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~*~Baby Twilight~*~

Bella's first time going to daycare.Not knowing alot of people she feels scared and lost, but Jacob will help her with this change or alteast try. I don't want to tell you the whole story but *hint*:she makes new friends (wonder who? ;]) and new enemies, well bullies (hmmm?). *They aren't really babies, I just thought the tittle/banner would be cute* If you love cute adorable stories this is the one you should read...If you dont, read it anywayz, and I'm sure you'll like it. If not then tell me what you didn't like etc. =] Photobucket banner made by -->ME<-- ~Chapter 12: Epilogue~ ***This story is officially done =/*** Read to find out =]

My own version of twilight (and very first) when they were just toddlers. Bella, the Cullens, the pack and others. I thought it would be different then the other stories.This is my first time writing one so I hope you like it and you would love it as much as I do. ***** btw~ This is my 1st story and reviews would great!!!...plus make me happy too =] **** The story has come to an end [sorta, I am planing to write a sequel, co-written with ObssessiveCullenDissorder!!!, so keep a look out for it ~wink~]**** Thanks so much for all the reading, reviewing and your support! Photobucket So I had to show this off to you guys! Isn't it adorable? Well at least you guys can all picture what they look like now at that age =] OMG thanks sooooooo much XxForEverYoursxX this is an extraordinary banner!!! I love it!!!!

6. Valentine?s Day

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Chapter 6: Valentine’s Day

Today was a very special day. I can tell because Mom and Dad were really happy. Today Dad and I woke up extra early to make Mommy Breakfast. Dad made pancakes and I helped him make the mix and then he made them into different heart shapes and cut some strawberries and blueberries (mom's favorite) and put them on top of the heart shapes. The day before dad and I made a card and I placed it next to the plate.

"This will do." Dad told me.

"Wait," I said behind him. "You're forgetting this." I gave him the rose that we'd both cut this morning.

"You're right." Taking the rose of my hand and placing it next to the card we both made.


"Yeah hun?"

"Wouldn't mom want some milk or juice?"

"Of course!" He pulled out the milk and orange juice cartons, and poured them into two different glasses.

"Anything else?"

"Nope." I assured him. "We've got everything."

I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see my Mom's face. We headed up stairs and dad opened the door slowly with the tray still on his hand. We both went into the room. I climbed their bed and leaned to give mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, hey sweetie. What's this?"

"Happy Valentine's Day!" Dad and I shouted.

"Awwwww, this is so sweet. Thank you." She gave me a huge hug, and kissed me on the forehead. Mom stood up on her bed and dad placed the tray on her legs.

"Breakfast in bed? Oh, and what is this?" Mom asked, as she looked at the card next to the plate. I'd drawn a heart in the front and put lots of red glitter in the middle.

When she opened it she read it out loud, "Happy Valentine's Day. Love you always and forever, Bella and Daddy. This is so sweet. I love you always and forever too." And hugged me and my dad. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care.

"So, you like it? I helped dad with the pancake mix, and I helped him pick the rose and-" Mom smelled the rose and said, "Of course I love it, hun. This is so beautiful. I love everything. Thanks!"

We were done and it was time to get ready to take me to daycare and for them to go to work. "Ok all done. You look so beautiful." Mom said pinching my cheeks. I just rolled my eyes. Every time she said that, I was wearing something I probably didn't like.

"Look who's here today." Dad exclaimed, unsurprised.

"Jake!" I shouted and moved try to free myself from my mom's arm. She let me go and put me down on the floor and I ran to Jacob.


"Hey Bells!"

"Where have you been? Why weren't you here yesterday? I have so many things to tell you-"

"Bells, calm down. I was in the hospital-"

"What happened? Are you sick?"

"No I'm not sick. My dad was ill, so I went to the hospital with him."

I heard my Dad ask, "What happened to Billy?"

"I'll explain later." Mrs. Clearwater told him. Dad just nodded.

"Hope he gets better." I said.

"He will. The doctor told me." I smiled.

"Bye, sweet heart!" My mom said, as she blew me a kiss.

"Bye kids!" Dad said, as Jacob and I waved back at them. We turned around and walked into the room.

"So, what were you going to tell me?" He asked.

"Oh. Well I played kick-ball and--"

"You played kickball?" Jacob started laughing. He saw how mad I was and stopped. "Sorry, I just thought you didn't like playing those games."

I sighed and said "Well yeah, but it was fun. I kicked the ball and ran and almost fell but Edward caught me before I did and-"

"A Cullen kid?"

"Yeah. Then we ate lunch together and--"

"With the Cullens?"

"Yes!" I was getting annoyed. If he asked me that question again, I wouldn't tell him anything else. "Then some new kids were bugging me and the Cullens protected me.

"New kids? The Cullens?" Well, at least he had said something different this time.

"Yup, I think Alice told me there name were James, Laurent and Victoria. The Cullens are nice and they don't smell bad." I added when I saw him wrinkling his nose at their names.

I took his hand and walked to the room. "Where are we going?"

"You are going to meet my new friends." I answered.

"Nah ah" He stopped. "I don't want to."


I walked in the room and was on my way to see the Cullens, when I heard, "Bells! Don't be mad at me."

"Then will you come meet them?"
"Why you want me to meet them?" Jake asked, pointing at the corner where they were talking. "Because you are my best friend and I want you to see they aren't bad."

Sighing he said, "Ok"



"But what?"

"It better be quick because I can't hold my breath for a long time." I rolled my eyes and walked with Jake to the Cullen table.