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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


14. Chapter 14

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Why does time go by so slowly when you want it to fly? It had been 3 weeks since Owen had asked me to go to the Halloween party with him, and I still had a whole month to wait. Things were much the same as they had been before he asked. We spent the afternoons either hanging out at Wren's house or in the gardens at mine. He was coming over this afternoon, and it was the first day that it would be too cold for us to go outside.

I jumped up and ran to the door as soon as I heard the familiar hum of his car on our driveway. I leaned against the open door frame as I waited for him.

"You look nice," he said as we walked into the house.

I looked down at the perfectly ordinary navy sweater and jeans, "I was wearing this all day at school."

"I know, and I meant to tell you then, but I got distracted," he brushed a piece of hair out of my face, "so I'm telling you now instead."

For a split second I felt like I was going to faint. Where was his forwardness coming from? I didn't really care, he could touch my hair all he wanted. I got a hold on my pounding heart and led him into the living room.

"Hey guys, what's up?" he said to Emmett, Jasper and Jake.

"Thank God!" Emmett yelled pulling out another video game controller from under the TV, "They're ganging up on me! Come be on my team!"

"Go ahead," I told him when he looked at me eagerly, "I'll do my Spanish homework while you play."

I sat on the couch only half paying attention to the sentence structure worksheet spread out across my lap, I could have done it in my sleep. Watching the boys stealing cars and shooting at each other from behind buildings was much more entertaining, and seeing how totally Owen fit in with my family thrilled me.

Alice danced in through the back door, "Family meeting in the living room!" she called. "Boys, put down your game." Jasper complied immediately, but the rest of them grumbled and stalled until everyone else was seated around the room.

"What's this about, Alice?" My mother asked.

"Well, I finished the sketches of your costumes for the party, and I wanted to run my ideas by you before I started having them made. They're period costumes, from the time some of you were...interested in..."

Oh, I saw where she was going with this, as did everyone else. Owen looked a little confused. She pulled out her notebook and started flipping the pages.

"I have them all designed for couples, Renaissance for Carlisle and Esme, Edwardian for Edward and Bella, the 30's for Em and Rose.”

"Alice, I'm wearing my tux, no tights or anything else period related." Grandpa Carlisle told her politely.

"Don't worry, I'm going to modernize it. You'll just have to wear a mask and a vest to match Esme's dress." She held up a picture of a beautiful purple and gold gown that wouldn't have looked out of place on today's red carpets, but had a decidedly old world flair about it.

"That's lovely, Alice," Grandma Esme said.

Alice smiled and turned to my mother and father, "As for you two, I chose characters from that period, just to make it more fun."

"Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins! How wonderful!" my mother exclaimed as she looked the drawings that were near perfect copies from the movie, with a little bit of Alice embellishment here and there.

She looked at Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett next, but before she could show them what she'd created for them to wear, Emmett said, “I don't want to wear anything from the 30's! That was not a fun fashion period in my opinion. I know what I want to go as!” he paused dramatically while we all waited for him to continue, “A vampire!”

Jake laughed loudly giving Emmett a high five, everyone else just sighed.

“Emmett Cullen! I don't think so.” Aunt Rose said indignantly.

“Oh come on Rose! It'd be fun, we could get capes and fangs and all that good stuff. Please, pretty please!”

“Absolutely not, NO WAY.”

Alice broke into their argument, “I dunno, Rose. As weird as it is, I could make it look cute. And you know Em, he's not going to back down on this, I can tell.”

“I bet I could make him,” Aunt Rose said, eying Uncle Emmett seductively.

“Oh PLEASE Rose! We have company!” I yelled at her, “Can we just drop this for now?”

Aunt Rose still looked irritated, but let the subject be closed as Alice turned to Owen and I. “I didn't pick a specific time period for you, so I chose one of your favorite movie couples instead.”

I had so many that I couldn't pin point which one she was talking about. It would have to be one where there was a scene at a ball of some sort, for her to model the costumes after. That only narrowed it down slightly. After I pondered for a few moments she rolled her eyes.

“I thought you'd get it right away, we just watched the movie a few weeks ago! That's where I got the idea!”

“Gigi?!” I guessed.

“Mmmhum, Owen can still wear a tux, and the white off the shoulder number she wears towards the end is divine. It's perfect!”

I had to admit, I did love that dress and Gigi was one of my favorite movie characters. “Thanks Alice! I think that'll be great! Have you ever seen the movie, Owen?”

“Of course, I've told you my mother is very into musicals. I think I've seen them all. I'm okay with being Gaston, though he is a little whiny,” he smiled.

“What are you and Jasper going to be?” Aunt Rose asked.

“Well, I haven't totally made up my mind yet. I keep seeing myself as either a Southern Belle or a flapper. I might have both costumes made up, and just see what I feel like the night of the dance.”

“And for Jake?” Grandma Esme said.

“I'm not going,” he told her quietly, “you know this isn't exactly my thing.”

She smiled at him and nodded softly, “I understand.”

No, I would not feel guilty. I was too happy, and that's what Jake had asked me to do, be happy. It was easier said than done, though. I knew why he wasn't going to the party, it would have been too hard for him to watch me be with someone else. I turned to Owen before I could let my thoughts get the better of me, “So what do you want to do for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Well, I was actually thinking that we might go over to my house for a bit.”

“Really?” I eyed him speculatively, we'd never talked about going to his house again after that first day of deciding where to do homework.

“Sure, I figured that you'd like to meet my parents before the party. And they're both actually home and not busy tonight.”

“Then lets go!” I said enthusiastically.

Owen's house was not far from the school, in a quiet neighborhood with good sized homes situated on huge lots. Many of them had small barns or extra garages in the back and all were surrounded by the same 4 foot natural wooden fencing.

