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Guardian Angel

Edward Swan willingly removes himself from the Vally of the Sun in favor of Forks, to live with his father, Charlie in a sunless town completley opposite to his taste. He intends to remain anonymous; to suffer in silence and make his mother, Renee, happy. Bella Cullen is a hundred year old vampire with a rather mundane existence. She loves her family; her sisters Alice and Rose, her brothers, her 'parents'... But she can't shake the feeling that something's missing... When Bella meets Edward, both of thier lives are irrevocably altered. The trouble's in admitting it...and wether Edward, fragile and frustratingly human, will survive the journey before Bella gives into temptation. ** I know this idea has been done a thousand times over, but I just couldn't help myself! This actually follows the Twilight plotline really losely; I figured a LOT would be different if Edward was the human one. [banner removed per site regulations]


14. Chapter 14; Gentleman

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“Hey Edward!” Emmett’s booming voice interrupted my Bella-filled reverie as I wandered into the boy’s locker room.

“What’s up, Emmett?” I asked as he bounded over to me in just his sweat pants. His shirt was on the bench next to a half-clothed, exasperated Jasper.

Emmett clapped me forcefully on the shoulder. “Dude, I’m so psyched that you’re in our class! Now I have someone cool to hang out with,” he stage whispered.

Jasper threw his shoe at Emmett’s head, and the bigger boy dodged it neatly, laughing boisterously. “Relax, man, you’re cool too. But I see you all the time, bro. Edward’s a novelty item.”

Both of them grinned at me, and I let myself be pulled into the locker room. I didn’t even have to say anything for Emmett and Jasper to understand that I didn’t have gym clothes - they pulled extra sweat pants and a t-shirt from their respective lockers and threw them at me.

I protested. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself on the first day - Emmett and Jasper were coordinated. I was not. This was not a good combination when it came to sports of any kind. They both ignored my objections.

“Edward, you’re not getting out of gym. That’s like, an insult to my personal philosophy,” Emmett said in a mock-serious tone.

I finally agreed, and pulled on Emmett’s giant sweat-pants. I had to roll up the waist so they’d fit, and even then, they hung low on my hips. Jasper’s shirt, on the other hand, was tight in the extreme. I looked at him in disbelief. We were both approximately the same size, so he must wear it tight like this on purpose.

“What the hell, Jasper?” I asked, my voice an octave higher than normal. I glanced down, pulling at the hem of the shirt. It clung to my skin and left next to nothing to the imagination. I mean, not that it was a big deal - I knew that my stomach was good-looking, but that didn’t mean I wanted to prance around like some arrogant prick, showing off my abs.

Jasper only laughed at me. The shirt he was wearing at the moment was just as tight. “Dude. I love Alice. Alice is a girl. Girls like when their guys show off a bit,” he said, flexing slightly.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, but I don’t have anyone to show off for,” I reminded them.

Emmett laughed his booming laugh as he pulled an equally tight shirt over his head, making his tousled curls even more so. “Edward, buddy, I’m not that stupid,” Emmett said, ruffling my hair as he loaded his normal clothes into his locker and shut the metal door.

“What do you mean?” I asked nervously. I prayed to God that they hadn’t guessed my irrational attraction to Bella. Emmett’s huge muscles took on a new meaning. Big brothers protected their little sisters.

“I know body language,” Emmett said sagely, turning back to me. “And if I was reading it right, you have a bit of a thing for our sister.”

“I…um…well -”

“So, you like Bella. Bella is a girl. Girls like tight shirts, kiddo. So buck up and go get ’em!” I stared at Emmett, and he only grinned hugely back at me.

“Wait a sec,” I said dubiously. “Aren’t you going to threaten me with death or something? I mean, she’s your sister, man. And I’m not saying that I have a thing for her, I’m just saying that you should be beating me up right now -”

“Don’t be silly, Edward,” Emmett laughed, patting my shoulder. “If you have an interest in Bella, me and Jasper are here to help.”

I couldn’t detect anything but sincerity in his voice, but I did notice the look Jasper gave him. Before I could question it, however, Emmett was dragging me out of the locker room, Jasper in tow.

“But Emmett,” I protested, “I’m so not her type!”

Jasper and Emmett looked at each other, then burst into hysterics as we walked into the gymnasium. “Who - pray tell - would be - her type - if you’re not?” Emmett asked between bouts of laughter.

“I don’t know…a male model?” I said hesitantly.

That sent both Cullen boys into fiercer laughter, both of them nearly convulsing. I considered it a miracle that they hadn’t passed out from a lack of oxygen by this point. I sulked while they laughed at me, annoyed that they didn’t realize that my fear was a very legitimate one. I was me, plain old Edward Swan. And she was Bella Cullen, the most beautiful, intriguing girl I’d ever laid eyes on -

Speaking of which… She was standing in line next to her sister Alice, watching me and her brothers. Though it wasn’t exactly gentlemanly, I let my eyes rake over her body. She wore a form-fitting, dark blue tank top that set off her skin and showed off her figure, paired with gray sweatpants that emphasized her tiny waist and killer hips…

She was sexy as hell. It had to be some sort of sin to even look at her, let alone entertain ideas of how it would feel to touch her -

Dear God, what was wrong with me? I was a teenager, yes, but I’d always prided myself on the fact that I wasn’t a hormonal, sex-obsessed teenage boy. But here I was, basically ogling poor Bella Cullen. I shook myself out of it, smiling widely and waving at her. She returned the gesture, and Alice blew a kiss at Jasper.

