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Guardian Angel

Edward Swan willingly removes himself from the Vally of the Sun in favor of Forks, to live with his father, Charlie in a sunless town completley opposite to his taste. He intends to remain anonymous; to suffer in silence and make his mother, Renee, happy. Bella Cullen is a hundred year old vampire with a rather mundane existence. She loves her family; her sisters Alice and Rose, her brothers, her 'parents'... But she can't shake the feeling that something's missing... When Bella meets Edward, both of thier lives are irrevocably altered. The trouble's in admitting it...and wether Edward, fragile and frustratingly human, will survive the journey before Bella gives into temptation. ** I know this idea has been done a thousand times over, but I just couldn't help myself! This actually follows the Twilight plotline really losely; I figured a LOT would be different if Edward was the human one. [banner removed per site regulations]


2. Chapter 2; Joining the 'Living'... If you could call them that.

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Chapter Two

I glared out the entirely glass back wall of my bedroom, watching the rain-drops streaking down the smooth surface, completely ignoring the calculus book that sat on my lap. I could finish my homework in minutes - I’d taken the class a dozen times over - but I was too annoyed at the rain and the heavy clouds. They wouldn’t let up tomorrow, or the next day, or the next… And I had to go to school. Or purgatory, as I liked to think of it.

“Alice,” I said, my eyes never leaving the raindrops as I spoke. “Are you sure there’s no chance of this rain letting up?”

“No chance whatsoever,” Alice said cheerily from the next room over. I heard her light, rhythmic footsteps across the wood floor of the hallway. Exactly seven steps, I counted. And then she was standing in my open doorway, a huge grin spread across her pixie-like face. I glared at my sister.

“What are you so happy about?” I asked her, cocking one eyebrow. She was nearly bouncing up and down where she stood; excitement seeming to radiate off of her in waves. I grinned at the thought of what Jasper’s head must have felt like at that moment.

“Nothing,” she said, but her grin toned down until it was nothing more than a half-smile, mysterious as the Mona Lisa.

“You’re keeping something from me,” I said. It wasn’t a question. Her smile only widened.

“Yes, I am,” Alice said, seeming to be rather proud of herself for that fact.

I sighed. “You’re not going to tell me even if I beg, right?”

“Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p’.

“Great,” I groaned, flopping down onto the pale white fabric of my couch, throwing one stone arm over my eyes theatrically.

“Oh, get over yourself, Bella,” Alice chided, but when I chanced a glance out at her from under my arm, her smile still graced her features, making her almost harsh - well, harsh for her - tone lighter, more teasing.

“I’ll try,” I said sarcastically, glaring at her. She twisted a short strand of her black hair around one finger, looking at me as if she was measuring something, not phased by my tone in the least bit.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have a better day tomorrow,” she finally said, her voice exuding nothing but confidence. “Believe me, I know.” She tapped her forehead theatrically. I groaned.

“What’s the use of having a fortune-telling sister that won’t tell you anything?” I asked her, throwing one of my decorative pillows from the couch at her head. She caught it - of course - with that dancer’s grace of hers. She made stepping to the side slightly to catch a pillow look like the most graceful choreographed dance.

“It’s for your own good, Bells,” Alice assured me, prancing to my side and tossing the pillow artfully back into place on the couch. She swept forward, planting a kiss on my cheek before she sauntered out of the room without another word. “Come on downstairs and socialize, by the way,” she called from the hallway the moment she was out of my view. “You’re getting to be a shut-in.”

“With family like you, no one could blame me,” I grumbled, shoving my calculus book off my couch for no other reason than hearing the satisfying thud it made when it hit the ground. I stretched out my legs behind me, but caught myself in the action, feeling slightly ridiculous. I’d been comfortable sitting the other way, hadn’t I? I was comfortable no matter what I did. Acting human all the time, I’d accidentally picked up on their actions. I shuddered at the thought.

“I heard that!” Alice called from downstairs. I rolled my eyes. Of course she’d heard it. Everyone in the house would have heard it. We were vampires, for God’s sake.

Sighing, I picked a book at random from the shelf beside my couch, getting to my feet and shooting at top speed to the end of the hallway and down the spiral staircase before I could change my mind. In the main room, everyone was in various states of action - Esme on the couch with a sketchbook; Emmett and Jasper in the middle of a game of poker, but the look on Emmett’s face told me that he was losing - the game would soon turn into fifty-two card pickup in a fit of his childish tantrums. Alice was next to Jasper where he sat on the floor, contemplating a Rubix Cube in her lap, eyes unfocused watching which decisions would lead her to completing the game. Rose was between Emmett and Alice, braiding her pale blonde locks with a rather uninterested expression. Carlisle had to be in his office.

“Hey, guys,” I said quietly as I entered the room, and though they all must have heard my approach, all eyes flicked to me before the words had even properly left my mouth.

Esme’s smile was radiant. Emmett was amused; probably plotting some prank to embarrass me. Jasper didn’t look surprised, and Alice grinned at me encouragingly at his side. Rosalie rolled her eyes before returning her attention to her hair.

“Look who decided to join the living,” Emmett joked, and his booming laugh was the only one to fill the room besides the quiet giggle Rosalie tried to suppress. He looked around at us the moment his laughter abated, a confused look on his dimpled face. “What?” He asked at our exasperated expressions. “It was funny and you know it.”

“Whatever you say, Em,” Jasper said, dropping his handful of cards to the floor before him; a perfect royal flush. In the dead silence that followed, I took my chance and flitted to Rosalie’s side.

“I give up anyways!” Emmett said sulkily after his shock wore off, tossing his cards into the air along with the rest of the deck, seeming to forget to keep his inhuman strength in check for a moment. The cards seemed to shoot out of his hands, hitting the walls and making dings in Esme’s prized paint job. “Dammit!” Emmett growled, racing around the room at top speed, gathering the cards to his chest as he went. He looked like a five-year-old in the strangest way as he jumped in an effort to grab as many cards possible, his huge, muscled body flying though the air like he was a weightless ballerina.

I laughed. And I couldn’t stop. If I was a human - and had I needed oxygen - I would have died of suffocation by this point. I couldn’t breathe as I laughed hysterically, clutching my sides in a reflex action - it wasn’t like they’d ever get sore from laughing so hard. Everyone stared at me in silence as I basically collapsed into Rose’s lap, waves of hysteria making my body spasm. Rosalie caught me willingly despite her hand’s-off expression before, and suddenly she was laughing with me, her wind-chime laugh a perfect match to my bell-like voice. Emmett watched us for a moment more before his face broke into a wide, devilish grin and he joined in, the deep, throaty sound harmonizing with Rose and I as though we were singing instead of laughing…

Alice was soon in hysterics, followed by Jasper. And then even Esme joined in, having walked silently over to investigate the cause of our mirth. And then Carlisle was at the foot of the staircase, his eyes confused and somehow concerned, his eyebrows raised so high over his golden eyes that they seemed in danger of disappearing into his light hair.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, and for once, I didn’t know the answer to his question.

The house must have shook from our laughter. It wouldn’t have surprised me.