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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


10. Chapter 10

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"That was amazing," Owen said softly as we walked down the wide main hallway of the house. My father and I had finished our piece, and I was taking Owen to the garage to see Jake and his car before he went home. I hardly heard him because my mind was still ringing with what my dad had said, 'he thinks you're perfect'.

"Thanks," I replied after a few long seconds, trying without success to calm my pounding heart. I opened a door and took him through a small sun porch to the side yard and down a path with a covered portico overhead. The garage was a few hundred feet from the house and had once been stables, of course Grandma Esme had converted it to suit our needs. Garage might have conveyed the wrong message, it was more like a showroom. I pushed a button and a huge door, large enough for a semi to drive through, began to rise.

"Oh. My. GOD."

I had to laugh when I looked at Owens face. If he'd looked amazed in the music room, he looked downright floored now. My family's fleet of vehicles stood around the cavernous room, all expensive, shiny and perfect. Jacob was polishing my fathers Aston Martin, a favorite of his, "Nice, huh?" he laughed.

Owen still hadn't regained the power of speech, or mobility apparently, so I grabbed his arm and led him into the space. "I'll let you take over from here Jake, I wouldn't really know what I was showing him." I definitely knew more about cars than your average high school girl, I had grown up watching Jacob work, but anything more than the basics I was sure to louse up. I went to go sit on the soft, black sofa that was pushed against the back wall. Uncle Emmett and I had requested it, since we spent so much time out here with Jake and Aunt Rose.

Jake went around the room showing off each car, popping the hoods to reveal the power underneath. Owen eventually loosened up and began asking questions, I tuned them all out and reflected back on the day I'd just spent. I was so nervous this morning, but I couldn't be more at ease now. My family hadn't scared Owen off, if anything they seemed to like him much more than I'd expected. Another thing I hadn't expected was how much I'd like having him here, having him know more than the carefully constructed mask I wore at school allowed, even if it was only slightly more.

I don't know how long I sat there thinking the events of the day over and over again, but I snapped out of my daze when Owen came and sat down next to me.

"This has been the coolest day," he started, "I'm glad we had that English assignment."

"Me too, its wonderful having some company that isn't family."

"I should probably get going, I made plans to hang out with Allen tonight and I don't want to wear out my welcome here or anything."

"Oh! You aren't. I like having you here. Stay as long as you want. Please." I said a little more urgently than I'd meant to.

"I really should get to Allen's, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you came. Would you like to?"

I searched his eyes, green right now, and they looked almost pleading. I wanted to go with him, but I also wanted to drill my father for more information before I got anymore hooked. I was feeling like I could spend all my time with Owen and it frightened me.

"I think I'd better stick around here, I was planning on having dinner with Alice." I told him honestly, I had said I'd hunt with her this evening.

"Oh, okay," he responded in a slightly dejected tone, "I guess I'll see you Monday, Nessie. I had fun today." He put a half smile on his face, but his eyes still looked down. I'd made him unhappy, great. I didn't want him to think that I hadn't enjoyed our time together, and I wanted to make sure he knew that I wanted to repeat this day over and over and over again.

"Well, if you have any trouble with the essays tomorrow, we could meet up and finish them together," I said brightly, "just call me and let me know." I knew he wouldn't have trouble with the essay, but what a convenient reason to spend another few hours with each other this weekend!

He perked up visibly, "Great! You might be hearing from me tomorrow then."

I walked around the garden for a while after he'd left, watching the clouds change color as twilight approached. My thoughts picked up where they had left off in the garage, but when darkness began to fall, I turned to go inside.

Everyone had returned from their various outings and they were all gathered in the living room, waiting for me, no doubt. My mother was sitting on the couch and patted the open seat next to her. I went and curled up at her side as she wrapped her stone arms around me. My father was sitting on the floor, leaning his back against my mothers knees, his head in her lap.

Aunt Alice broke the comfortable silence first, "So, how was the rest of your day, Nessie?" I smiled at her casual tone, because I knew she was dying to know everything that had happened while she was out with Aunt Rose. I wasn't the only one who guessed at her intentions, everyone laughed and Uncle Jasper urged, "Come on, Nessie, just tell her, you know she's about to pop!"

"It was nice," I started, "we got most of our work done and then I took him on a tour of the house. Dad and I played a little piano for him, and Jake showed him around the garage."

"And?" Aunt Rose added.

"And...then he went home.." I said, confused by her question.

Uncle Emmett snorted and rolled his eyes, "Forgive Rose, she's trying to be subtle. You know I don't have that problem," he grinned widely at my father and then looked back toward me, "She wants to know if the two of you are an item now, and if we're going to have another change to attend to."

