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"It felt like Bella all over again, but worse. This time, with Renesmee, I was bound to her. She was everything I saw. I needed her like I needed oxygen. The draw I felt to her had never felt this strong. I wasn't complete without her. I wanted her here beside me, always." Nessie/Jacob These are sort of extras to my story Imprinted. Various chapters that I wrote from Jacob's POV to help myself out with where the story was going.


2. Two can play at this game

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I couldn't take it anymore. It had been a week since I'd seen Nessie. I hadn't even talked to her in two days. I was starting to consider telling her about the imprint so she wouldn't do this to me again. It almost physically hurt me to be away from her. I had been driving the pack crazy. My thoughts already revolved around Nessie. Now that she was avoiding me, it had only gotten worse. I worried constantly. Sam had made me leave the patrol and told me to get some rest. Like that would actually help. I walked in the door and went straight to the phone and dialed her number.

"Please pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up." I chanted to myself as the phone rang.

"Hello?" I let out a breath of relief when I heard Renesmee's voice.


"What's up, Jake?" Her tone snapped the words out, as if talking to me was annoying.

What's up? I thought to myself. You're ignoring me. That's what's up!

"Well... I was kind of hoping we could hang out, since I haven't seen you in a week." I tried to keep my voice normal. Maybe the illusion of naivety would make her want to hang out with me, knowing she wouldn't have to explain herself.

There was a long pause. "Um... I can't. I have a... um, date." My heart stopped for a second. I couldn't even keep my first thought form escaping my mouth.

"A date? With who?" My voice was thick with worry. I hoped to myself that she didn't notice.

"Oh, no one you know." She let out a small laugh. It was like she was mocking me. "He goes to Forks. His name is, um... Brent."

There was something wrong in her voice. I tried to think back through our conversations for any memory of her talking about this Brent. I had never heard of him before. Why would she keep it from me? What was going on?

"Oh. Well, that's ok." I lied. It was definitely not ok. "Another time." I made no effort to hide my disappointment this time.

"Don't worry, Jake. We'll hang out soon. I promise." That was what she had said to me the last time I called. For the first time, I was annoyed with Renesmee. It surprised even me.

"Sure, sure. Have fun, Ness." I said, my voice thick with aggravation.

"Thanks, Jake." She said it with a normal tone. I couldn't believe she thought I was seriously telling her to have fun. Didn't she know me at all?

She started to speak again. "Listen, Jake-"

I hung up the phone before I said something I would regret later. If she asked me about it later, I'd just tell her I didn't hear he talk again.

I walked to my room and slammed the door. It broke the doorframe and nearly fell of the hinges. What hell was going on? If she was going on a date with this guy, she must have met him before. I had never heard her talk about him, not once. Why would she keep something from me? I thought back through the past few weeks. I remembered birthday, and her strange behavior.

I had been sleeping, my head lying on her shoulder. I was dreaming of her, of course. I was dreaming of the future I wanted for us. I saw us walked down the beach hand in hand, with two little children running ahead, one with black hair and once with bronze. In my dream, I would look at her beside me, and see a smile on her face. And I knew she was happy with me. It was all I ever thought about anymore, all I wanted. Then, her hand brushed my cheek, shocking me awake. I couldn't help but jump a little. I saw a quick flash of something before my eyes, almost identical to the dream I had been having. It disappeared when she took her hand away. When I looked up at her, she looked terrified.

"Renesmee?" I had said, worried sick at the look in her eyes.

She didn't answer. She simply got up and ran to a room upstairs. I ran after her but paused at the door when I heard her crying. I tried to coax her out to talk to me. She wouldn't speak at all, she just sobbed in her room.

I about the memory again and again, lying on my bed. It was then that things began to get weird. She would barely look me in the eyes when we were together. It was as if she was afraid of something, of me. What was there to be afraid of? I gasped at my own realization. Was she showing me that she knew how I felt? Is she afraid of that? If so, why all this crap about a date? Surely, if she knew how I felt she wouldn't flaunt things like that in my face. What if she was? I've never known Renesmee to be so cruel. Maybe she felt like flaunting a boy in my face would make me get over her. It wouldn't. I didn't even need to think about it. I imprinted on her. I belonged to her. And she belonged to me. There was no way for her to force me to forget about her or my feelings. I could deal with it, if it was just about her not being ready yet. What I couldn't deal with was another guy touching my Renesmee. My veins were thick with fury. My whole body started to shake.

My door bust open and Embry walked in. "Hey Jake-"

He paused for a moment. "Whoa. Are you ok?"

"No." I basically spit the word out.

"What's wrong?"

"Renesmee." I wasn't sure if I could tell him the whole story without phasing, right there.

"What happened?" He looked genuinely concerned, which was rare for Embry.

"She's flaunting some guy in front of me. I think she's trying to force me to get over my feelings for her." I made it as short as I could so I didn't explode into fur.

"Oh, is that all?" Embry laughed to himself.

My body started shaking again. I didn't find any of the current situation humorous, and if Embry let out one more laugh, he wouldn't find it humorous either.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I growled through my teeth.

"Look, Jake. The girl's confused. I mean, you imprinted, right? So we both know there's no way she's going to fall for some other guy. You need to beat her at her own game." He nodded his head at the last sentence.

"And what good will that do me?" I was trying desperately not to lose my temper.

"Oh, come on. The second she finds out you've been seeing some girl, she'll go crazy."

I thought about it for a minute. Embry might be an idiot, but he could be right about this. "You think so? I mean, I don't think she has feelings for me. You think she's just going to develop them over night because she finds out I'm dating some girl?"

"Jacob, she has feelings buried somewhere in there. She just needs a little nudge to get them to the surface." He smiled, confident in his plan. "Look, Natalie's coming to the bonfire tonight. I know she likes you. Why don't you start something with her? When Nessie finds out she'll go crazy. You'll see."

I stared at him for a long minute. I might have been crazy, but Embry had a plan and I didn't, so I decided to go with him on this one. "Ok, fine." He smiled at my acceptance of his idea. "But if this doesn't work, I'm breaking your leg." He chuckled at my threat. He obviously didn't understand how serious I was.