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Hidden Feelings

What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?

Ok, this is twilight and new moon combined. From the point of view of Jasper.

7. All My Fault

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We had checked out and were waiting at the airport. Alice kept offering to take Bella to eat but she declined. Her emotions were strange. Upset. Anger. Worry. And guilt. The last one confused me, what did she have to feel guilty about? Her eyes were watching Edward’s flight rise up the board. Then,

“I think I’ll eat now”

“I’ll come with you,” said Alice.

“Do you mind if Jasper comes instead, I’m feeling a little…” her voice trailed off as she stared at me. I led her away, pointing out the human food shops that I saw. None of them was right. We walked past a door.

“Do you mind? I’ll just be a second” the ladies.

“I’ll be right here,” I said. She smiled.

“Thank you” she said, and kissed me on the cheek. Then she was through the door. I was slightly stunned. I waited. And waited. I glanced out of the window and saw a girl running for a shuttle. I ignored this trivial sight.

“Jasper?” Alice. She had Edward with her.

“Where’s Bella?” Edward asked.

“She had to…” my voice trailed off as I realized. She had run. She had been the girl going for the shuttle. She was heading for her death. And it was all my fault.

“Oh no!” Edward had seen Alice’s previous vision. Bella in the mirror room. The tracker. Blood. We ran out to the parking lot and Edward jumped into a fast car.


We drove like the wind. I could hear her screams already. Edward jumped out of the car and ran into the building. Alice and I followed. Carlisle and Emmett had reappeared, they had been following. We entered the building. The tracker was crouched over Bella’s broken body. The smell of fresh blood was in the air. He looked up, his mouth smeared with her blood. Edward attacked him. He soon had him pinned against the wall.

“Son” said Carlisle. Edward glared.

“Remember who you are. Bella needs you” Bella was writhing in agony on the floor. He hurried to her side while Emmett and I took James from the room. I was happy to destroy the vile creature. It gave me satisfaction to watch him burn. I could feel Edward’s torment in the next room. Bella had been bitten.

“You can try to suck the venom out”

“I know I won’t be able to stop”

“Then find the will to stop. Or choose. She only has minutes left”

Bella screamed in pain.

“I’m gonna make it go away Bella. I’m gonna make it go away” Bella gasped as Edward drew her blood out.

“Edward, stop. Her blood is clean, you’re killing her”

“Edward. Stop”

“Stop. Find the will” Bella’s heartbeat was fainter now. I wanted to burst in there and pull Edward off her, but I was worried that I would be the one who hurt her. Then the door swung open and Edward came out, cradling Bella. I could think about my feelings for her later. For now, I was just glad she was alive.