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~*~Baby Twilight~*~

Bella's first time going to daycare.Not knowing alot of people she feels scared and lost, but Jacob will help her with this change or alteast try. I don't want to tell you the whole story but *hint*:she makes new friends (wonder who? ;]) and new enemies, well bullies (hmmm?). *They aren't really babies, I just thought the tittle/banner would be cute* If you love cute adorable stories this is the one you should read...If you dont, read it anywayz, and I'm sure you'll like it. If not then tell me what you didn't like etc. =] Photobucket banner made by -->ME<-- ~Chapter 12: Epilogue~ ***This story is officially done =/*** Read to find out =]

My own version of twilight (and very first) when they were just toddlers. Bella, the Cullens, the pack and others. I thought it would be different then the other stories.This is my first time writing one so I hope you like it and you would love it as much as I do. ***** btw~ This is my 1st story and reviews would great!!!...plus make me happy too =] **** The story has come to an end [sorta, I am planing to write a sequel, co-written with ObssessiveCullenDissorder!!!, so keep a look out for it ~wink~]**** Thanks so much for all the reading, reviewing and your support! Photobucket So I had to show this off to you guys! Isn't it adorable? Well at least you guys can all picture what they look like now at that age =] OMG thanks sooooooo much XxForEverYoursxX this is an extraordinary banner!!! I love it!!!!

2. Just Another Day

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next chap has the other banner tell me which one fits best or you like for the story

Chapter 3: Another day

"Wake up Issie--" only one person called me that; and that was my mom. "Come on honey, your going to be late."

I opened my eyes to and saw that I was right. It was mom waking me up. "Hey sleepy head" My dad said as he was coming towards me. "Let's get you all dressed up and ready to go.". I yawned and said "ok".

She picked me up from my little bed which was next to theirs, kissing me on my forehead and putting me down on hers to get me dressed.

We all lived in in one room for now; dad promised that we will move to a big one soon. "It's going to be a bigger 'castle' and you'll have your own room and a play room...". It's all sounds very nice but I'll miss this castle, it was small but i had some good times here too. I told Jakie about it and he asked me if he could move with me to my bigger castle and I said yes. He could leave in the play room. I bet he would love that.

My mom was already done with dressing me up. She was super fast. Like a super hero (my daddy was one). My dad wasn't only the king of the castle he was also a super hero too. He is a policeman and watched over the city for evil villans and protected it. Isn't he the best dad/super hero/ policeman ever?. Mommy is always scared of him putting his life in danger but he tells her nothing is going to happen to him or his familly (he is brave too...but all super hero's are...aren't they?).

Mommy was the queen of course. She would tell stories to her princess (me =] ) about how a prince called "Charming" (I thought it was a funny name for a guy...but then again he was a prince) was rescued by a princess called Isabella. I loved this story so she told me this story almost every night.

"Okay your hair is done. Your all dressed up. All you need now is to have some breakfast and--" I looked in the mirror. I frowned.

"What's wrong honey?" I pointed at my hair. I had two pigtails with red ribbons on it. I hated when my hair looked like this. I liked it better when my hair was down.

She turn me around so that I would look at her. "Oh" and giggled "Honey, you look adorable." and pinched my cheeks. She gave me a kiss on my forehead and said "Ok breakfast and then daycare" like she was checking a check list in her head.

Now I was in the daycare. Mom and Dad said their 'good bye's, 'love you's and 'see you later's. I tried to smile and wave at them but I was to busy being mad.

(Great) " I have to go in like this now!" (how embarrassing). I probably turned pink on the cheeks. Not only did I have two pigtails and ribbons; I was wearing a white dress with red flowers too.

I took a deep breath and walked trough the door trying to act like nothing was wrong. Jake saw me and tried not to laugh out loud; the others were to busy to noticed.

"Hey Bells" still holding back a laugh "--she did it again?"

I nodded and open my mouth to say you better not laugh MR !!; but it was too late. He started laughing so loud that the others came to see, and started laughing too.