“See, Edward? The tight shirt is definitely working for you,” Jasper said under his breath, returning the air kiss from his girlfriend.

“What do you mean?”

He laughed. “Just look at Bella’s face,” he said, rolling his eyes. And look I did. She was watching me, and her eyes were dark again. Her and Alice were talking quietly, but I couldn’t hear.

I plopped down on the floor next to Emmett and Jasper as Coach Clapp continued taking the girl’s attendance. “What are we doing today, do you know?” I asked them.

“Ballroom dancing,” Emmett said nonchalantly.

“What?!” I demanded. No, no, no, there was absolutely no way I was dancing anywhere where Bella Cullen could see me. I had absolutely no coordination! I’d step on someone’s foot and -

“Like, dancing,” Emmett said slowly, like I had a mental handicap. “Waltzing and such?” He continued, reaching out his arms into the empty air in front of him like he was holding an imaginary girl.

“I know what ballroom dancing is,” I rolled my eyes.

“Then what’s the issue?” Emmett asked.

I blushed. I couldn’t help myself. “I’ll make a fool of myself. I’m so clumsy I’m almost disabled. I’m going to look like an idiot,” I lamented.

“No, you won’t,” Jasper assured me. “It’s all in the leading. And Bella happens to be an excellent dancer,” he hinted, nudging me in the side with his elbow.

“No. No way in hell,” I said, shaking my head vehemently.

“Fine, fine,” Emmett said, his hands raised. They were tag-teaming me. Not cool. “But just so you know, Mike will be angling to be her partner…”

Damn. He knew exactly which button to push. Now I couldn’t make myself back out. “Newton will not lay a hand on Bella,” I hissed angrily, staring at the offending boy where he sat across the room.

Jasper and Emmett looked at me, probably surprised by my admittedly violent reaction. Hell, I was surprised, too. Emmett opened his mouth to speak, but Bella, Rose, and Alice decided to make their appearance at that moment. Rose sat down between Emmett’s legs, and he winked at me over her perfect blonde head as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Alice launched herself into Jasper’s arms, squealing on about how much fun they’d have showing off their dancing skills and nestling into his chest. That left Bella and I. She sat cross legged beside me with a smile in my direction.

“Hey, Bella,” I greeted her.

“Edward,” she said quietly, looking up at me from under her lashes.

I moved my leg, and it accidentally touched hers. I pulled back immediately, shocked again by the electricity between us. Not for the first time, I wondered if she could possibly feel it too…

“Sorry,” I muttered.

“Don’t be,” she insisted.

I grinned at her, and she smiled back. That smile could melt the artic and then some.

The coaches started demonstrating what they wanted from us today - a fairly simple looking waltz-type-thing. I wasn’t completely confident in my ability to do that without stepping on Bella’s toes or falling over, but Emmett and Jasper had said it would be okay…

Coach Clapp suddenly decided she needed a volunteer. To mine - and the Cullen family’s - great amusement, she called on Newton.

Hah. I was still a little ticked with him over his possessive feelings toward Bella, so I would definitely be enjoying this. Mike’s face was priceless when Coach Clapp ordered him to put his hand on her waist. Oh God, if I had a video camera, I would have recorded this for posterity.

Newton danced even more awkwardly than I imagined I would have. He stepped on Coach Clapp’s feet and tripped over his own. I was laughing hysterically, as was the entire student population. At this point, Mike’s neck had flushed scarlet.

After a few minutes of hilarious Newton-torture, Coach Clapp instructed everyone to find a partner and practice for the thirty minutes left of class. I had a feeling she didn’t feel like instructing. Her feet must be sore from Mike’s constant steamrolling.

“Come on, Rosie,” Emmett said, helping Rosalie to her feet. She smiled, and he took both of her hands, looking at the rest of us expectantly.

Alice pulled Jasper to his feet with both hands. “Come on, Jazz, there’s no way you’re getting out of dancing with me,” she giggled.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, darling,” he drawled, pretending to tip his imaginary hat, like he was one of those southern gentlemen.

That left me and Bella, who was looking at her shoes. She glanced up at me shyly, biting her lip. She looked…nervous. Bella? Nervous? The world must have gone mad to allow such a thing to occur.

Over her shoulder, Emmett was giving me the thumbs up. Jasper mouthed ‘go for it’. The girls just smiled knowingly. And then I saw it. Newton. He was talking distractedly to poor Jessica as she asked him to dance. He was trying to get away, trying to come claim what did not belong to either of us. Bella.

That made up my conflicted mind.

I held out my hand like I’d seen men do in the movies. “Bella Cullen, may I have this dance?”

She nodded bashfully, putting her cold little hand in mine. Hoping I wasn’t overdoing it, I looked at her, not breaking eye contact as I raised her hand towards my lips. Her eyes went wide, her breathing increasing rapidly…

My heart rate was erratic, and I hadn’t even touched her yet. I still didn’t look away from those piercing topaz eyes, even though they were steadily phasing back to black. Her creamy, translucent skin was only inches from my mouth, a fact that my body was definitely rejoicing in.

I hesitated, questioning her silently if she’d allow me to do what I wanted to. Wanted so badly… She paused for a second, but nodded.

I lowered my head, placing a painfully soft kiss on the back of her ice-cold hand.

Neither one of us was quite prepared for what happened next.