn’t bear not to comfort her.

“Are you okay? “ I asked. She jumped and I could hear her heart racing. She hadn’t noticed me standing here.

“Where are you?” she asked, frightened. I stepped forward into the dappled light.

“Right here” she turned. Then her eyes narrowed.

“You’re Edward’s brother, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Jasper Hale at your service” I did a mock bow and she blushed. Oh, the sight was so beautiful. Part of my mind wondered what her blood would taste like….NO!

“What are you doing out here?” she asked.

“Well, I live nearby so technically, that is the question I should ask you” she blushed again. This girl was very annoying. She was conversing with a vampire, she should be more careful. Why was I blaming her? She didn’t know we were vampires.

“I went for a walk”

“A long one” I observed.

“I needed to be out of the house” no explanation.

“Why? You don’t have to answer if I’m being rude” I didn’t have much practice with humans, except at meals. And they weren’t normally in a fit state for a chat.

“I’ve been having trouble. I don’t like it here much and certain people make me want to go home even more” I picked up on the tone at the end of her sentence.

“By certain people, you are referring to my brother?” she nodded, not looking at me.

“Do you want me to beat him for you?” I asked. She laughed. She thought I was joking. Then she realized I wasn’t.

“No, that’s kind but no. I’ll try and endure”

“Well. The offer is always open,” I said. She smiled again. Her watch beeped and she got up, sighing.

“Where you going?” I asked, casually but I was really in desperation. Not yet! Don’t leave I wanted to say.

“I’ve got to go home and make my dad’s tea”

“Well, if you ever need to chat, just come here. I’m always around” I invited. She nodded and started to walk off. Then she turned slightly and walked in a different direction. I could hear her swearing as she pushed through branches. I counted to five and she reappeared.

“I think I’m lost,” she confessed. I rolled my eyes.

“This way” I led her to the main road.

“Do you think you can find your way back from here?” I said it teasingly but I was secretly worried.

“Yes” she glared at me before storming off. I silently followed her. She reached her house and entered. Soon the smell of human food wafted towards me.