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The New Kids

The Cullens start high school for the first time since Bella has been changed and Renesmee has been born. Will Nessie learn to love Jacob the way he wants her to? Or will she meet someone at school and repeat the history that brought her Mom and Dad together? The sequel to this story - Nothing But Time- should be up ASAP! Keep a look out for it!


16. Chapter 16

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Nearly a week had passed since that night in the music room, but the kiss was still all I could think about. It was driving my father up the wall. He wasn't home the night it happened, obviously, or it never would have. He was very careful to not give Owen a chance to do it again.

"ARGH! Nessie, Enough!" he said when he walked into the living room. "It's like you are screaming the replay at me, I can't take it anymore! How long are you going to relive this?"

"How long did you relive your first kiss with Mom?"

"I...uhh...well. Just give it a rest for a little while, please," he muttered as he walked quickly away. I laughed to myself. I saw the way my parents looked at each other, and it was easy to see that they thought of their first kiss often.

I sank back down into my daydream and felt the slight nagging in the back of my head that showed itself every once and awhile. Jacob. I hadn't told him yet, I just couldn't figure out how.

"Hey, Ness. Whats up?" Aunt Alice said as she and Jasper came to sit in the living room.

"Just wishing for once that you could tell me what was going to happen."

"I can now! What do you want to know?" she asked excitedly, I never asked to see her visions.

"It has to do with Jake, so you can't. I just wish I could know how he's going to take all this."

Uncle Jasper had a confused look on his face, "Don't you think he's figured it out yet? I mean...it's kind of obvious really."

"Do you think he has?" I asked.

"Yes. His emotions when Owen is around are pretty strong. Jealousy, anger, and a few other things that are hard to put a name to. Almost like he is resigned to not being with you. It must have something to do with the imprint, it's like he's miserable, but happy at the same time."

Great, I was making Jake miserable. Then I wondered, if he really did know that I was in love with someone else, why hadn't my dad told me? Surely he would have heard it in his thoughts. Jake was down in the garage, and out of hearing range for the moment, so I went to the music room where Dad was playing.

"I'm not telling you a thing," he said before I'd opened my mouth.

"Daddy! Come on! Why won't you tell me if Jake knows?"

"Because he deserves to hear it from you, and I know you'll chicken out if you think he already knows."

He was right. I was looking for ways to get out of doing this, and if he already knew I'd never tell him myself. A smug smile crossed my fathers face as my thoughts confirmed his theory. Even though I knew I'd have to do it, I reasoned that it could be put off for a little while longer. The benefit was tomorrow night, so there was no need to stir up trouble until it was over.

I pushed Jake to the back of my mind and focused instead on the upcoming event. I was more excited than I'd ever been, and I fully intended to dazzle Owen to the best of my abilities. I went to bed early to try and rush the next day. When it finally came, school passed slowly, as it always does when you are looking forward to something.

Aunt Alice whispered to me after choir, "Come straight to the car after school, I've only got limited time to work my magic on the whole family, so we need as much of it as we can get." I did as she asked, after telling Owen to pick me up at 7.

As soon as we got home Alice whisked all of the girls up to her monster sized bathroom suite. I was in awe of her preparation. She had installed four salon chairs that had our names sewn into them so we knew where to sit. On the counter in front of each chair was a mound of hair and skin products, each chosen especially for us.

"Rose, you can do Esme's hair while I work on Bella and Nessie. Here's a picture of how I think it should look."

Esme looked like she wanted to argue, but then decided to indulge her daughter and go with the flow. She sat perfectly still while Aunt Rose braided an elaborate crown on the top of her head. Alice was like superwomen, with one hand she was pulling my mothers hair up on top of her head and the other was combing back the front of my hair with some sort of gel. She had pictures from My Fair Lady and Gigi taped up on the mirror for inspiration.

It wasn't long before she was applying the finishing touches, putting a delicate crown on my mother and giving me a final coat of hairspray. Rose finished Grandma Esme's hair, and had already moved on to applying her own makeup. The crazy primping routine continued for the next few hours as Alice debated about the right color eye shadow and lipstick for each of us.

By 6:30 we were ready to put on our costumes. My mother took my breath away in her flowing cap sleeved gown, it was pale silver and sparkled every time she moved. The ornate choker around her neck looked just like the one in the movie, and I wondered for a moment if Aunt Alice had done something crazy like buy the original. Grandma Esme was just as striking in her deep purple gown with it's gold accents.

