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"It felt like Bella all over again, but worse. This time, with Renesmee, I was bound to her. She was everything I saw. I needed her like I needed oxygen. The draw I felt to her had never felt this strong. I wasn't complete without her. I wanted her here beside me, always." Nessie/Jacob These are sort of extras to my story Imprinted. Various chapters that I wrote from Jacob's POV to help myself out with where the story was going.


1. Well, I didn't see that coming...

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I stood there staring at my Renesmee, stunned. I had seen her every day since she was born, but she still took my breath away every time I laid eyes on her. Before, it was because I was always so surprised by how fast she was growing or how much like her mother she was beginning to look. Now, it was because she was literally too beautiful. I could never control my reaction to her pull on me. It was the reason Edward gave me fierce looks every time I came to the house to see her. I'd become a master at suppressing thoughts I didn't want him to hear, but I could never seem to get rid of the first thought it my mind every time she walked into a room. God, she's gorgeous. Her bronze curls fell halfway down her back, and they were bouncy and playful though her hair was so thick and heavy. Her face was small and pale. It looked almost fragile, like porcelain. Her nose was small and narrow, something inherited from her mother. Her chocolate eyes looked at me as if they were taking me in. My heart jumped at that thought. A smile broke across her tiny face. I ran to her and pulled her tiny frame into my arms.

"Happy Birthday, Ness!" My half-naked body was on fire with her in my arms. I took in her intoxicating scent. It reminded me of lavender. She let out a small sigh, and I felt her breath hot on my skin. My body immediately held her closer.

"Can't... Breathe... Jake." She barely got the words out with her face buried in my bare chest.

I dropped her quickly, but gently, to her feet. "Sorry." I said, mentally kicking myself for wanting her so much. I looked at her for a long moment, taking her in again. She was short, almost as short as Alice. Her frame was slender and only curved out slightly at her hips. She wore a light blue lacey tank top and snug jeans that were tapered down to her ankles. The heels she wore were so high they seemed deadly, but they only made her reach my chest. Her womanly features had my heart nearly stopping. "Well, kid. You don't look four." I joked, trying to hide the thoughts swarming through my mind. She rolled her eyes and gave me a light punch on my arm. I barely felt it. "Hey, you know I'm messing with you." I knew how much she hated it when people felt it was necessary to tell her how old she was. In reality, she might as well be twenty.

"I got you something." I said, changing the subject before she got too angry with me about bringing up her age. I held my hand out to show her the keys to the car I'd been working on for her. She looked up at me with surprise in her eyes. I was glad to see she hadn't known. I hadn't let her come to La Push for the past two months. I was sure she had figured me out by now. I smiled. "Come on, let me show you." With an excited squeal she was right on my heels.

I started to get little excited when we reached the garage. I knew she was going to love this car. I smiled at her, asking if she was ready to see with my eyes. She nodded, her eyes bright with excitement. I yanked the cover off the car watched her as she squealed and jumped on me. Her body hit hard against mine, sending me a whirlwind of emotions. Her scent was all around me and I could feel her breath against my neck as she spoke. "Holy crap, Jake! This is amazing!" Her voice chimed musically. I laughed at her enthusiasm and wrapped my arms around her, trying to get her as close as possible. I felt her pull away and let her slide out of my arms. She looked back at her car and laughed. I decided to tell her about it while she admired it.

"I'll be honest, when I found her, she wasn't in the best shape. I did some restoring, and made some minor modifications. Now she's a terror." She looked interested, so I went on telling her all the differences between the Scamp and the Valiant, the car it's modeled after. She nodded her head and smiled, letting me babble as long as I wanted. When I was done giving her the run down, we were sitting in the car.

"You want to take it for a drive?" I asked.

"I've never driven before." She replied shyly.

I smiled at her hesitation. "Well, you've got a car now. It's time to learn."

She agreed to let me teach her to drive her new car. I could only guess what kind of trouble I would get in later for this. I didn't care though; she was enjoying herself. I smiled at the thought of making her happy. It was all I ever wanted to do, all I ever thought about.

We began to approach her house and worry hit me like a gust of wind. Edward was going to kill me for this. I had asked Bella, and she thought it was a great idea. I remembered her warning though, "You can deal with Edward yourself though." She had said shaking her head. Renesmee reached over and touched her hand to my arm. I saw a flash of her father shouting at us about the car.

"Yeah, that's what I'm worried about." I responded to her silent question with a nervous smile.

"I'm sure it will be fine." She said after a moment.

She pulled up to the house and shut off the car. She laid her hand gently in mine and I twined our fingers together. It was something she did often, without thinking, without know what it did to me. My heart sped a little at her touch. I looked down at our hands. Her tiny pale hand contrasted with my large dark one. I wanted to sit here forever and hold it in mine.

"What is it, Jacob?" I looked up to see her head cocked to the side and worry in her eyes. I hadn't known she'd been looking at me. I wasn't sure if I was ready to have this conversation yet.

"What? Nothing." I lied so unconvincingly that I quickly changed the subject before she could force it out of me. "Where's Edward? I figured he's be out here yelling by now."

"I don't know. I was thinking the same thing." She looked at the door, waiting. She shrugged and tightened her grip; my heart squeezed too. "Maybe they're not here." She said.

Not here? I thought to myself. Maybe it is time for this conversation. I can't ignore it forever. She's going to have to know about the imprint eventually. I fought with my thoughts, trying to decide whether I should wait a little longer until she was having feelings for me too. But what if she never did? I looked back down at our hands and smiled. I decided then, I had to tell her. "Renesmee?"

"Jake? What is it?" She looked worried.

I swallowed a lump down my throat. I kept my eyes down as I asked the question. "You know I care about you, right?" She hesitated and I looked up to her eyes, trying to find some answer in them. They lightened a little.

"Of course I do." She said, shaking her head at me. "I care about you too. You're my best friend."

Great. I thought to myself. The exact answer I didn't want to hear. I pushed my frustration away and smiled at her. "Ok, I just wanted to make sure that you know you're loved, especially on your birthday." I squeezed her hand in mine, and felt a pain in my heart, knowing she just thought of me as her friend.

She shook her head and chuckled. "Thanks, Jake." She said with her smooth musical voice.

I was just starting to convince myself that I could get over these feelings and just be friends with her. After all, that's what imprinting is, right? I had to be what she needed me to be. At that moment, she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Her lips sent a shock through my whole body, and I wanted nothing more than to turn my head and press my lips against hers. I had just told myself I could suppress these feelings, and she ruined me in an instant. It felt like Bella all over again, but worse. This time, with Renesmee, I was bound to her. She was everything I saw. I needed her like I needed oxygen. The draw I felt to her had never felt this strong. I wasn't complete without her. I wanted her here beside me, always.

She pulled back quickly and stared straight out the windshield. Her face was furrowed in confusion. Great. She could probably feel my feelings in the air or something with how strong they were. "Are you ok, Nessie?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't question me about what had just happened.

She didn't answer. She sat there, still staring out the window. I suddenly got a whiff of something disgusting. I crinkled my nose. "They're back." I told her, suddenly remembering Edward and the car we were in.

Edward burst through the door. "Jacob Black!" He was furious.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Great." I exchanged a nervous glance with Renesmee and we stepped out of the car.