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~*~Baby Twilight~*~

Bella's first time going to daycare.Not knowing alot of people she feels scared and lost, but Jacob will help her with this change or alteast try. I don't want to tell you the whole story but *hint*:she makes new friends (wonder who? ;]) and new enemies, well bullies (hmmm?). *They aren't really babies, I just thought the tittle/banner would be cute* If you love cute adorable stories this is the one you should read...If you dont, read it anywayz, and I'm sure you'll like it. If not then tell me what you didn't like etc. =] Photobucket banner made by -->ME<-- ~Chapter 12: Epilogue~ ***This story is officially done =/*** Read to find out =]

My own version of twilight (and very first) when they were just toddlers. Bella, the Cullens, the pack and others. I thought it would be different then the other stories.This is my first time writing one so I hope you like it and you would love it as much as I do. ***** btw~ This is my 1st story and reviews would great!!!...plus make me happy too =] **** The story has come to an end [sorta, I am planing to write a sequel, co-written with ObssessiveCullenDissorder!!!, so keep a look out for it ~wink~]**** Thanks so much for all the reading, reviewing and your support! Photobucket So I had to show this off to you guys! Isn't it adorable? Well at least you guys can all picture what they look like now at that age =] OMG thanks sooooooo much XxForEverYoursxX this is an extraordinary banner!!! I love it!!!!

12. Epilogue:Gone for the Summer

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Epilogue:Gone for the Summer

13 years later...

School’s over for the summer, and like every year since my parents’ divorce, I am forced to go to Phoenix.

I hated being away from my friends. I have grown up with them, and now spend every minute of my life with them.

We found over the years that the Cullens, despite their vampiric malady, could grow. Yeah, I know, surprising, huh? When Alice told me that they might stay little vamps forever, I had to wonder what it would look like; me and hanging out with little kids….

However, now that I know they would stop growing after their teens, I have started to wonder if it would look even weirder if I stayed with all of them looking old and wrinkly while they looked as young and smooth as ever.

Although I love my friends, I love Renee more, and because of that I needed to see her; even if it was only for a couple of weeks.

“A little help here?” Without a word Alice came to my side and lent a hand in closing my luggage bag. “Thanks.”

Alice helped me with my bags as we walked down stairs, and put inside the trunk of the car. “So you’re really going away for the summer, Bells?” Alice asked for what seemed like the billionth time.

I sighed, and answered, “Yes, Alice. I am.”

I turned to face her, and what I saw broke my heart. She was pouting, and I’m sure that if she was able to cry she would have. “Alice, come on. I have done this for the past 8 years.”

“Yeah, but each time it gets harder. You’re like a sister to me Bella. Seeing you go away is hard.”

“I know. I feel the same way, Ali. It’s only going to be for six weeks. Six weeks that will go by fast. Plus, you know that Renee would never forgive me if I don’t go this summer. I’m going to be her maid of honor or something like that and all. She needs all the support she can get.”

“I mean what am I supposed to do all summer?” Alice continued, as if she had not heard a single word I had just said.

“Alice,” I took both of her shoulders, and shook her until I got her attention, and then looking straight into those honey colored eyes, I replied, “You will do what you do every summer that I am gone.”

“You mean play pranks on Jacob…and maybe Edward?”

That what she did while I was gone all summer? “Um sure, you do that.”

“But--” She started.

“Alice, this is hard for me, too. I’ll miss you and everyone else. But I’ll be back before you know it. Promise.”

“Yeah, I know.” I hugged her, and was on my way to the cruiser my dad drives. He insisted that he take me to the airport today. “Hey Bella,” I turned to see Alice.

“See you in six weeks!” she squealed, and waved furiously.

I looked at her puzzled, and waved back at her. Knowing Alice, she was planning something. “Okay, see you then.” I said as I got into the cruiser and closed the door.

“Ready?” Charlie asked me.


“I see Alice wasn’t going to let you go.”

“No, but I convinced her that I would be back before she knew it, and she let me go.”Charlie chuckled, and then looked straight into my eyes.

I stared right back at him, and saw that he looked concerned and sad. He always got like this when I had to go to Renee’s. However, it was slightly different. Lately he seemed sort of gloomy. Every summer after the divorce I’ve been forced to go all the way to Phoenix, were Renee lived with her now future spouse, Phil. I think the reason that he seems so sad is he has now lost all hope in getting my mother back.

We finally arrived at the airport. I opened the door so I could get the bags, but dad beat me to them.

“Dad, I can carry them.”

“I want to help.” he insisted.

I sighed, and went inside with him. After all the luggage was set, I turned to say my goodbyes. I hated to leave Charlie like this, but Renee needed me there with her. I had no other choice.

“Bye Dad. Please take care of yourself. I told Jake’s Dad and Mrs. Cullen to keep an eye on you.”

He smiled and said, “You take care too, Bells. Tell Renee I wish her the best.”

“Will do.” I hugged him as tight as I could, and whispered “I love you.”

“Love you too.” With that, I boarded the plane. Finding my seat, I found that I was sitting by the window.

While sitting there, I couldn’t help feel a little left out. Even though we’re all inseparable – the eight Musketeers, if you will- some things have changed since preschool. Everyone has found they’re soul mate. Jacob and Adrie are together, and they seem to be meant for each other. They have become inseparable. Alice and Jasper love each other, as well as Emmet and Rosalie. And Edward…well Edward is one of my closest friends, and I guess that is all we will ever be. I wonder if he ever feels like a third wheel as I sometimes do.

With a big sigh of relief, I lay back, and looked out the window. This was going to be one long summer.

~*~The End~*~