I wanted to cry but that would only make them laugh even more; sooo I kicked him with all the strength that I had on the knee. I crossed my arms on my chest and pull my toungue out.

"Ow! what's that for?!" he said; both mad and hurt.

"you are gonna get it now" he said glaring at me.

(Oh Oh...What did I do?) I backed up slowly trying to get away from him before he noticed. "here I go!".

That's when I knew I had to turn around and run for my life. "Noooooo!" I shouted when I heard the 'poof' sound. I ran as fast as I could and noticed he was right behind me. I tripped (cant get any better then this). He caught up with me and jumped on top of me so that I wouldn't have a way of getting away from him; and began licking my face. "Okay. Okay!". "You win, You win" I said, giving up now. He got off me and went back to his old self and we were all laughing now. I tried to clean my face that was cover in doggy drool; i mean wolf drool. yuck!. but was laughing too.

" Yup!. I always do." he said. I pulled my toungue out and he laughed again.

I spend rest of my time playing with Jake and the others and trying to talk to the Cullens; but every time I tried to move closer and say something to one of them Jake would take me somewhere else or I chicken out.

I made up my mind. After lunch I'll walk to them and talk to them. I wasn't going to let anything distract me. Nope. Not even Jake. I wanted to know them and nothing was going to stop me.

It was lunch time now and I wasn't really hungry. I grabbed a chair and sat next to Jake like I always did. I gave Jake my crackers and I drank some of my orange juice. Breakfast was too much. Mom gave me cereal and a banana and some apple juice and some other thing that I don't know what it's called but it was tasty.

I took another sip of my sippy cup that had my name on it and turned to look at the Cullen kids. They were too busy talking with each other (Except the blonde one; She was just playing with her gold color hair).

They noticed I was looking at them and started staring at me. I turned to face the others and sigh. Took another sip of my orange juice and got up when everyone was done. We washed our hands again.

Should i go talk to them?... ok I'll do it. As I walked toward them someone called out my name. I turned and saw the girl that was playing with Leah the other day.

"Hi!... I'm Jessica...wanna play with us?" she said pointing at her other friends.

"Ok?" I said a little confused.

She took my hand and walked me towards them. When we came to a stop she introduce me to the others. "This Angela--" pointing at a tall girl with glasses (she was tall for her age). "Ben--" pointing at a shorter boy with dark hair. He was looking down shyly." --and this is Mike" a blonde boy that was looking down too. Like he wasn't so happy to be playing. " -- Mike and I are going to be the parents--" She continued explaining "-- you and Angela are going to be the kids--" nowonder they don't want to play, she wont let them choice what they want to do like Jake and the others. "--and Ben is going to be the mail man ok?". I didn't know if that was a question or just what she wanted us to do. I sigh and said "Ok".

Well it wasn't as bad as I thought. We all played house (Jessica telling us exactly how to act); but Angela and I, ignore her. Other than that, I had fun.

Parents came to pick up there kids. Angela was the first one. "Bye Bella!. See you tomorrow". I smiled and waved as she left. She was so nice. Soon only Jacob, the Cullen kids and I were left. I forgotten to talk to them (Oops). I would have talked to them now but saw Charlie come in and I ran towards him. This time I didn't trip. He picked me up and I hugged him.

"Love you" he said and I smiled. "Jake your father asked if I could pick you up and take you to my house."

"Cool" he said and went to stand next to dad.

"Ok then lets go" dad said. Turning around.

He looked down to see something. I looked down too, to see what he was looking at. It was one of the Cullens. The short one with short dark hair. She was holding a red ribbon on her hands.

"Here this is yours" she said. Dad leaned to reach her hand and took the ribbon. "Thanks sweatheart" he said.

" She smiled and turned and skipped all her way to the table were the other where. Before she sat she looked back and said "Bye Bella! see you tomorrow".

That was weird.

Dad put Jake and me on our chairs and buckle us down. He drove home.

"What was that?" Jake asked.

"I don't know" I said asking myself the same question.