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After a rainy day in Forks, Edward, Emmet and Jasper go hunting. But their trip is disturbed when they find a dead body in the forest. The mystery behind her death is confusing and the mystery behind her life and everything it was a part of is overwhelming. But did the Cullens and Bella throw themselves into a mystery that will end in only more death? Who is this dead girl they found? And what will happen once they find out? ALTERNATE ENDING POSTED!!! Remember to REVIEW!


2. Little Black Book

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Jasper didn’t know what he was doing. When Edward was busy answering the cop’s questions and while Emmett was…just standing there, Jasper noticed a small black book sticking out of the girl’s pocket. He looked around, nobody saw it. He was the only one wise to it‘s presence. Before anyone could look his way, he bent down and grabbed the book faster then anyone could possibly see him. He slid it into his back pocket and tried to look innocent enough. He glanced over at Edward who was still busy with the cop. Jasper immediately relaxed. Edward didn’t read his thoughts yet, so he would have to guard them carefully from then on. He quickly changed his train of thought to other things. He had insisted that they didn’t call the cops. There could be police men swarming the small area, erasing any clues that might have been left behind. But Edward was resolute. They would call the cops and tell them about the murder. It took everything Jasper had to not rip off his determined brother’s head. Well, that and the strong muscles of Emmett. Jasper lost himself in thought so when Edward announced that they could leave, Jasper was shocked and jumped a few inches in the air.

After he got home, Jasper went right strait to his study. There he knew no one would interrupt him. He told Alice that he needed a little while to collect his thoughts, so she left him alone. He sat down in his chair and pulled the small black book out of his back pocket. With curious hands he opened the first page.

It was an organizer, complete with her name, address and phone number. He realized the importance of his discovery, but decided to wait until later to tell the others about it. He had a feeling that this girl, who ever she was, held some importance that he couldn’t ignore.

Nichol Peterson. 15784 Brookfield Drive, Nebraska. His eyes widened at the sight of her address. Nebraska. What was someone living in Nebraska doing in Forks, Washington? These were questions he knew he couldn’t answer on his own. He ran downstairs to enlist the help of his family.

The ring of his cell phone bounced off the walls all around the house. It was the only sound that was heard. It rang about five times, the sound intensified by the emptiness of the house. Empty because no one was home. The cell phone abandoned because of the hurried nature of the escape. Silently, though, a dark figure melted out of the shadows and picked up the cell phone.

“Hello?” it asked, imitating the voice of Edward Cullen perfectly.

“Hi, Edward, it’s Jasper,” the voice on the other line said quickly. “We need you to get down here as fast as possible! We found something that-What the-?” the phone on the other line went dead. The figure frowned slightly. The vegetarians found something, but was it one of the things that were planted? Or was it a fluke in their plan that would help the insults-to-their-species? What ever it was, he had to find out about it. As silently as he arrived, the dark figure slipped out the door and into the night, leaving behind an empty house for the Chief of Police to come home to.

Jasper looked at the smashed phone confused. There was his brother standing right next to him, seething, yet her heard him clearly on the other line. Edward’s hands clenched and unclenched continuously, and Jasper knew he had to say something quickly.

“What on Earth happened Edward?” was the first thing he could think of.

“Why don’t you tell me?” Edward said in a response. Jasper grumbled under his breath. He always hated it when Edward responded with questions of his own. The only way out of the stalemate was to answer his question first.

“I found this black book on the ground. It has all the information about the girl in it. What she was doing, her name, address-” Jasper was cut off when Edward snatched the book out of Jasper’s hands. He flipped through the pages.

“Nichol Peterson,” Edward mumbled. He landed on the last page filled out and read what was written. “She was going to see her brother’s basketball game at 3:00 pm three days ago,” Edward said out loud. He then remembered his girlfriend shivering on the couch. He walked over to her and draped his arms across her shoulders.

“What happened, Edward?” she asked frightened. All she knew was that Edward started to freak out and told her to leave the house. He ran her back to his house and then he smashed Jasper’s phone. Edward looked at her worried.

“We had some visitors,” Edward said angrily.

“Were they the vampires that killed the girl?” Bella asked curious.

“Probably,” Edward said looking down. That statement scared Bella. Edward was never unsure about anything. He was always so sure of everything and absolutely everything. His confusion tilted everything off balance.

“Edward?” Emmett said as polite as possible. “Do you mind telling us what the-”

“That was not me on the other line,” Edward said quickly before Emmett could taint everyone’s ears. “It was probably another vampire mimicking my voice to find out what we found out already,” Edward explained the best he could. He had no idea what was happening. The dead girl, mysterious vampires, the sudden disappearance of Victoria, they all didn’t add up, but it felt like they were all connected. The thought of it made his head throb.

Alice suddenly looked up, a shocked expression on her face.

“A vampire is going to visit us…soon. We can’t hide Bella, they will be here before in about…” Alice said before there was a knock on the door. Every head in the room looked towards the door which was shaking on it’s hinges. As leader of the family, Carlisle got up and opened the door hesitantly. On the other side stood a cloaked figure which looked anything but friendly. Edward’s hands instantly tightened around Bella as the figure looked her way.