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After a rainy day in Forks, Edward, Emmet and Jasper go hunting. But their trip is disturbed when they find a dead body in the forest. The mystery behind her death is confusing and the mystery behind her life and everything it was a part of is overwhelming. But did the Cullens and Bella throw themselves into a mystery that will end in only more death? Who is this dead girl they found? And what will happen once they find out? ALTERNATE ENDING POSTED!!! Remember to REVIEW!


7. Hostage

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Edward carried Bella on his back and the rest of his family ran around him. They all stared strait ahead, not wanting to think of what may befall them. Rosalie though, had her mind mostly on the closet full of clothes she had to leave behind. But there was still some concern for her family lodged in her head. Emmett was focused on how he would beat every single on of those cloaked vampires up. He grinned when he imagined himself tearing one of them limb from limb. Carlisle and Esme lamented over their loss of Alice. Jasper didn’t have a chance to tell them the news. If he could cry tears of happiness, he would have. They stopped in a clearing a ten miles away from the house. They all sat down in a circle in the middle of the clearing.

“What now?” Rosalie asked frustrated. Jasper smiled. “What are you so happy about?” she asked him rudely. Jasper came out of his thoughts and looked towards Rosalie. He looked around the clearing to see if they were alone. When he made sure that there were no vampires, that weren’t his family at least, around he leaned in.

“Alice is okay,” he whispered to everyone in his family. Everyone looked at him in shock, except for Edward who read Jasper’s thoughts. “She’s just pretending now to get more information.” Jasper wasn’t too happy about that, though. He wanted Alice to be with him and her family.

“Well then. What now?” Rosalie asked again, lost in her thoughts.

Alice stood in the circle with the rest of the cloaked vampires. She kept her eyes on the leader of the coven, trying to act as soulless as possible. The leader stepped forward, all eyes followed him. He let down his hood and Alice gasped at what she saw. The vampire had long jet black hair an papery skin. He could have been Aro’s look alike…or Aro himself.

“I am disappointed in all of you,” he said angrily. “We only have one new member out of the many hours we have been hunting them. I expect better next time,” he said loudly. Alice nodded her head like every other vampire was. He flicked his hand and started to walk into the forest. Every one followed him. Alice ran ahead though. She stopped next to the leader.

“Aro?” she asked confused. The vampire looked down at her and scowled.

“My brother is worthless and doesn’t deserve the luxury he lives in,” the leader said angrily. She heard him mutter, “And he won’t be for long.” Alice’s eyes widened and she looked away into the forest.

“What makes you better then him…master?” Alice asked for more information.

“I have a powerful gift. He does not. I can hypnotize any thing I want. And he cannot. I’m the greater vampire,” he said venomously. Alice nodded and stopped walking. She closed her eyes and tried to think. She tried not to smile. It was going easier then she thought possible. They were practically handing out information to her. She only needed to get back to her family…She was interrupted though, then she felt two cold hands grab her arms forcefully and heard a laugh bounce off the trees.

Edward held a sleeping Bella in his arms tightly. Her head rested on his shoulder and she shuddered in her sleep. Edward pulled her tighter to him and kissed the top of her head. Jasper was staring out into space, but everyone else was waiting patiently for…something. They all had no idea of what was going to happen. They depended on Alice for the information she would bring them. Marin sighed, disrupting the silence.

“This never happened before,” she said with hardly any humor. She chuckled to herself and laid down on the grass. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She opened them again and stared at the sky. So many stars…so many planets…So many different lives…She swore that she saw a shooting star across the sky. She smiled to herself and made a wish. She shut her eyes and opened them again. But what she saw was defiantly not what she wished for.

Alice stifled a scream as she was torn away from the group. She felt herself being backed up into a tree. She looked upon the face of her captor. She growled as Victoria smiled up at her.

“What a coincidence seeing you so far away from your family,” she said menacingly. “This would hardly be any fun,” she said mockingly. Alice closed her eyes at was lost in a vision at the most inappropriate of times.

Victoria was holding Alice in front of her family. She was demanding a trade. Alice for Bella. Alice shouted for them to not listen, but then Alice was hit by some unseen force. A loud growl was heard in the distance.

Alice opened her eyes to see Victoria and the leader of the coven standing in front of her.

“Good work, Vicky,” he said before pecking her on the cheek. Alice looked away and tried not to expel the contents of her last feeding.

“No problem,” she said sweetly. She grabbed Alice and started to pull her towards a thinning part of the forest. Alice screamed and tried to hit Victoria back. But she was stopped when some other cloaked vampires grabbed a hold of her. She was forced, through the branches and undergrowth into a clearing where her anxious family waited.

Everyone stared at Alice, frightened for their sister and daughter. Alice growled at Victoria who laughed in response. The leader stepped forward, with his hood pulled up. The Cullens and Marin stood up quickly, confused to why Alice was being held hostage. Alice wanted to scream at them to run, but the way Victoria was holding her warned her that that would not be a very good idea.

“We want a trade,” the leader said. “Alice for Bella,” he said, not offering any negotiations.

He is the leader! He is Aro’s brother and wants to over throw him! They are vampires under a hypnosis-!…Alice thought to Edward quickly. She didn’t know if he heard her, but she hoped desperately that he did.

“What will it be?” the leader asked again. The Cullens stared at the leader open mouthed.

“Why do you want Bella?” Rosalie asked suddenly. Edward looked at her exasperated. But stopped in mid-glare when he saw Victoria’s evil smile creep up her face. And then he saw the way the leader was looking at her. He, like Alice, had to use all his force to not gag.

Before anyone could do anything, Alice pulled on Victoria’s grasp harder then she did before and succeeded in breaking away. She ran faster then she thought she would have, but not towards her family. She ran back into the forest, navigating it smoothly and easily. She heard the chase behind her and wished that tears would flow for once. But, they didn’t. Her eyes stayed dry as she looked upon her family for possibly the last time. She hoped that her sacrifice wouldn’t end in her death , but the angry growl that come from behind her almost confirmed it.

The Cullens stared opened mouthed as the cloaked vampires ran after Alice into the forest. They didn’t waste any time though. They ran as fast as they could to the one place where they would have rainforests nearby. No matter how much they hated it, Marin convinced them that it was the only chance they had. With their sunken hearts filled with hatred, they entered the Quileute territory.

It didn’t take more then a few minutes for the werewolves to meet them there. Sam walked forward, demanding the reason why they were on their land. Carlisle stepped forward, determined to make this work.

“The situation we all are in has reached an extreme. We can’t fight these vampires on our own,” Carlisle said truthfully. He sighed again. He opened his mouth, but the words didn’t seem to come out. Marin took over.

“We need to join forces,” Marin said quickly. The werewolves didn’t look eager to join the Cullens. The Cullens looked equally as repulsed. Sam shuddered.

“If the Cullens bite any person on our land, they should expect us to attack,” he warned. Marin nodded. Sam sighed,. “What do you want us to do?”

Alice moved her legs harder and faster as she heard the vampires behind her. She jumped over a small creek and landed on the other side easily. She knew that she was tiring out. And the vampires behind her looked like they could go on forever. Alice knew where her family fled to. After she was sure that they had enough time to make it there safely, she made a wide turn heading in the direction of La Push. She hoped to get there before the vampires got her. But the vampire behind her had another plan in mind.

He knew where she was going. It was obvious to him. He could foresee what she was planning at that instant, for that was his power. A wicked smiled was plastered on his face when he turned a sharp right, and almost right into path of Alice.