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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


1. Chapter 1

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"Get to sleep Nessie! You have a big day tomorrow."

Tomorrow was a big day, it would be my first day of High School. I was 7 years old and a woman for all intents and purposes...physically and mentally. I had been begging my parents to let me go to high school since I had stopped growing a couple of years ago, but they wanted to make sure I was ready. I think the real reason was to make sure my mom was ready. Tomorrow will be her first day of high school as a vampire.

My family had taken great care to find the perfect place for us to go. Far enough from Forks that no one would know us, but close enough for us to visit Grandpa Charlie and the pack on a regular basis. Grandpa Carlisle found a job at a large regional hospital, Grandma Esme was fixing up the historical mansion we had moved into, Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose are going to a local college, and Mom, Dad, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Jacob and I will be attending Southside High School.

I'm not nervous, not at all. I'm thrilled to have the chance to finally meet and hang out with people who are not a part of my family. They are all just happy to have each other and don't feel the need to have anyone else. I guess that's what happens when you are desperately in love, the rest of the world doesn't matter so much.

But I'm not desperately in love. I do have someone who is desperately in love with me, however. Jacob. He is the most nervous about tomorrow. Not only is he worried about acting the part, but my father tells me that his biggest worry is that I'll meet someone and like them more than I like him. That idea sounds okay to me.

Like clockwork, Jake slipped into my bedroom to tell me goodnight.

"How are you feeling, Ness? Are you nervous? You don't have to do this you know, nobody would mind if you wanted to put this off for a few more years."

"Jake, I've told you a million times already. I want this...very, very much." I sighed heavily and hoped he'd pick up on my frustration with him, "Why don't you tell me why you're dreading tomorrow so much..."

He wouldn't meet my gaze and his muscles tensed visibly. "I think you know why. I'm sure dear old Dad let you know a few of my thoughts...as always."

I reached up and gently touched my hand to his cheek. I showed him the conversation my parents and I had just a few nights ago...

"Renesmee, I know you want to meet new people and experience new things, but just remember what you have here, sweetie."

"Mom, I know. I have a loving family and a great best friend...blah blah."

"More than a best friend," Dad added quietly.

"NO. I am not having this conversation with you again. Jacob is my best friend, and I love him. But you can't make me love him that way! He knows that as well as you do. I want to keep him as my best friend forever, without all the complications."

"Edward, just let it go. She'll come around, it's meant to be...so it will be. Just give it time."

"I know. But I hear his thoughts all day and it's driving me crazy, he thinks she'll find someone else at school. As if we'd let that happen...no one could be better for her than him."

I pulled my hand away from his face then, not letting him see how totally ballistic I went. I'd never screamed at my parents like I had that day.

"Well then why don't you just lock a ring on my finger already!?! If this is an arranged marriage and I have no choice, lets just get it over with!! I WILL BE WITH WHO I WANT TO BE WITH, AND IF THAT ISN'T JACOB THEN YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO DEAL!!!"

No, I couldn't show him that. Instead I just said, "See, my father isn't all bad. He stands up for you, you should give him a little credit."

"But did you listen to anything he had to say?" Jacob asked, hopefully.

"Do you really want to start this now? We're both tired and we have a big day tomorrow..."

He sighed and gave me the look that breaks my heart everytime. "No, you're right, Ness. Not tonight. Just promise me that you'll think about what he said. He's more right than he knows when he says that no one will ever love you the way that I do."

"I promise, Jake." I said reluctantly. "But you need to promise me one thing too."

"Anything...always, you know that."

I rushed to get all the words out before he stopped me, "Let me be a teenager. Let me go to school and make friends. Let me love whoever I want, even if you don't think its best. Let me make my mistakes and learn from them. Let me be as human as possible."

He laughed a humorless laugh, "That's more than one thing."

Ugh, was he going to make this as difficult as possible? "Jake, I love you. You know I do, you are my absolute best friend, and I couldn't live without you in my life. But let me be happy, it's what I want."

I knew he couldn't refuse me when I asked this way.

"Sure, Ness. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy." To anyone else, he would have appeared happy and serene at that moment, but I knew better. "Goodnight, my Renesmee." he said softly as he kissed my forehead.

Anyone with less than perfect vampire hearing wouldn't have heard what he said next, but I did, "Just like Bella, all over again."

I pondered that statement, and the many I'd heard like it, over in my head as I drifted to sleep.