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Okay, this might be the weirdest AU ever, but I thought it would be kind of cute. I got it from the idea of Bella always freaks when Edward's gone from school; what would happen if Bella didn't go one day because she was sick? It's after Port Angeles, but before the meadow. Pretty much, he comes to see what's wrong and has to take care of her.


3. Chapter 3: Broken

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"Bella?" Edward's voice called from the void. Oh, crap. Do not tell me I passed out again. I shook my head deliriously from side to side, looking for him. I couldn't make sense of anything--everything was so distorted.

My eyes fluttered open and shut several times and I reached out for something--anything--and wound up grabbing onto Edward's forearm.

My eyes jerked open in shock at that and I moaned, feeling even more uncoordinated than usual.

"What happened?" I asked, propping myself up on my elbow, struggling to do so, and that was when I realized that I was on the floor and Edward was bending over me in concern.

"Well, I think...you fainted. Are you okay?" He helped me to my feet and steadied me as I staggered.

"Uh..." I rested my forehead against his shoulder, struggling to make sense of his words. "I don't know...I'll let you know when I regain feeling."

My legs began trembling beneath me and I made to shift my weight to my right food as a throbbing pain shot from my ankle to my toes. "Ah-h!"

My voice cracked slightly as I took my weight off the foot immediately, grabbing it, and bending over to examine it. "Something hurts." I admitted.

It had an ace bandage wrapped around it and I looked to Edward for an explanation. "The way you fell on it--here was a slight possibility that you might've sprained or broken it. I wrapped it as a precaution while you were sleeping. Here; let me look at it."

Before I could protest, in one fluid motion, he grabbed me by my waist and set me on the couch, propping my foot on his lap after sitting down beside me.

I winced with the pain of the sudden movement, and he grimaced apologetically, "Sorry."

I stiffened up, preparing myself for the pain of the examination and shook my head. "Oh, no, don't you change the subject."

He looked confused as he gently unwrapped the ace bandage. "I didn't know we were currently discussing any particular subject."

"I believe we were discussing how you felt about me--owie!"

I jerked my foot away from him, the bone itself now throbbing and muscle spasms beginning in my ankle.

He grabbed my foot, holding it firmly in place and snorted, "Did you just say 'owie'?"

"What; it hurts." I said, through clenched teeth.

He smirked, "You're right; I'm sorry."

He folded up the ace bandage and set it on the table, taking my foot in his hands now. The cold felt so good on it. It took a lot of the pressure off and I began to relax.

He twisted my ankle every which way, making me grimace and gasp in pain every so often. He gently rubbed my ankle, trailing his fingertips along the side of my foot.

"Ow! Ow, ow, ow." I protested, trying to remove my foot, but I couldn't. Damn his stupid vampire strength.

"Humph!" I folded my arms across my chest and looked away, frustrated. What; did he like time these things so that he showed up right as I injred myself or something? While it was impeccable in some cases, it was just plain annoying in others.

"Your ankle's swelling." He noted, "And, the skin is a little bruised."

"Well, that's just great." I said, sarcastically, "Just what I need. One more reason to uphold my reputation as a klutz. Maybe next time you'll just happen to stop by right after I slip and hit my head in the freaking shower."

"Bella, that is not funny," he said, angrily, his hands trembling as he held my foot in them.

"God, will it ever end?" I said, irritably, avoiding him.

"Doubtful," he said, "Considering..."

"Considering what?" I demanded.

"Considering the subject." He said, with a slight chuckle. "You do have a knack for certain things like this."

I rolled my eyes, "Ugh, you know, it's not like I planned this."

He shook his head, "No. No, this is just classic Bella. You don't have to plan to hurt yourself; it just comes naturally to you. It's like you have some sort of beacon that calls to danger and danger has no choice but to answer."

I sighed, irritably, and glared at him. "Will you please just leave it alone?"

He shrugged, "I'll do my best, but you won't let that happen, will you?"

I made to backhand his arm, but thought better of it, considering all that would do would hurt me, and instead I just changed the subject. "So, is that what I am to you, Edward? A beacon?"

"In more ways than one." He admitted, with a warm smile.

He now went down to my toe, where there was a huge bruise, and he merely touched it, making me scream.

"What?" He started, not expecting my reaction.

"Well, it doesn't exactly tickle." I said, in an obvious-tone.

"Oh, I barely touched you; calm down." I clenched my teeth and he tried to move it, but it couldn't move. "Your toe is broken." He sounded appalled.

"Well, fix it." I said, trying not to show how much it really hurt.

He shook his head, "We need x-rays to see how bad the break is. I doubt it's a compound fracture--most like just hairline, but your ankle on the other hand is only getting worse."

"I'm not going to the hospital." I insisted. "If you want me to go, you will literally have to pick me up and drag me there, kicking and screaming."

"You think I won't?" He said, with a smirk, "That won't be a problem for me--if I say you're going to the hospital, you are going to the hospital, do you hear me?"

"Damn it! You know, Cullen, sometimes I really don't like you."

He stifled a laugh, "Since when did we stop being a first-name basis."

"When you started acting like an ass." I said, bitterly, jerking away from him.

"Started?" He snorted, "Tell me something I don't know; what else is new?"

I glared at him and he shook his head, amused, "You won't have to go to the hospital, Bella, relax. Carlisle's already on his way."

"How did he--"


"Right." I felt stupid. "So, what do we do until he gets here?'

"You don't do anything. Here, I'll try a little something that Carlisle taught me. It should help with the pain."

He began massaging my ankle and I stiffened up, expecting it to hurt, but it actually felt good. It made me feel a lot better.

"Oh, wow." I laid my head against the arm rest, "That's nice. God, that is...amazing. Where did he learn that?"

"Three centuries alone--you tend to pick up weird things." I noticed the sarcasm, but it was so hard to care when I was this relaxed.

I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness again as Edward said, his voice slurring, "Can I get you anything?"

"No..." my voice really was slurred, "Just...you." I was too relaxed to even care about what humiliation this would cause me later. I simply let the sleep have me and I would worry about the rest later.