I had to laugh when Aunt Rose began to get dressed. She kept muttering under her breath, "Ridiculous...going as vampires...of all the stupid...he'll pay for this." Even in her unhappy state, her face all twisted up in aggravation, she was still drop dead gorgeous. She was wearing a tight, black strapless gown that was slit all the way up the thigh. She also had a black cape lined with blood red satin thrown across her shoulders, her long blond hair billowing in waves over it and down her back. Even without the fangs Uncle Emmett was insisting upon, she looked like a vampire.

Now it was my turn, I heard my mother gasp as Aunt Alice began to button the gown from behind me. "You look so grown up, baby," she said as she dabbed nonexistent tears from her eyes. I turned to face the full length mirror and was more satisfied with my appearance than I'd ever been. The white satin bodice wrapped around my torso, making my waist look tiny, and then flowed into the skirt which had a long white train. The neckline was low and showed off the creamy skin of my neck and chest. Black feathers covered the thin off the shoulder straps.

I stood and gazed at my reflection until the conversation behind me caught my attention. Alice still hadn't made up her mind about which costume she should wear, so she was trying on each of them to get our opinion. The first was a cute canary yellow dress that was knee length and dripping in fringe. She came out of her dressing room doing the Charleston, which made us all dissolve into giggles. A few minutes later she emerged again and we all knew immediately that this was the dress for her. It was a modernized version of the green gown that Scarlett O'Hara made from her curtains. It was almost identical, but with a less puffy skirt and a slightly more revealing neck line.

"Alice! That is stunning! Jasper will love you in that dress, you have to wear it." Aunt Rose gushed to her. Rose rarely gushed, so that spoke to the amazingness of the outfit.

"Okay, okay. Owen will be here any minute so we better get downstairs." She handed my mother and I our white, elbow length gloves and then passed around masks that matched each of our dresses. "Jasper, I'm going Southern!" she called, letting him know which tux to put on. "We'll be coming down the front stairs in 40 seconds, so you boys better be ready!" she called.

We walked down the stairs like we were giving a fashion show, listening to the guys ohh and ahh over us. The men did look incredibly handsome in their tuxes which, other than Grandpa Carlisle and Emmett, matched the time periods perfectly. I had to laugh at Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose, they did look pretty silly. He had insisted on incorporating every vampire cliche into their costumes and the result was more than mildly amusing.

"I vant to drink your blood!" he shouted in a cheesy accent and then chased Rose around the entryway.

Only Jake, who was spending the evening at Wren's, was wearing normal street clothes. "You look amazing," he whispered in my ear as I gave him a hug. "Owen better appreciate what he has."

I smiled at him and then heard the Jetta turn onto the driveway, "Speaking of, I think he's here." Jake quickly detached himself and darted to the garage, obviously eager to get away before he had to see Owen and I together, all dressed up.

"We're going to head out, Nessie. We'll see you and Owen there," my mother told me as she started dragging my dad off toward the garage. I was thankful for her attempt to give us some privacy tonight. Less than a minute after my family had cleared the entryway, I heard Owen walking up the steps. DING DONG. My heart was pounding in my chest, so I took three deep, even breaths and walked to the door.

If my heart had been pounding before, it seemed like it had totally stopped now. He was so beautiful. Alice had sent over very specific instructions with his tux earlier today, so he was the perfect vision of a Parisian gentleman circa 1900. He even had a top hat and cane!

"You look perfect" I told him honestly.

"Is your brother here?" He asked. What an odd question to ask right now....

"No, my family already left."

He stepped into the house and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him. "Good," he said, "I've been waiting all week to do this again." He kissed me for the second time and the same incredible feeling flooded through me as I kissed him back. I forgot all about the party. I would have just as much, if not more, fun standing here kissing him all evening.

After a moment, he pulled back and looked at me. "You look...amazing. That's not even the right word..there are no words."

A deep blush colored my cheeks as he grabbed my hand and led me to the car. After the initial shock of seeing one another so dressed up, we fell into our regular pattern of banter. It wasn't far to the nicest hotel in town, where the event was being held, so we arrived in about 5 minutes. He pulled to the curb, tossed the keys to the valet and came around to help me get out.

