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~*~Baby Twilight~*~

Bella's first time going to daycare.Not knowing alot of people she feels scared and lost, but Jacob will help her with this change or alteast try. I don't want to tell you the whole story but *hint*:she makes new friends (wonder who? ;]) and new enemies, well bullies (hmmm?). *They aren't really babies, I just thought the tittle/banner would be cute* If you love cute adorable stories this is the one you should read...If you dont, read it anywayz, and I'm sure you'll like it. If not then tell me what you didn't like etc. =] Photobucket banner made by -->ME<-- ~Chapter 12: Epilogue~ ***This story is officially done =/*** Read to find out =]

My own version of twilight (and very first) when they were just toddlers. Bella, the Cullens, the pack and others. I thought it would be different then the other stories.This is my first time writing one so I hope you like it and you would love it as much as I do. ***** btw~ This is my 1st story and reviews would great!!!...plus make me happy too =] **** The story has come to an end [sorta, I am planing to write a sequel, co-written with ObssessiveCullenDissorder!!!, so keep a look out for it ~wink~]**** Thanks so much for all the reading, reviewing and your support! Photobucket So I had to show this off to you guys! Isn't it adorable? Well at least you guys can all picture what they look like now at that age =] OMG thanks sooooooo much XxForEverYoursxX this is an extraordinary banner!!! I love it!!!!

7. New girl+ Jake= Me being >=(

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Chapter: New girl+ Jake= Me being >=(

"Hey Alice" I said.

"Hey Be-- What's that smell?" She asked covering her mouth and nose with her tiny hands.

Jake just rolled his eyes, and asked "Can I go now?"

"Wait. Alice this is my best friend Jake. Jake this is my new best friend Alice. I have no idea of what you're talking about. I don't smell anything."

Jake placed two fingers and pinched his nose and said, "Well, I do."

I just shook my head, "If you guys want to be my friends you have to get along first." I sounded like my mother. Both of their hands fell down to their sides, and I smiled back at them.

"So Bella--" Alice stopped and looked me up and down. I looked down to see what she was looking at. All I saw was what I was wearing today. A white shirt with a big red heart and a smaller pink one. I also had on a skirt with smaller hearts and had my black Mary Janes. " You look sooo cute. I like your skirt and love your shoes."

"Thank you." I replied in a polite tone. I didn't like what I was wearing.

"Oh, here. Happy Valentine's Day!" Alice handed me a card she was


It had a big pink heard filled with glittery letters that said, Happy Valentine's DayBella. I opened it and three hearts poppet out. The Barney 'I LOVE YOU' played. One heart had Alice and Jasper's name, another bore Rosalie and Emmett's names, and the one in the middle had Edward's tidy scrawl placed upon it.

At the bottom of the card were some words "Be Mine" I said in a low voice, trying to sound out the words. "Wow. This is really nice, Alice. Thank you."

As I hugged her, she replied, "I'm not the only one you should thank." Pointing at the conner were the rest of her family stood. Someone I didn't know was standing with them. I wondered who she was. She was beautiful as the Cullens and wasn’t as tall as me. Her long bronze curls move all over the place as she tried to listen to Emmett and Jasper at the same time. Her big brown eyes sparkled with as she laugh at one of Emmett’s joke.

Alice grabbed my hand to get back my attention. "Oh, before I forget, here." Wrapping something to my wrist. "This is from me. It's a friendship bracelet. I chose it myself yesterday when I went shopping with Mom and thought it would be a really good present." She revealed. I looked at my wrist and saw the sparkly bracelet.

"Thank you, Alice. This is all really nice and I love it, but..."

"But what?"

"I didn't get you guys anything."

"It's fine, Bella. We wanted to give you this." I still wasn't happy. I felt bad because I didn't give then anything not even Jake. I am a terrible friend.

"C'mon Bells, don't feel bad. We really wanted to give you this." Jasper added now standing next to Alice.

"Oh great more of them." Jake said rolling his eyes. I almost forgot he was there.

"Jake, this is Jasper. Jasper, this is Jake." But before I could tell them anything else the teacher interrupted.

"Ok kids, we are going to do something special today. I know you all know it's Valentine's Day, and to make it extra special, we are going to make hand made gifts. Come and sit down.

Alice took my hand, and dragged me to the table where everything was set up so that we could make what we wanted. I sat next to Alice. We took a bunch of colored paper; mostly red, pink and white, and Alice brought to our table glue and a lot of glitter. I wanted to make something special for the Cullens and Jake, too. Mrs. Cullen gave each of us different shapes and pictures so that we could put it on out cards.

First I created Jake's. I cut out hearts of all colors and pasted them on every square inch of the card. In the center, I placed a picture of an adorable bear, and wrote To: JakeFrom: Bella.

Next, I worked on the one for the Cullens. I wondered what their favorite colors were when Alice declared, "Edward's favorite color is blue; mine is purple; Rosalie's is well, rose; Emmett's is red; and Jasper's is green." How did she know I was going to ask her for that? Oh yeah she can see the future...

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome!" Alice replied with a big smile on her face.

After a while, I was almost finished. I had five different colored hearts. I wrote the Cullens' names on their favorite color heart and yelled, "Done!"

I got up and took the cards with me. "Jake, here!"

"Thanks Bella this is really cool." I saw the card he was holding. It had a glued a cute pup with a red bow and drew pink and red hearts around it. "Thanks Jake!"

"Well, actually this is not for you Bells." He handed me the other one. "This one is. Happy Valentine's day!"

"Oh, thanks Jake." I was a little disappointed. He just gave me a card with a big heart and my name on it. It wasn't as pretty as the other one. I wondered who it was for.

"Hey do you think she will like it?" He asked, pointing at the girl, who sat next to Angela and Jessica. The new girl. Why would Jake give her that card instead of giving it to me? I didn’t know her name and I didn’t have to because already I didn’t like her. Not one bit.

“Bells! Do you think Adrie would like this?” So that’s her name.

"Yeah, sure." I wandered away. I wanted to cry. Jake wanted another girl to be his friend, maybe his best friend. I took a seat on the swing and Edward sat on the other


"Hey Bella, what's wrong?"

"I think my best friend doesn't like me anymore." I replied, holding back tears.

"Alice likes you. She told me herself."

"No, not her. Jake."

"Oh. Well, don't be sad. I'll be your best friend if you want."

"Really? You would?"

"Yeah, of course." I smiled and stood up, "Wait! I wanted to give you something." He pulled his hand out from behind his back, and showed me what was in his hands. It was a rose. A blue rose made out of paper. It was sparkly too.

My smile grew bigger. This was such a beautiful gift. "You did it yourself?" I asked. He nodded. "Thank you! I got you something too." I looked around, but to my shock, I couldn't find it. I'd probably dropped it when I'd left Jake, and come over here.

"It's Ok, Bella. I'm glad you liked mine." He smile back at me, and we walked inside, together. Upon walking in, I saw Jake hugging her. His new best friend, Adrie.

I didn't care. I had two new best friends. Edward and Alice. I don't care if I'm not Jake's best friend anymore. Ok, I do care, I have to do something about this. I'm not gonna lose my best friend in the world to what’s-her-face.