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After a rainy day in Forks, Edward, Emmet and Jasper go hunting. But their trip is disturbed when they find a dead body in the forest. The mystery behind her death is confusing and the mystery behind her life and everything it was a part of is overwhelming. But did the Cullens and Bella throw themselves into a mystery that will end in only more death? Who is this dead girl they found? And what will happen once they find out? ALTERNATE ENDING POSTED!!! Remember to REVIEW!


8. An End to it All

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Alice gasped as the vampire ran into her with full force. She heard his laugh as he stood over her, his teeth barred. She closed her eyes and tried to fight back, but she was easily pinned down. He snarled and was joined by the other members of the coven. If she could of cried, she would have. Never seeing her family or Jasper again…For they would surely kill her, right?

She felt herself being pulled up by her collar. The arm that held her shook her in an attempt to get her to open her eyes. But Alice wouldn’t and she was thrown to the ground forcefully as the leader nodded his head. She felt their presence around her, and she couldn’t hold back a whimper of fear. That was the last thing she heard before angry growls filled the air.

Everyone, minus Bella, was racing at full speed towards Forks where they knew Alice was. The Cullens were all wondering what caused the werewolves to help them. Whatever it was, they were be forever grateful to. The werewolves were thinking on the same line of thought. Something made them want to help the Cullens-their enemies. An overwhelming desire to help the leeches. They all wondered if the small girl running next to them had something to do with it.

As they approached the area Edward confirmed as the place the vampires were, they heard a loud snarl and a small whimper. Jasper ran faster at the sound. He ran through the forest only to see his Alice surrounded by cloaked figures.

The Cullens and the werewolves caught up in about a second. They all made a point to look away from the cloaked vampires’ eyes. The werewolves, though, didn’t have to. They were immune to the hypnosis. But they didn’t know that. The cloaked vampires were distracted so Alice took her chance and ran next to her family. She was met by the loving embrace of her husband. They didn’t have time to become reacquainted, because the cloaked figures attacked immediately.

The werewolves and the Cullens fought viciously. All trying to protect each other and their eyes. It was a hard feat. The werewolves tore through a couple of the vampires easily, but where forced to fight for their lives as more came to help them. Much to Marin’s dismay, the leader had called for back ups, causing the odds against them to go shooting up. And not being able to fight the vampires with out dying, she could only watch as her friends became overwhelmed by the cloaked vampires.

Esme was having trouble defending herself, so Carlisle ran over to her to help. But even with his efforts, Esme and Carlisle were both knocked to the ground. Carlisle was being overwhelmed and Esme looked over at him fearfully. But instead of his eyes she was looking for, she met another pair. She felt the last shreds of humanity being forced from her as she made eye contact.

Rosalie was in a similar situation. Emmett was separated form her, and she was trying her best to find him in the sea of black cloaks. She did this while avoiding eye contact with the cloaked figures. She yelled out in surprise as she was caught distracted by a vampire. She was thrown into a tree painfully. She looked up to see who caught her unawares when the vampire locked eyes with her. The last thing she heard in her sane moments was Emmett yelling at her to look away.

Marin hid behind a tree as she surveyed the damage being done. She knew she had no choice. She took a deep breath, stepped from behind and tree and into the battle.

Bella was sitting with Emily. Both of them had their eyes on the clock. Bella fidgeted in her seat on a dining room chair as the minute hand seemed to move at a very slow pace. She suddenly stood up and started to walk around the kitchen impatiently. Emily sighed and stood up with Bella. She walked over to where Bella was standing and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s going to be alright, Bella,” she said quietly. She was even doubting her own words. Bella saw this and started to sob into Emily’s shoulder.

“What if I loose him?” Bella asked to no one in particular. Emily knew who ‘him’ was. Even though he was her fiancée’s mortal enemy, she couldn’t bring herself to wish for him dead. She saw what him leaving did to Bella. She just didn’t want to find out what him dead would do to her. Bella didn’t want to find out either.

As soon as Marin stepped into the battle, she was pinned up against a tree by a cloaked vampire that recognized her.

“What do we have here?” the vampire sneered. Marin looked at his face. She immediately recognized him.

“John?” she asked wearily. The vampire laughed.

“John is dead,” the vampire said. “He was dead as soon as the leader changed him into something far better.” The vampire shook his head. “John is never coming back,” he spat. Marin cringed.

“But don’t you want to be free?” she asked hopelessly. John leaned in closer to her.

“I’m as free as I’m ever going to get,” he said before raising his hand for the killing blow. Edward, seeing Marin in trouble, raced over and knocked John away from her. He then threw the terrified vampire to Emmett who was fuming over the loss of the humane Rosalie. John was then taken care of. Marin stuttered out thank yous as Edward fought off the vampires around them. Marin tried to get in on the fight, but Edward shouted at her to get back. But when Edward was thrown away from her, she felt entirely alone, for not the first time either.

She slipped away from the fight and ran at her top speed to her car which was conveniently parked a mile or so away. As she reached her car, she tore through her purse in her back seat and found her lighter. She then took an empty bottle of water and went over to her gas tank which she smashed open. She let the water bottle fill to the rim with gasoline before putting the top back on. She then raced back to the battle with the hope that she was not too late.