Everyone gasped loudly. My fathers head snapped up and he growled furiously. "I've only known him a week!" I choked. The thought of changing someone sent chills up my spine, I remembered only too clearly the image of my mother during her change. I shuddered and her arms tightened around me.

"Emmett, that was out of line," Grandpa Carlisle said in a low, angry voice.

Aunt Rose chimed in, in defense of her husband, "Oh come on, Carlisle. You know everyone is thinking it, what's going to happen if this follows the same path as Edward and Bella?"

Why were they ruining this day for me?! I had been so happy, and now the conversation had turned to making a boy I hardly knew part of the family! Tears began to sting my eyes.

"Enough," my father said in a menacing voice, "can't you see you're upsetting her? I hardly think this is something we need to worry about right now."

"You would know," Uncle Emmett said to him. Yes, he would, I thought. I wanted to know everything my father knew about the situation, but how could I get him to tell me? He looked at me, raised his eyebrow and nodded once. Wait, he was actually going to tell me what Owen was thinking? Seriously? Without having to beg? He half smiled and nodded once again. YES!

"But Alice would know better," Uncle Emmett continued. We all looked in her direction and she began to shake her head.

"I get flashes, but it's too tangled up with Nessie and Jake for me to get anything clearly." She saw my frustrated expression and asked, "Do you want to go hunt now, Ness? Get out of here for awhile?"

I nodded, but she had misunderstood the look on my face. I was actually relieved that she couldn't see anything, the future was something I didn't want to know. I was just getting tired of sitting here, listening to them all talk about my life like I had no say in the matter. I wanted to be alone with my parents.

"Alice? Would you mind very much if Bella and I took Nessie out tonight? We need some family time."

There were times when I loved that my father could read minds, this was one of them.

"Um, sure. That's fine, I'll just go later with Jasper."

We stood to go, and I noticed that Jacob had been sitting very quietly in the corner, not joining in the conversation about the direction that my life was going. How unlike him. I walked over and touched his face.

"I'm fine, sweetie. I just don't think it's my place to talk about this now. Your family has a right to be concerned, but their reasons are different from mine. We all mean well, just remember that."

When had Jake become so mature? I made a mental note to ask my Dad about what was going on with him.

Within a couple of minutes, my mother, father and I were miles from the house, well out of hearing range. We stopped and stood together in a small clearing, ignoring the roaming animals of the forest for the time being. 'Should I start? or would you like to?' I thought.

"You can ask whatever you like, but I won't guarantee that I'll have an answer for you."

"Thats fine," I told him, "Did Owen suspect anything about us?"

Dad thought for a moment, "Not in the way you mean, people don't just figure that out so easily. He wondered how we came by all our money, especially since Carlisle is so young, but that's to be expected. He also thinks it's odd that Jacob is with his, since he is so obviously different."

"What's with Jake?" I asked. "He and Owen really seem to get along, but he acts so blah about him sometimes."

My mom spoke up before my Dad could start, "Honey, you have to know how hard this is for him. He's doing remarkably well, I think."

"He does like Owen, quite a bit more than even I expected. I've been sharing some of Owens thoughts with him, and I think that has helped."

My dads words stung. Owen must not care for me the way I thought, that's the only thing that could make Jake like him. I felt myself start to sink, how could I have misread so many signals?

Dad laughed lightly, "So much like your mother, you have no idea the effect you have on men. He does care for you Nessie. Much to my displeasure at first, but after a few days I saw that he liked you for all the right reasons. That's why Jake doesn't mind, he can't dislike someone who has honorable intentions and who makes you so happy. I feel the same way."

I just stared at him, my mind at a complete blank. I heard my mother start to speak, but didn't comprehend the words for several seconds.

"....so young, but we only want whats best for you. Don't feel like you need to rush into anything, you have all the time in the world ahead of you."

That caught my attention. Did I have all the time in the world? Not with Owen I didn't. I had 60 or 70 years, not long at all in the big scheme of things. Panic set in.

"Yes, that is a problem," my father said in response to my thoughts. "Are you in love with him?"

Was I? I had no idea. The only kind of love I'd ever experienced was with my family, even the love I felt for Jacob was more brotherly than anything else. Did I even know Owen well enough to love him? No. For most of my family love was such an instant thing, they all knew the moment they'd laid eyes on each other. Even my father, after he got over wanting to kill her, had known very quickly that Mom was the one. My relationship with Owen was more human than anything they had experienced, and I wanted it to develop naturally.

"Bella, our daughter is wise beyond her years, I don't think we have a thing to worry about."