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Guardian Angel

Edward Swan willingly removes himself from the Vally of the Sun in favor of Forks, to live with his father, Charlie in a sunless town completley opposite to his taste. He intends to remain anonymous; to suffer in silence and make his mother, Renee, happy. Bella Cullen is a hundred year old vampire with a rather mundane existence. She loves her family; her sisters Alice and Rose, her brothers, her 'parents'... But she can't shake the feeling that something's missing... When Bella meets Edward, both of thier lives are irrevocably altered. The trouble's in admitting it...and wether Edward, fragile and frustratingly human, will survive the journey before Bella gives into temptation. ** I know this idea has been done a thousand times over, but I just couldn't help myself! This actually follows the Twilight plotline really losely; I figured a LOT would be different if Edward was the human one. [banner removed per site regulations]


7. Chapter 7; First Impression

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“Lauren’s great and all, but she’s sort of shallow,” Jessica said, wrinkling her nose in distaste and grabbing a slice of pizza on a tray. I rolled my eyes; Jessica had no right to judge other girls for being shallow, not when Jessica herself was the dictionary definition of the word. “…cheated on him with his best friend at the cast party!” Jessica was saying when I tuned back in. I wondered vaguely if we were still talking about this Lauren girl.

I nodded, seeing as she’d obviously been waiting for me to say something. “Yeah. I’ll watch out for that one. Thanks,” I said wearily, taking only a bright red apple from the bowl of fruit on the counter.

“…definitely should. I’m just looking out for you as a friend, Edward…” I tuned her out again. Trivial nonsense from an equally nonsensical and trivial girl.

She didn’t even stop talking as she paid for her lunch. Disrespectful. I thanked the cashier woman as she gave me change, trying subconsciously to set an example for this Jessica. She paid no mind, just waited for me and continued talking, leading me across the room to a table of her friends, most of which stared as we approached.

“Everyone, this is Edward,” Jessica announced as I tentatively sat down at the crowded table next to a girl with dark hair and glasses. Jessica eagerly jumped into the empty seat on my other side, bouncing up and down in apparent excitement as she introduced me. “Edward, this is Eric” - she pointed to the boy I’d met that morning.

“We’ve met,” Eric said, and the tone in which he spoke made me sound like a celebrity. I resisted rolling my eyes; I was just a shiny new toy to the good teenage population of Forks high school, nothing more. Maybe, when my novelty wore off in a few days, I could figure out which of my new acquaintances would be good friends for me.

I listened, trying to appear like I was excited about meeting everyone, but I didn’t know how good a job I did. My mother had always said I was a horrible actor. Mike was a boy with carefully spiked blond hair and a childish face; Lauren was a plastic-looking blonde who winked at me when she was introduced; Tyler was another generic boy with a facial structure similar to both Mike and Eric’s. Ben was the only actually unique male member of the group. The girl sitting next to me was Angela, and she seemed nice enough, if shy and quiet. I found myself liking her more than the others; she didn’t stare like they did.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” I said, trying to sound enthusiastic. They all gave me identical odd looks similar to Eric’s expression that morning when I’d tried to shake his hand. These children all needed some serious etiquette lessons, that I was sure of. I hoped I wouldn’t forget my manners and allow myself to assimilate into their odd culture.

I tried as hard as possible not to get sucked into their empty conversation, but my efforts were in vain. I was still, apparently, the shiny new toy - and they all wanted to be the first one to play with me.

“So, Phoenix, Edward?” The Lauren girl asked, flashing me a lack-luster smile that she obviously meant to impress.

“Yeah,” I responded, taking a bite of the apple I’d bought for lunch as an excuse not to say much else. Perhaps I was being rude, but I wasn’t really that bothered with that fact. I found Lauren just a little bit too irritating to make me feel bad about not using my manners.

“It’s hot in Phoenix, isn’t it?” The girl asked, raising her eyebrows. I gaped at her - had she seriously just asked if Phoenix was hot? Was she brain-dead or something? “Really, really…hot,” she continued, her tone sort of suggestive. OH. Oh right. She was like…flirting with me or something.

“Um, yeah, deserts are hot, Lauren,” I said slowly, like she had some sort of mental handicap.

Mike chuckled, and Lauren sent a scathing look in his direction. Everyone else appeared to be holding back laughter. I grinned, doubting that she’d attempt whatever the hell it was she was doing with me again. Unfortunately, Jessica seemed encouraged, batting her eyelashes at me while she babbled on about the latest high school drama. She seemed to be one of those gossipy sorts - I didn’t like that. Was there a single girl in this place that I didn’t want to strangle after five second’s conversation?

I glanced around the cafeteria while the rest of the table had a discussion pertaining to God only knew what. My eyes swept over most of the girls, and I didn’t realize for a few seconds that I was subconsciously looking for someone who caught my attention. The realization surprised me a bit; I’d never really been the dating type. Back in Phoenix, I could have been if I’d wanted to be; my remaining single was of my choice, not for the female population’s lack of trying. Apparently, I was…attractive. At least, that’s what the girls whispered to each other as I walked by, under the false impression that I couldn’t hear them.

I’d never really fit in, though, even if I was good looking. I was always ‘that Swan boy’, the one who sat alone in lunch, the one who never spoke unless addressed directly. Kind of weird, was everyone’s diagnosis. That didn’t stop half the girls in school asking me out at one point or another. And I’d respectfully declined all their offers - I was ‘loner Edward Swan’. Obviously, it was only my looks they were interested in in that case. That bothered me immensely.

My eyes were still subconsciously scanning the crowded room, but I was too absorbed in my thoughts to notice individual faces; to really look at anyone. Strangely, I felt like looking towards one table in particular; one table across the cafeteria, back towards the opposite wall. I followed the instinct, glancing over, past all the faces that didn’t matter…and focusing on the one that did matter for reasons I couldn’t comprehend.

Wide, golden colored eyes were looking back at me.

I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping, couldn’t help my suddenly erratic pulse, couldn’t remember how to breathe. But strangely, it didn’t matter that my heart was racing almost uncomfortably fast, it didn’t matter that I was probably staring like an idiot at some complete stranger, because she was staring back; her lips parted slightly into a perfect ‘o’ of surprise, the irises of her eyes collapsed into a thin band of topaz gold ringing the dilated pupils…

I could hardly bring myself to look away from her eyes, but somehow I managed. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life - I couldn’t help the small gasp that escaped me as I looked at her… Paler than pale skin, but it didn’t really seem unnatural on her. Her face seemed to be all sharp angles at first, but upon further examination, her features were actually softer than they appeared, more feminine. Her hair was a shining mahogany, gently waving down to about the middle of her back… My breathing was almost as fast as my heart -

“Edward? Earth to Edward,” someone was saying, a perfectly manicured hand waving in front of my eyes, wrenching me away from the intense stare of the girl across the room. I blinked rapidly, dropping my gaze to the half-eaten apple I still held in my hand; but all I could see were the golden eyes that had been so focused on mine… The image seemed to be burned into my retina.

“Who is she?” I managed to get out. I considered it a miracle that my voice didn’t waver.