Edward looked around for his family. The only ones he saw not on the sidelines of the battle being given cloaks was Emmett, Alice and Jasper. Carlisle had fallen, still weak from the hypnosis he overcame. Edward scanned the forest for Marin, who was no where to be seen. He sighed and wished that she had gotten away. But his fate laid with his family. He only wished that the outcome of the battle was better. The werewolves were still fighting, but he saw a dead wolf, but back in his human form, in the center of the field. For some reason unknown to him, he pitied the loss. And some strange force made him want to rescue a russet colored wolf as he was cornered by the vampires. Edward looked into his eyes and realized that it was Jacob Black. They made a silent treaty for the moment. As the vampires moved in, the stood back to back, prepared to defend the other if necessary.

Marin ran back to the battle, breathless from her run back. Her eyes swept over the battle, landing on the dead werewolf. She frowned, remembering her secret heritage. She knew that she should have told the Cullens about that, but she couldn’t will herself to. She couldn’t tell them that she had a werewolf heritage. Her great grand father was a protector of humanity and so was her brother. Her brother who was probably lying in a ditch with the rest of her family. She wiped away a tear as she remembered the fateful day where she first found out about her destiny to become what she was. It was the day her family was ambushed and killed before her eyes. It was the day a group of people chased away the group of cloaked vampires away and told her that she had to join them in their fight against the vampires. It was the day she made it her life goal to defeat the vampires that killed so many.

“Today is my day,” she whispered to herself before she ran around the battle to where the leader was standing.

The leader was eyeing his new recruits. He handed them all a black cloak and smiled at them approvingly. It was his best batch yet. So much will among them. He couldn’t wait for the rest of them to fall under his command. Then he would be ready for the final battle between him and his brother. He snarled at the thought of his brother. The brother who betrayed him so many times in the past. He wanted to rip his overly pleasant face apart. He smiled at the thought. He was broken out of his day dream as he felt something wet being splashed onto him. He turned around to see one of his enemies behind him.

Marin walked up quietly behind the leader, knowing that once she makes herself known, there would be no turning back. Her heart was beating erratically and she hoped that leader wouldn’t hear it. She swallowed nervously as she took the top of her water bottled filled with gasoline. She knew that it may be her last action, for when he feels the liquid on him, he would surly turn around to rip her apart. She looked up to the sky which was always a comfort to her. She smiled at closed her eyes for a moment. With a deep breath she readied her lighter and tossed the gasoline all over the leader. As he turned around to face her, she held up the lighter but before she could throw it onto him, she felt something hard knock into her. She fell to the ground, her whole body filled with pain. The vampire that knocked her down leered over her as the leader walked over to her.

“Though you could kill me, didn’t you?” he asked amused. Marin scowled at him, but winced as pain coursed through her body. “I’m going to do what I did to your friend,” he said referring to Nichol. “You don’t know how fun it is to rip one of you apart,” he said before picking Marin up by the throat. Marin closed her eyes and let tears fall down her cheek.

I’m sorry…she thought to everyone she failed, especially her family. She remembered the few memories she had of them. Her brother that always stuck up for her. Her parents who loved her more then anything in the world. Her great grandfather who taught her all the wisdom he knew. He was her role model in many ways.

“Never let anyone knock you down. You are all the power you need to overcome any obstacle,” he would always say to her. I’m sorry… she thought again. She could almost hear him say ‘Sorry isn’t going to cut it.’ She smiled at the thought. He was always there. Sitting in his rocking chair, coaching her brother about fighting vampires. He was always a figure head in her house. That was until he disappeared. No one knew how he died. But Marin knew. Before he disappeared, he told Marin to always stay strong and never to let any ‘undead son of a bitch’ get her down. He then took a walk in the forest. Another tear fell down her cheek as she was filled with sadness.

“Lamenting over your death, I see,” the leader said, shaking her out of her thoughts. She opened her eyes, a new fury in her. She held the lighter up and clicked it open. The leader looked at it in horror.

For you great grandfather…Marin thought before she touched the flame to the leader’s still gasoline soaked cloak.

He threw her into a tree before he erupted into flames and she slid down it in bliss. A smiled touched her face as she drifted off into unconsciousness.

All over the battle area, cloaked vampires’ heads turned up confused. They let down their hoods and looked at each other in amazement. The Cullens looked over at the leader who was only a pile of ash by then. The forest was silent as everyone tried to comprehend what just happened. As if they all had the same mind, they all started to sob and hug each other in happiness all at the same time. The werewolves walked over to their fallen comrade, and Alice and Jasper walked over to their family. Jacob and Edward shook hands timidly before Edward ran over to join Alice and Jasper. The werewolves soon joined him, wiping tears away from their eyes at their loss. But when they reached the Cullens, they didn’t see the reaction that they were expecting. Instead of joy, all they saw was sadness. They hesitantly followed their gazes and gasped as they laid eyes on the sight.