When we turned into a brick driveway, my nerves suddenly began to show themselves. If I had come here a few weeks ago to meet his parents, it would have been different. We were just friends then. Now it seemed to have more significance, I was the girl he was taking to a dance. The girl he liked and who liked him back.

The house was partially obscured by large evergreen trees, but I could tell that it was much more modern than the other houses that lined the street. It had a flat roof that sloped in odd angles and sections that jutted out with huge glass walls. Even in all its modernness, it seemed to blend in perfectly to its surroundings. I noticed a tall building almost totally made of glass off to one side, I guessed that this must be the art studio his father worked in.

I took 3 deep breaths as I got out of the car and walked to the door with Owen. “Don't be nervous,” he told me, “they've been dying to meet you.”

I smiled and walked over the threshold. The inside matched the outside perfectly. Everything was open and you almost felt like you were still outside. The furniture was very minimal and natural looking. Art of every style was all over, blending in seamlessly. Grandma Esme would be in heaven here.

“Oooo, you brought your girlfriend home! Finally!”

I turned around and saw a girl, who looked to be about 11 or 12, standing there staring at me. It was immediately obvious that she was Owens sister, they looked so much alike. She had the same curly hair and greenish eyes.

Owen just rolled his eyes and introduced us, “Nessie, this is my little sister, Amanda.”

“Hi Amanda!” I said brightly. I had a feeling that if I was not in her good graces, my life would be much harder. She looked fiercely protective of her brother, and slightly mischievous, a potentially troublesome combo.

She looked me up and down with a judgmental eye, “You are pretty,” she said matter of factly.

“Um, thanks?” How was this teenybopper making me so nervous? If his parents were anywhere near this bad I think I'd rather just melt into the floor. Those thoughts fled my mind as his mother walked into the room and scolded Amanda.

“Don't make our guest so uncomfortable, Amanda. We don't want her to run away screaming just yet!” I felt instantly at ease in her presence, just like everything else in the home, she blended in perfectly. Her hair was dark and thick, pulled into a messy bun on the back of her neck. She wore no makeup on her perfect skin, made even better by the laugh lines that creased next to her eyes (green, like her children) and the corner of her upturned mouth. She exuded a motherly vibe.

“I'm Karen,” she said warmly, “it's so good to finally meet you, Nessie”

“It's nice to meet you too. I just love your home, all the art is amazing.”

“Thank you, I hear you have your fair share of amazing art in your place. Most of ours was picked up on our travels or done by John, Owen's father.” She turned to Owen, “He's out in the studio if you'd like to take Nessie out to meet him.”

“Sure, you wanna check out the studio, Ness?”

I nodded enthusiastically and he led me out the back door and to the glass building. When we got inside, it took my breath away. I had been surrounded by creativity my whole life, but this was art on a huge scale like I'd never seen before. A life sized copper buffalo stood in the middle of the room, and several smaller granite pieces sat half done around the outer perimeter. There were also pieces made of concrete and a few that looked like polished marble. Some were abstract, others were more classical, but they were all beautiful. Even more numerous were the paintings that hung on the one wall that wasn't window. Owen told me that painting was just his fathers hobby, while the sculpting was his passion.

“This is amazing,” I gushed to Owen.

He just laughed as a tall man walked out of one of the back rooms, “Thank you,” he said in a slightly southern accent. “you must be Nessie.”

“Yes, sir. And you must be Mr. Ross.”

“Just John, please. None of that Mr. and Mrs. stuff around here,” he said with a lopsided smile.

I smiled back, trying to see any resemblance between him and his son. I found nothing other than the height. John had straight hair that was light brown and streaked though with gray, pulled back into a ponytail, his eyes were pale blue and wise. I could see now why Owen called his parents old hippies, his father definitely fit the part. He could have walked right out of the 60's, with his long hair and paint splattered clothes.

“Your work is beautiful, you do so many styles well.”

“That is quite a compliment coming from you. Owen tells me that your family has an extensive collection.”

I blushed, “It's really my Aunt and Uncle, they are the ones with an eye for paintings.”

We talked art for quite awhile, as John took us around the studio telling me about the various pieces he was working on. It was one of the most fun afternoons I'd spent, and not just due to Owen being there with me, I really enjoyed getting to know his father.

When the clouds started darkening outside, I knew that I should probably get home. I needed to go hunt before I went to bed. I said goodbye to his family, promising to come back soon, and went out to the car. I loved car rides with Owen, they were the only time that I felt like we were truly alone.

“Your family is great,” I told him.

“They think you're pretty great too. I could tell they were impressed.”

I blushed, thankful that he couldn't tell in the dark.

“I hope your family likes me,” he continued.

“How could you think that they don't at this point? You're over all the time and they haven't tossed you out yet!”

He laughed, “Yeah, I guess you're right. Its just that I sometimes get a strange feeling that I'm missing something when you are all talking to each other.”

I gave a short nervous laugh in response, “No...they like you a lot, trust me.” I should have known that he'd notice something was not quite normal eventually.

When we got to the house he walked me up to the door.

“I'm glad you had fun today, I hope you'll come back soon.”

“I'll be there as often as you want me to be,” I told him honestly.

“You'd have to move in to be there as much as I want you to be.”

I felt a faint feeling for the second time that day. He was moving toward me in what felt like slow motion, was he about to kiss me?

A fraction of a second later, the front door was wrenched open and my father was standing there. “Oh, I didn't realize that you were out here, Nessie,” he lied. Owen had jumped back nearly 5 feet as soon as the door opened, and was standing there like a deer caught in head lights.

“Uh, hey Edward. I was just dropping Nessie off.”

“Thanks,” Dad replied curtly, “We'll see you at school tomorrow then. Goodbye Owen.”

He yanked me into the house and shut the door before I could say goodbye myself.