"Put your mask up," I nudged him as we walked into the ballroom. We both raised our black and white masks to our faces as we walked in. Large bouquets of deep red roses and creepy curly willow sat on top of black table cloths, giving the ballroom room a festive air. All around us people were dressed in costumes ranging from queens and kings to famous movie stars.

"What table are we?" I asked, looking around the 30 or so tables for his parents.

"Um, 11 I think," he said, leading me towards the right side of the dance floor.

We both stopped in our tracks as soon as we spotted table 11. Sitting there next to my family were Owens parents, talking animatedly to Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme. Had my family arranged this?! My father looked in my eyes and shook his head slightly. So it was just by chance? I didn't believe that for a second. My father shook his head again.

"Oh my GOD. I can not believe my parents did this!" Owen said between clinched teeth.

"Your parents? But why?!"

"Last week, Amanda decided that she didn't want to come. So my mom called and told the organizer that there would only be 4 of us instead of 5, she must have asked which tables were open and asked to be with your family. She told me that I'd enjoy who we were sitting with...I should have known."

I looked at my dad again and he nodded. Great, just great. I thought I was going to cry. Karen spotted us just then and stood, waving us over."Oh Nessie, you look wonderful! Just like Leslie Caron in Gigi, only prettier!"

"Thank you, I love your costume too!" I told her with false enthusiasm. She and John were dressed as Flamenco dancers.

As soon as we sat down in front of our place cards (I was in between Owen and Emmett. Fabulous), I heard my father speak low and fast so that only my family could hear, "We'll all be on our best behavior, I promise. We're very sorry about this." I nodded my head a fraction of an inch and turned my attention to Owens parents.

"So this is funny. How did we all end up at the same table?" I wanted to hear why Karen thought this would be fun.

"Oh, that's my doing," she said lightly. "You talk so much about your Aunt and Uncle, and we share interests in art and architecture, I thought it would be fun to get to know them. You and Owen spend so much time together, so it's about time we met anyway!"

"I'm so glad you arranged this, we have been wanting to meet you for quite some time," Grandma Esme said graciously, while shooting a sympathetic glance me. I was debating going into full on pout mode, but before I could Owen grabbed my hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. My heart sped up and all thoughts of pouting left my mind. I was brought back to the wonderful kiss in the entryway. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my fathers eyes narrow slightly.

I was startled back to reality by a waiter leaning over me, asking for my order. I looked down at the small menu card in front of me, my choices were salmon, steak or a vegetarian dish. "Steak, rare as possible please."

Everyone else at the table ordered steak as well, with the exception of John, who ordered the vegetarian selection. "You're a vegetarian? I didn't know that," I said to him.

"Have been off and on since the 60's. I eat meat occasionally, I have a friend who bow hunts deer and uses all parts of the animal. I'll eat Jerky and venison steaks from him. I just don't like commercially raised meat products."

"I hear ya," Uncle Emmett snickered, "I prefer my meals straight from the wild as well."

My family just stared, wide eyed at him. The Ross family didn't seem to think that there was anything odd about his statement. John began to question him casually, "Oh? You hunt?"

"Often," Emmett replied, "we have great land for hunting around our house. We go as much as we can."

"Oh you all go then? Nessie never mentioned that you were hunting enthusiasts, how interesting. Do you use rifles or bows?"

"We prefer more...natural methods," he grinned. The silverware on the table clattered as my dad dropped his head into his hands. Grandpa Carlisle cleared his throat loudly and Aunt Rose started to dig her fingernails into Uncle Emmett's leg. I could have kissed the waiters as they started setting salads down in front of us. I'd never been so happy to see vegetables in all my life.

Before John could ask Emmett anything more, Grandpa Carlisle began peppering him with questions about the sculpture he'd donated for the auction. I let out a sigh and looked at Dad. It was obvious that everyone was asking him the same question in their heads, 'Did John suspect anything odd?' He moved his eyes from left to right slowly, indicating a 'no'.

Phew, dodged a bullet there. I relaxed until Dad began to look intensely at me, shifting his eyes to Owen and back me, an eyebrow slightly raised. What about Owen? Was this about the kiss? Was Dad going to start a stink about that now?! He rolled his eyes and shook his head infinitesimally before starting to look back and forth between us again. Did Owen suspect something? I saw my fathers eyes raise to the ceiling and back down to the floor, telling me 'yes'.